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It's certainly worth it to buy a good brand, anyway. I used to buy JLab ones (on a regular basis because they break all the time) but I would never go back to them after using Klipsch.

I have to say, though, the Reference S4s I have that cost $50 (regular, I got them on sale) don't sound noticeably better than the $30 Image S3s I used to have. So I guess I've hit my sensitivity ceiling, at least for the quality of files I'm listening to.

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This might be more appropriate considering recent news.

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Cream (meaning milk or half & half) and Splenda. Also I drink flavored coffee. Bite me.

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Honey mustard can be okay. Mustard is also a component of some good barbecue sauces.

The more mustardy something gets, though, the less I like it. It's that same bitter, earthy quality that makes me hate horseradish. Horseradish, by the way, is irredeemable in any measure or application.

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I can't find the exact page where I took that screen, but you can see the same thing here.

It only seems to happen when one word in the title is super long. You can see it doesn't happen with the Penny Arcade games, for example.

This is on Chrome 30.0.1599.101 and Firefox 24.0, Windows 7.

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@hailinel said:

@saturdaynightspecials: The 2600 game isn't called Yar's Revenge, though. The plural possessive is the proper title. The remake distinguishes itself by using the singular possessive.

Yeah, that's why I'm asking for an alias, so the placement of one apostrophe doesn't get in the way of people finding the page.

I know all the pages show up when you type "Yars Revenge", but I would naturally put an apostrophe.

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Because if you're really good at one particular game or type of game, anyone of average competency will seem to "suck" at it.

Compounded by the actor-observer bias inherent in watching anyone play a game.

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Just finishing up my Richard mask for my Hotline Miami costume.

Nice. The year that Hotline Miami came out was the first time in ages that I wanted to dress up for Halloween. But I never have a reason to dress up.