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Alias: Warlock 2: The Exiled -> Warlock II: The Exiled

(Oddly, the logo says II, but all the text on Steam and the official website uses 2, so I guess the official styling is 2)

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I love Vinny, of course, but I don't like his podcast editing shenanigans. Jeff's style of hosting and editing leaves nothing to be desired.

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That's too bad.

I don't know the guy, however, so I would not take him at his word on the ethics of Bungie's decision. I would also not declare a boycott on Destiny or start a petition to make Bungie re-hire him, but I'm sure both of those are already brewing.

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Chai latte is what you want. It can be very tasty and it makes you look cosmopolitan.

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1. Have enormous ears

2. Find the one-armed man and beat his ass on a Ferris wheel

3. Done

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For me wrestling, especially what takes place in the ring, is baffling and utterly alien, whereas anime is actively repugnant. Having liked a handful of anime in the past only makes it easier to recognize the embarrassing, soul-deadening sewage it mostly consists of.

Old wrestling promos from the late 80s/early 90s, on the other hand, are fantastic and a proud product of our culture.

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If they get a good idea for an entirely novel replacement, I would like to see it. For now, I don't miss them terribly.

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As if Google, Microsoft, and Apple are run by the world's greatest people.

They're only doing this as a stunt to appeal to their gay/socially liberal userbase, and even though I support legalizing gay marriage, I'm not impressed.

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@butano said:

Kingdom Come Batman. Even when he's old and barely held up via an exoskeleton, he's still the world's greatest detective.

Somehow it disappoints me that Batman eats well-done steak.

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Yelle is good.