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Gameplay in Street Fighter EX3
Gameplay in Street Fighter EX3

Street Fighter EX3 is the final game in the EX series, and the only entry on the Playstation 2.  Like its predecessors, Street Figther EX3 employs 3D, polygonal graphics, but the fighting primarily takes place on a 2D plane, like the Street Fighter and Street Fighter Alpha series.  Returning characters have similar attacks as before, with each being able to pull off a handful of super combos.

The Guard Break system from earlier EX series games was replaced with the Surprise Blow.  While guard breaks were unblockable attacks that used up a portion of the super combo bar, surprise blows are blockable, but do not use up the super combo bar.  If the attack hits, the enemy is stunned and can be attacked freely.  EX3 also features tag battles, allowing players to switch between characters when the appropriate gauge has filled. Each team can have up to four characters, however the life bar of each individual fighter is shortened as more people are added to the team.

Character Roster

Unlockable Characters

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