You Should Read This Rant By a Tekken Producer

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(I have not been following the Tekken franchise as closely as other people have, so I am not specifically talking about Tekken...but producers/writers/coders in general here)

To all developers/writers/producers who decide to write "rants" like this:

So the best way to deal with whiny children is to make an equally whiny retort, and slightly insult and generalize your fanbase?

There's an old saying, "don't bite the hand that feeds you". I understand things change, and so long as you put *effort* into sequels down the road, I understand that you can't have the same voices over 15-20 years. I understand that people age, stupid contracts and lawyers keep you from using recorded lines in later re-makes or sequels, I also understand that people die...


1: It does not excuse lackluster voice acting, shoddy graphics, poor storylines/endings, and worst of all horrible controls/gameplay.

2: Throwing a temper tantrum is not the way to show that you are an "adult".

Your way of life is supported by us consumers. The only way you are getting away with your childish rant is that you are high up enough in your company to get away with such unprofessional writing, and you have enough money in the bank to survive any sort of demotion, suspension, or firing that might come of your immature attitude.

If gaming needs to "grow up", then it needs to start by people like Harada learning to act like adults, and to remember that their paychecks come from our pockets. It does not matter if people flood their email inboxes with complaints, or if people are "whining to them", developers should take the high ground and deal with negative feedback in a different way than insulting people.

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I follow Harada in twitter for some time now and he had to deal with a lot of crap, some people insult him, demand impossible stuff from him and so on. I think his argument in this case is quite reasonable. Hopefully those people will be respectful to him and understand his point of view.

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Love it!

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@Hailinel said:

@BlazeHedgehog said:

But who gives a shit about Tekken voices? 90% of them are battle cries. It's all about perspective.

Tekken fans, apparently.

Oh come on , not all Tekken fans are crazy like that unless I don't deserved to be called a 'fan' but I definetively don't care if Kuma's growl doesn't sound like it did in Tekken 3, every franchise has it's crazy fans and you do what everyone does and ignore them.

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Fair. Next.

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There's a difference between standing up for your creative rights as a producer of content and just biting the hand. I can't quite tell which this is.

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Maybe I'm missing some ongoing context, but this doesn't seem ranty at all. Yeah, the last line implies some annoyance on the part of the writer, but it's hardly damning. I dunno. Guess this is stuff I've never thought about and enjoyed hearing about from the developer perspective.

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Ergh... I understand his point and his frustration. But moaning about such things is wasted energy, a developer should always work to meet the needs and wants of his fans. Or else how can fans be maintained? Sure, it's good to branch off from old themes to find new fans, but that kind of effort will count for nothing if you don't do anything to keep the fans you already worked so hard to gain on your side. I'm learning games development, and when i was at college my teacher said that i would have 3 priorities.

"Your first is to your boss, no arguments and no questions. Do what you have to do to keep yourself ahead of the curve. Secondly, if you become a creative head, is to your fans. Listen to them and take in their accounts, they could help you more then you could help yourself. And lastly is to yourself. Spend a few hours here or there lying on the grass and do absolutely nothing. It clears the head."-: My college teacher, Neil Gardner.

And I mean to follow his advice. I have no plans to turn around and bitch about my possible fans in the future if all my hard work pays off. And i find it rather unprofessional to those working in the industry who do bitch about the people who spend money that they in turn put in their wallets.

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This generation of people is the entitlement generation, plain and simple.

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On the subject of the Mass Effect DLC, I found the post-credits message pretty amusing. Reading between the lines, it could pretty much be boiled down to 'please don't hate us/stop sending us mail'.

The endings were still pretty dumb, though.

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Far as rants go, he does point out that getting voices involves more than just paying for the rights - and the hardware limitations are pretty valid, older systems tended to distort sounds much more. Using the same voices on a PS3/360, which will play back someone's actual voice at high quality - can sound entirely different than someone's nostalgia for Tekken 3.

And honestly, developer frustration over fan nitpicks just tells me theres a human behind that twitter account, not some PR robot.

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This is great. If you like stuff like this, you should check out Hideki Kamiya's responses to fans on Twitter.

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Dude needs a vacation.

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@morose said:

Maybe I'm missing some ongoing context, but this doesn't seem ranty at all. Yeah, the last line implies some annoyance on the part of the writer, but it's hardly damning. I dunno. Guess this is stuff I've never thought about and enjoyed hearing about from the developer perspective.

I don't understand, at all, how you can say that, assuming you've read the piece. Some examples:

"whining and complaining". implies the people are crybabies

"practice at being an adult". see above

The rest of it does not "imply some annoyance", it is dripping with it. Phrases like "I guess you didn't notice..." and the like.

