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Varric Tethras, the ever charismatic speaker of Dragon Age II

Varric Tethras, a member of the exiled House Tethras, is a character in the Dragon Age franchise. He is a playable companion in both Dragon Age II and its sequel Dragon Age: Inquisition.

He is a surface Dwarf, born and raised in the city-state of Kirkwall of The Free Marches. Because of this, Varric is as much of an unorthodox Dwarf as one can encounter, having participated in practically none of traditional Dwarven culture.

His first appearance was in Dragon Age II, a game spanning a 10-year period. The events of which are narrated by Varric after the fact to Cassandra Pentaghast, who is trying to solve the crisis which has befallen all of Thedas.

Varric has been confirmed to return in a playable companion in Dragon Age: Inquisition. In the E3 2013 reveal trailer, Varric is shown as a lone survivor of a great battle with Morrigan narrating over it and similar chaotic scenes happening all over Thedas.


Dragon Age II

Varric cannot be romanced by either a male or female Hawke. His ties to his crossbow, Bianca, hint of a past relationship.

Varric is one of the first party members the player will encounter in the game, and thus is available to narrate most of the story back to the Cassandra (who is demanding she learn the story of how Hawke became the Champion of Kirkwall).

Varric's brother, Bartrand Tethras, is the leader of an expedition to the Deep Roads, which leads to his initial relationship with Hawke. Unlike other characters, Varric is tied down to his own weapon, a large crossbow which he calls Bianca, and cannot be equipped with any other.

Varric is a rogue focusing on long range attacks with Bianca. His speciality skill tree is marksman.

During portions of the story, Varric will exaggerate the happenings and spice up what occurred with his own brand of charming flair. During the beginning when the Hawkes are fleeing from Lothering, Varric initially describes the scene with only Hawke and Bethany (or Carver if Hawke is a mage), who both effortlessly take on the impeding horde of Darkspawn. Such minor alterations like Hawke having significantly more impressive armor and Bethany's own breast size being dramatically increased are there to note Varric's own characteristically over-the-top storytelling style.

"We're surrounded by nothing for as far as the eye can see. Why do we keep coming back here?"

Unlike the rest of Hawke's companions Varric manages to maintain good relations with all of them over the course of the 10 years they are together. With the exception of Bartrand's betrayal and Varric's subsequent revenge (which doesn't lead to any dramatic ending, as Bartrand had already lost his mind to the ancient magical artefact he betrayed them for), Varric remains Hawke's best friend, confident, voice of reason and comic relief.

Varric departs Kirkwall with Hawke at the end of the game, but when Hawke and his companions must go their separate ways, Varric chooses to return to Kirkwall, which is where he is found by Cassandra.

Other appearances

Dragon Age Print Comics by BioWare and Dark Horse Comics

Dragon Age: The Silent Grove (6-part), Dragon Age: Those Who Speak (3-part) and Dragon Age: Until We Sleep (3-part) follow a post-Dragon Age II, pre-Dragon Age Inquisition storyline defined by BioWare in which Alistair becomes King of Ferelden.

The trio of King Alistair, Varric and Isabela travel to known places in the Dragon Age universe which have never been explored in the video games, Antiva, The Tevinter Imperium and Seheron.

Their objective is to investigate rumors, eventually found to be true, that Alistair's father, King Maric Theirin (star of the 1st and 2nd Dragon Age novels, Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne and Dragon Age: The Calling) has been alive all this time since he was thought lost at sea, long before the events of Dragon Age: Origins.


Due to the events of Until We Sleep, they were able to free Maric but not able to save his life. This included a trip into The Fade, in which Varric is shown an illusion (presumably by a desire demon trying to possess him) of an event in his past. The event depicts Varric and a female Dwarf named Bianca, on the run from a "Guild." Varric quickly dismisses the illusion, having long since come to terms with the loss of Bianca and naming his trademark crossbow Bianca in her memory.


  • "I like this bar, everyone here knows your name." (At the Hanged Man)
  • "Okay, I'm going to draw a picture of where she wants to touch you." (During Aveline's companion quest The Long Road)

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