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ME2 is like $10 on 360 so why not get it for that?

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Could they have found a weaker looking male? 

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RE5, the setting was the awesome and the Co-op and story was cool too.

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@xyzygy said:
" Umm... Mass Effect 2 is a year old. Just because it wasn't released on the PS3 doesn't mean it's launching digitally. It officially launched over a year ago. This is just another version of it. I don't really see how this is a "big push" when the game is already critically well received and has been played by millions already. It's less of a gamble this way because the game has proven to already be successful. "
My thoughts exactly, the games a year old not a big deal.
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@Slayer22 said:

" PS3. All I Own, and it seems like this is the lead platform like most EA games nowadays "

Most games like????? None.

" I'm undecided. I played the first on the 360, but I could probably pick the first up for the PC or PS3 for fairly cheap and play through those if I wanted.  "

Why would you do that? There's no save transfer so it doesn't matter what platform you played the first on. 
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The US has only been around for 230 some years, he's an idiot.

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I was waiting for some whacky FMV at the end.

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Gears of War had some of the best enemies i've seen in a game, Gears 2 surpassed that so i have faith those tentacle monsters will be bad-ass in Gears 3. Also it feels like forever since i last played a Gears game so I'm so pumped for this, i really hope they bring back the Berserkers they were sorely missed in 2.
I'm excited for all the other 3's to except Resistance those games are boring to me.

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Deadly Premonition #25? 
People are idiots.