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I'll miss him, he was a great addition to Whiskey Media as a whole. (At least from my view as a user). 
It's always cool when him or Drew pop up.

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I'll miss him. He was a huge part of Giant Bomb for me. 
When is Nicholson leaving though? I thought he was temporary as well. I wasn't really against him at first, but I sort of get why so many people were concerned now. I wish Kessler would stay and Nicholson would leave, just so it's easier to tell apart which articles are from the main staff in my live bookmarks instead of having to just ignore everything that isn't a quick look because anything else is likely to be a day-late Kotaku article.

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Hey everyone, hang ten!!

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Cool dude. He will be missed.

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He's a cool dude, sure i'll miss him.
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Nothing against MattBodega, but I couldn't care less.

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It doesn't look like they are going to hire him. It's sad because I liked Kessler Kam. And he chose two of my questions for the BC2 TNT. TWO. That's a lot. His Quick Looks also seemed cool when Ryan was not in them.

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He's probably coming back, so there's no reason to cry people.

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He was a pretty cool dude.  TNT is going to be very different without him.

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Not in the least. Perhaps they'll strike gold with their next intern.

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I don't think I'll necessarily miss him, I'm fairly indifferent. He was a competent intern and fairly enthusiastic, though I wouldn't say the best we've seen just yet.

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Cant say im happy about it, but at the same time I cant say im sad about it. I guess he didn't leave much of an impression on me.

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I can't be sad that he's leaving because I didn't see him do enough stuff to warrant that.

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There were some good things about him and some bad things about him, but one thing I wont miss was some of his humor. But I do enjoy some of the content he put out i.e. Kessler Kam was a cool look into the office..

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Bomb had a face.  So say we all.

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It is a little sad to see Mr. Kessler go, he had an endearing demeanour and Kessler Cam was a good addition to the sites regular videos. Good luck out there with whatever you do Matt Kessler.

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sorry man, but no. he always reminded me of kevin from the office

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He seemed like a nice kid, but no I will not miss him. I found him very annoying to listen to on videos. Still, best of luck whereever he is going.

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I'll miss him, especially during TNT's. Hope to see you back another time, buddy. Peace out, good luck and have some batman.

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I liked the man, and was always rather annoyed by the people hating on him. So yeah, too bad he's leaving.

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Bummer.  He was a fun, energetic guy.

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Although I found him a little bit over enthusiastic at times, (hell I would be freaking my shit if I got to work in that office also I suppose), I think that Matt did a fine job.  
Nice one broheen, I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

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Wait, he's leaving already? That sucks. I'm not his biggest fan or anything but he's a pretty cool dude. 

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Hope he does well in whatever he chooses.

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Yeah, I'm going to miss him.  He was a great moderator of the chats during live streams.  I wish he was on a Bombcast, too.
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I'll miss Kessler Kam, but that's it.

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This won't likely be the last we see of him.

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Who the fuck is Kessler?

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Can't say I'll really miss him, as I'm fairly impartial, but I will miss the Kessler Kam.  They're a nice look into the goings on of the whole office.

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I liked what he did with Kessler Kam. The way he spoke could be irritating, but he made up for all of that when he ate that god damn can of fish!

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@bolsita_de_te said:
" He was okay, but I doubt I will really miss him.  But I will miss his stupid choice of questions during TNT!  They always made me laugh "
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he sounds like a knife salesman on TV, that was my only real problem with him. Cut into my eardrums.

#84 Posted by RagingLion (1378 posts) -

The Kessler Kam's were great and a nice insight into more of the GB and WM working atmosphere.  He was/is very aware of the community as well and tried to serve that as best he could I think, which was really good.
If I was to give Matt some advice then it would be to develop his own ideas and style more (though that admittedly normally comes with age anyway).  It's fairly obvious and understandable that he's been very influenced by Jeff and the crew etc. for some time but I feel he's sticking to their shadow rather than stepping out by himself so far.  That's my reading of the situation anyway.  Good luck in your future endeavours Matt.

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I will neither be happy nor sad, like i feel about most people i won't really care.

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He seemed like a nice guy and and it was fun listening to him. I wish him good luck on his future ventures.

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He shall be missed, until a new intern takes his place.

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@Tennmuerti said:
" @Elazul said:
" Not really. I don't actively hate him like a lot of people here seem to, but I can't honestly say I'll miss him either. "
Why do some people hate him? I must have missed something. "
I think the hate was more for new brad than matt because of them flooding the front page wtih little news stories.
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@Tennmuerti said:
"Was fun with him on the TNT chat and articles/news he wrote were more fun and interesting to read then Brad.N's "
Also, no more Kessler Kam :(
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I thought he was a pretty funny guy. I especially liked the Kessler Cam videos.

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I'll miss him. He made TNT great and Kessler Kam was cool.

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I don't think he fits in well enough with the rest of the personalities at Whiskey Media.  It probably is good that he is moving on, and I wish him luck.

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I honestly didn't notice him. 

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Staff fanboys must be jizizng their pants that he's leaving

#95 Posted by Yummylee (23186 posts) -

=( So he'll be revert back as a moderator?

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@AlisterCat said:
"Prepare for a whole load of horrible posts about someone they don't know. "

This, but yeah. Not so much sad as "Aw that sucks, he's a cool guy". BYE MATT!
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Ehh. Not really. He kind of annoyed me, but whatever. 

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I'll miss the Kessler Kam. I think someone needs to take that over.

#100 Posted by heat (196 posts) -

Not even a little