The Community Spotlight - 07/14/2011

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! Due to personal commitments I'm keeping it brief and punctual with this edition of the Spotlight. Now as for the news of the site and housekeeping there are a few things to go over. Firstly wish Whiskey Media Community Podcast extraordinaire SparklyKiss a belated Happy 21st Birthday! What in the world is "Anami Vice" presented by "Whiskaye Films?" The Giant Bomb community is investigating! EpicSteve wrote a farewell blog about his internship a Whiskey Media as he leaves for Afghanistan. Sean Coonce would have you know that they are working to reduce the number of 500 errors you encounter while surfing Giant Bomb. With that aside I have plenty of podcasts, wikis, and forum topics for you to peruse for your own personal enjoyment.

Community Starlet: JJWeatherman

Howdy folks and welcome to another Community Starlet. This week the award goes to 38 Studios' own Rich Gallup, known on the forums by his alias of JJWeatherman. He claims that he's just a 'fan' but the evidence is clear, concise and irrefutable.

While not hard at work producing games that don't seem to exist, JJ is busy contributing to the site in any way he can. A constant presence on the forums with an enormous 12,500 posts, he's always got something to say about the what's going on in the community. If you want to know more about his thoughts on games and what he's been up to then his blog is a great place to start. One thing you should definitely check out is his (irregular) series 'Cloudy With a Chance of Gaming' and hopefully we'll get another entry soon. JJ is also the caretaker of Giant Bomb Twitter thread so if you want to see what other Bombers are tweeting or want some more exposure yourself then post your name there.

Highlights of some of JJ's other work on the site include great lists like games which would be better with Dave as the protagnoist, games that make him question society and the quintessential pile of shame. From a wiki perspective some of his top contributions are to the pages of the Apple II, the original Yars Revenge, the Rock Band 2 Wireless Drum Set and the classic Origin Systems RPG Knights of Legend. Finally, I have to mention his involvement in Pass the Whiskey, the Whiskey Media community podcast alongside fellow users Sparklykiss and slowbird. The latest episode can be heard here and it's highly recommended.

Once again join me in congratulating Rich/JJ for all he's done on the site and also continuing to berate him until he finally releases a game.

(written by mracoon)

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