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The Community Spotlight - 02/11/2017

Check out this week's edition of The Community Spotlight and take your mind off the fact that, in some parallel universe, Persona 5 still comes out this week.

It's time to slam thanks to the Giant Bomb Game Jam!
It's time to slam thanks to the Giant Bomb Game Jam!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week. This week, as notable video game releases such as For Honor and Nioh grace western audiences it appears we are slowly but surely making our way out of the "Winter Game Drought." Regardless, the Giant Bomb community has been up to a number of interesting and creative projects this week. Speaking of which, let's get on with the site related housekeeping as this week there's actually quite a bit!

Community Activities

Giant ROM 4 - The Giant Bomb Game Jam Encore (By: @zandravandra)

The fourth annual Giant ROM, Giant Bomb Game Jam, has officially concluded! That said, please feel free to try out and play all of the wonderful creations spawned from the event. How can you say no to a game called "Lang Attack?"

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Street Fighter V Season 2 Tournament (By: @saft)

The Giant Bomb Street Fighter V Season 2 tournament is officially accepting sign ups! