List of Games Beaten in 2013

An annual tradition. If a game's on here, I beat it this year. "This year" being 2013, inattentive future peoples.

As is now customary, some end of year statistics. Everyone likes statistics.

  • Total Games Completed: 65
  • 2013 Games Completed: 20
  • 2012 Games Completed: 12
  • 10+ Year Old Games Completed: 16
  • Games Started But Not Finished: 10 (5 of which are games I covered in May Madness last year that I still intend to complete, like Vessel and Closure.)
  • System Breakdown: PC (26), TG-16 (9), PS3 (6), DS (5), 360 (4), Wii (4), Wii U (3), 3DS (3), PS2 (2), Mega Drive (1), GBA (1), GameCube (1). (Quite a telling list, overall. TurboMento-12 accounts for most of those TG-16 games, if you're wondering.)
  • First Game of Year: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (figured it would be one of my favorites this year, until I burned out on its endgame.)
  • Last Game of Year: 9.03m (a very sedate and short game, in contrast to the year's first.)

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Posted by Video_Game_King

Also, I saw what you said of Chickenhead. He visited me in the fireplace near the top of Tokyo Tower. That's all I need to say.