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Karna is a monk priest who Bowie and the Shining Force first meet after visiting Creed's Mansion and being trapped in the Desktop Kingdom. After freeing themselves from the spell and speaking with Evil Spirit with the former greater devil, Creed allows you to take with you one of four characters you met during your visit to his home. If the player chooses Randolf, Tyrin or Eric, Karna will only become available much later in the game.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Karna, like her three compatriots in Creed's Mansion are all extremely powerful characters. Their major drawback is that you can't choose to take them all at your earliest possible convenience. Karna is often seen as one of the stronger choices among the four due to her ability to heal, a skill available only to Sarah at this stage in the game. Karna also has perhaps the strongest selection of spells of the four priest characters in the game (along with Sarah, Frayja and Sheela). Boost allows her to generate experience at an extremely quick rate while at the same time, enhancing the capabilities of the entire force. If the player chooses to promote Karna with the Vigor Ball into a Master Monk, she can easily become one of the strongest characters in the game.


Pre-Promotion: Priest (PRST)


  • Vicar (VICR)
  • Master Monk (MMNK) with the Vigor Ball


  • Heal
  • Blast
  • Boost
  • Aura

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