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One of my favorite movies, great one liners in it.

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The only good DLC is the Zaeed one, but is it worth $15, no. He does have a good loyalty mission but it's not worth $15.

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@FritzDude said:
" Fable 3 - Too easy and "casual".                                          "
To be fair every Fable game has been simple, it was always advertised as being a "casual" game. That would be like buying GT5 and being mad that it doesn't play like Burnout.
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No, there are websites that have all the details for free.

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@CoheedFavorHouse said:
" @zombie2011: I feel like maybe I should edit the post. I forgot about Bonnie. I got emotionally attached to her, and then bam, you don't see her again after Mexico unless you buy Undead Nightmare. Which would be a completely different rant. "
You visit her with your wife at the end of the game.
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 The story does suck until the end. 
I hated every character in the game besides Marston, The Sheriff, and Bonnie.

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Gears of War 3, it feels like it's been forever since i last played a Gears game. 
Also ME3

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It was mentioned during best story then we got a great drunk ironside impression.

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That is impressive. 
I haven't played Reach for a while, but i don't remember that map looking like that. Did they change it?

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@Rxanadu: I beat ME2 as a Vanguard on Insanity and i died very few times. You should have Charge fully upgraded as well as a powerful shotgun right? If you do it shouldn't be so hard seeing you're shields regen during a charge. So if you're about to die just charge to an enemy that is out of the way from the other enemies, while killing the guy with the shotgun you're charge should be ready for use again rinse and repeat. 
I'll admit Vanguard is a tough class if don't know how to use it, which i didn't until i started my Insanity play-through and saw these vids.  
  The only power you should be using is Charge and an ammo type. If you use Shockwave you are wasting you're cool-down and stopping yourself from charging.