Giant Bomb At Penny Arcade Expo This Weekend

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#51 Posted by Teptom (2047 posts) -

I hope I can make it next year, but until then....fuck.

#52 Posted by BinaryDragon (638 posts) -

Well im stuck in the UK. But have fun guys and PLEASE post video of all you see and do. So that poor smoes like me don't miss much. :P

#53 Posted by ryanwho (12082 posts) -

Wait. Wait.
So what you're telling me here is
Keanu Reeve's head continues growing with age yet his face stays the same size.

#54 Posted by SuperJoe (887 posts) -

Gin makes Jeff a better writer

#55 Posted by CitizenKane (10507 posts) -

Damn, I REALLY wish I could be there to see the panel.  It's going to be too awesome to comprehend.

#56 Edited by ryanwho (12082 posts) -
@punkxblaze said:

" @masternater27 said:

" I'm deciding between this and a rave :-/ "
Wait. WAIT. You're debating between the em-effing GIANT BOMB PAX panel complete with old school goodness and a night with bright lights, stupid dancing, annoying repetetive music, and probably a lot of people rolling on E? I weep for you. "
I think he just wanted to drop in the fact he's going to a rave into the conversation to impress people, cus its 1996 and raves are the hot shit.
#57 Posted by TripMasterMunky (2403 posts) -

Nice Heat reference.

#58 Posted by borgmaster (513 posts) -
@Coltonio7 said:
" Gotta get all the gravy stashed in that town. "
and why is there a picture of captain janeway in this article? is jeff really that messed up from gin?
#59 Posted by imayellowfellow (558 posts) -

cooohool stuff

#60 Posted by vex (21 posts) -

Since I am literally on the other side of the planet, I quess I'm not gonna be there. but I'm sure videos and bombcasts will do nicely!

#61 Posted by Mikemcn (6996 posts) -
@borgmaster said:
" @Coltonio7 said:
" Gotta get all the gravy stashed in that town. "
this.  and why is there a picture of captain janeway in this article? is jeff really that messed up from gin? "

Gin shouldn't make you see Star Trek...... How cheap was that stuff? Did they put anti-freeze in it or something?
#62 Posted by Kohe321 (3529 posts) -

Can't wait! Will you be filming the panel like last year?

#63 Posted by SlantedRoom (265 posts) -

DUDE, you guys are coming to Seattle?!?  That's badass. 
I live in Seattle and will most likely be downtown at Bumbershoot on saturday, so I will try my damndest to get there at 7.. Unless that happens to be during De La Soul's set. If that's the case then Fuck you guys, cuz De La Soul rocks. 
but if I do make it, i'm down to eat some gross shit. and my name is TODD. 
#64 Posted by Hailinel (25179 posts) -

I plan to be there, and I'm up for the challenge.
If you're calling real names, mine is Justin Graham.

#65 Posted by mordukai (7157 posts) -

I really hope you guys tape the panel and upload here. 

#66 Posted by WholeFunShow (360 posts) -

Sounds to me like the gin grew on Jeff.

#67 Posted by cyrax (205 posts) -

That post was all kinds of insanity. Looking forward to more insanity.

#68 Posted by FCKSNAP (2299 posts) -

 we will view something that was recorded during the dark ages 

Have this up by Sunday or you're fired.

#69 Posted by masternater27 (918 posts) -
Naw, not a coolness factor, it's just the dilemma that I have.  I know that I'm not guaranteed a spot to see the giantbomb crew, PAX is PACKED, and I'd likely have to just chill waiting for them for an hour or more.  The rave is cheaper and I'm fairly broke.  Plus, my friends are going to be going to the rave and not coming along to a gaming convention unfortunately.  Buuuuuuuuut I do love Giantbomb and the crew.  Maybe I'll take out a payday loan or something lmao.
#70 Posted by TobyD81 (1228 posts) -

So wait...Janeway won't be there? Dude, fuck that shit. maybe I'll listen to the podcast if I don't fall asleep first in a martini-induced stupor.

#71 Posted by Claude (16254 posts) -

Have a good time, can't wait to here back from you guys.

#72 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5730 posts) -

Man, totally gunna be there. Pretty awesome. Never expected I'd get to be a part of this sorta thing, can't wait to see you chaps!

#73 Posted by SCapps14 (34 posts) -

Heat reference ftw

#74 Posted by Kiemoe (1056 posts) -

If someone makes it there and reads this, please tape it so I can watch!

#75 Posted by TeknoDwarf (6 posts) -

The Giant Bomb Reunion Tour 2008 was the highlight of PAX for me last year and I'm definitely excited for the Re-Reunion Tour this year. TeknoDwarf will be in attendance.

#76 Posted by AllanIceman (1323 posts) -

Best witten news story ever.

#77 Posted by MattBodega (1907 posts) -

" We will view something that was recorded during the dark ages."

#78 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8609 posts) -

I wish I could be there. Sounds great though, have fun!! I await video coverage.

#79 Posted by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -

Yay for videos. See you once those are posted.

#80 Posted by ChrisTaran (1641 posts) -

But I want to go to the meat dimension! :(

#81 Posted by EvilTwin (3324 posts) -

No Matt Rorie?  :(  
Should still be awesome. 

#82 Posted by bozosc (104 posts) -

have a good time in washington and dont go south of seattle nothing good can come of it

#83 Posted by raikoh05 (419 posts) -

Boston PAX 2010 wooooooooo

#84 Posted by giyanks22 (2681 posts) -

Enjoy...We expect some great videos!!!

#85 Posted by ch3burashka (5112 posts) -

That picture just goes to show that Keanu Reeves is immortal.

#86 Posted by rentfn (1282 posts) -

I really hope to see you guys in Boston in March. I can't wait!!!!

#87 Posted by IshimuraD (401 posts) -

Oh that Vinny "Vincent" "Invasion" Caravella...

#88 Posted by Webby (720 posts) -

You need GregK. 
Also lol @ "Giant Bomb is not responsible for the cleaning bill should you soil yourself or the venue during this event"
#89 Posted by HT101 (1160 posts) -

Man, I totally wish I could go to this but sadly I am a poor college student with no money whatsoever.

#90 Posted by Jayzilla (2567 posts) -

Get the scoop on some Guild Wars 2 stuff! They always have a bomb booth and cocktail party with prizes! no pun intended on the bomb booth thing.

#91 Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles (1702 posts) -
@Seedofpower said:
"Have fun.   I wish i could go =( "
#92 Edited by Lazyaza (2196 posts) -

The whole time I was reading that l couldn't stop wondering if Keanu Reeves is actually a robot. No human should look exactly the same 15 years apart O_O
I wish I could go to pax. :( Ah well the coverage and panels will be epic.

#93 Edited by MeatSim (10895 posts) -

I hear your real life stats will increase if you participate in the Rainy Day Beef Bowl Challenge at Giant Bombs PAX panel. 

#94 Posted by Metroid545 (1823 posts) -
@BD_Mr_Bubbles said:
" @Seedofpower said:
"Have fun.   I wish i could go =( "
#95 Posted by Daveyo520 (6860 posts) -

Sometimes I wish I still lived on the west coast.

#96 Posted by Ubiquitous (571 posts) -

I'd totally go for the challenge of the mighty beef-like bowl, however I'm an East-coaster...
#97 Posted by Lies (3867 posts) -

Hopefully this makes it's way onto the site like it did last year.

#98 Posted by AllThatBacon (547 posts) -

Needs more Dogstar.

#99 Posted by Dirk_P_Ho (24 posts) -

See ya there!

#100 Posted by TwoOneFive (9459 posts) -


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