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I like X1, for when past Xboxes are part of the conversation. It's short.

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There's just nothing on the road Microsoft is going down that I will ever be interested in, I don't think.

I've been very happy not having cable for years, I don't watch a whole lot of current TV or movies, I don't use Twitter and I try not to use Facebook, I have a phone that serves me very well for web browsing and such while I'm doing something else on the TV. Anything else cool on the system side is already being done by Sony or will probably be something they imitate later.

Combine that with my preference for Sony's first party franchises and developers over Microsoft's, and it looks like I might end up never owning an X1. But I guess E3 can make or break that, in theory.

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I kind of like that it looks like a 3DO or a Nuon or something.

It's appropriate since their current approach is basically a 2013 version of "multimedia".

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It feels like a name for an electronic device. Unexciting, but I don't hate it.

We're far enough out from the original Xbox that there isn't much risk of confusion, in my opinion.

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Xbox For.

What is Xbox For?

Xbox is For Movies

Xbox is For Games

Xbox is For Entertainment

Xbox is For Family Fun

And we are happy to announce Halo 4 for Xbox For.

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I only paid attention to E3 2009 and later, which I think misses the 'amazing demo' window by a good 3-4 years. Uncharted 2 and Watch_Dogs were both hot, but not in a "Oh my God the future of games" sense.

This E3 had better be rife with that.

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The main thing I always enjoyed was talking to all the citizens each day, meeting ones who had just moved in, driving away the ones I didn't like by assaulting them with the bug net, etc.

The little exchanges you can have with them are just really funny and endearing.

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Thanks to EMI, I can't embed EPMD's "I'm Housin", but for a long time I heard

So I stepped back/And unbuttoned my Lee denim


So I stepped back/And I bought my late dinner

Hypothetically embarrassing if I had actually sung it that way, but I didn't. I just think it's funny.

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I think I'm leaning towards the "denied" stamp on this one.

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@ajamafalous said:

It's the fact that Patrick has been in something like 75% of all of the QLs over the last year and a half

We can't take that to mean no one else wants to be in Quick Looks. I always imagined that Patrick volunteered on most of those (specifically the ones where he's observing) because he tries to take an interest in all types of games. If he does that, Jeff isn't exactly going to say "No, people are getting tired of you being in all the Quick Looks, Vinny is doing it."