It would've been much better for him to write something like "Hey guys! I completely understand you all would love to have the old voices for these characters because believe me, I'm as big a fan of the old games as any of you (as one would have to be working on these games for that many years). Try as we might, however, it is not always possible for us to do just his, and here's why: -yadayadayada-. Thanks for loving the game and your ongoing support, and although it is not possible for us to meet all of your demands for reasons i explained above, we do have a couple surprises in store for you guys soon."

Any spam the guy gets that's not adequately dealt with by something like this is better ignored.

All that being said, who are these people that actually send e-mails to developers to ask them to change the voice for character X? Has anyone here actually e-mailed a dev once? If a game that I look forward to turns out to be a bummer i'll be disappointed and will probably think twice about getting their next game, but isn't that where it's supposed to end?

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Write a rant LIKE A BOSS

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Tekken sucks ass anyway.

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A rant complaining about the demands from what is probably 1% of the tekken fanbase. Personally I think hes needs a break from the computers if hes letting a few noisy nellies get under his skin.

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@Gringus: Well thank you. It's something I feel pretty passionate about, and just wanted to share that with anyone who would read :)

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He's a sexist anyways. No water off my back

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This guy is A Ledgend!!!

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It doesn't change that Tekken 6 still sucks. Oh well.

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Yeah sounds like a guy who has had to deal with fans (also known as customers) his whole working life and is tired of doing his damnedest to do right by them only for them to say he is still f'ing it all up. He is fortunate he works in an industry where he can make this type of blog post and still have his job tomorrow.

As for his final line and general attitude? Completely understandable and I commiserate on the highest possible level.

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Wow, I can't believe that Bryan's laugh is the same, but I support Harada here. I mean it's Mr. Tekken himself. Fighting game fans are some of the most die hard and I would suspect annoying gaming fans out there. Little things like what characters are or are not released aren't nearly as important as balanced and fun gameplay. To me at least :/

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That didn't read like a rant. Maybe annoyed and bordering on frustrated.

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Harada and Ono need to both quit and join up to make their own fighting game studio.

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Oh fuck you Klepek, and fuck the "FANS" too...

Harada is the man!!!

He says what he thinks, and doesn't afraid of anything!!!

Now seriously...

Harada is the man, i bet a lot of developers want to say this kind of stuff to the "fans", but this man actually has the balls to do it.

Can't wait for TTT2.

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That rant was awesome.

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He was actually very reasonable and didn't act like a child...ranting over twitter can certainly sound like that. He gets an "A" from me. He got his point across in an obviously annoyed way but kept his cool about it.

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Harada, you are too cool. Now about the Soul series...

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That's a pretty level headed rant. Sure, he's obviously annoyed/frustrated but he did a good job explaining the realities of game design. These games aren't made with unicorns and magic rainbows and I think a lot of people need this sort of reality check. Including the games press.

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Hey as long as Heihachi is still a playable character in Tekken 6, I dont give no fucks.

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Fighting game fans are more entitled than most. And as rants go that was more logical and well thought out than most, even if it was a bit bitter.

Still, by the sound of things it's not unjustified. I'm surprised he cares that much after all these years. For almost 2 decades worth of concealed rage that wasnt that bad. ;p

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Nothing wrong with what he said.

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"Thanks for understanding or not understanding. Whatever.”

is my new stock response for everything, ever.

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I think it's awesome for Harada to do something like this. As for the love I have for the entire Tekken series, I'm glad they've improved voice actors and changed them along with the technology advancements.

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I pretty much agree with everything this guy has said. Fans can be blinded, immature, and stupid. That said, I just had to laugh at this part...

"I have even complied to the requests of you all spamming me to "bring back characters" from previous installments. You often say, "let's show the dev team how sincere we are by buying 2 copies if they bring back character X", but did you really go through with it? Expecting you to at least pre-order the game, I was met with more spam, after you apparently didn't notice that Jun and Michelle actually return."

It makes him sound like a total whore.

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theres good & bad reasons to complain. this, a bad one, but instead of ranting like this, they should had explained to all the fans way before all bitching got out of hand calmly why things are the way they are.

if they keep complaining, just point them towards whats said before & say, there, thats your reason why.

me3 ending, or firing iNFAMOUS 2 & Hitman voices are legimite complains though. or like in SC6 where u play as younger looking & sounding Sam, even if its set after Conviction, instead of just making a whole new character, is also a legitimite complain.

here, in this case, as i said , just explain calmly the situation, no reason to rant. & if some boneheaded fans refuse to listen reasoning, just let it be.

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In the days before the internet, the world still had plenty of idiotic fan boys. The difference now is that the internet has enabled idiotic fan boys to spam the web with their dumb-ass opinions and demands. Twitter in particular is a really easy way to annoy the shit out of someone you idolize.

So it's not like society is crumbling, it's just that it's easier for idiots to annoy people nowadays.

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What a boss!

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Not so much a rant as a useful albeit spirited explanation.

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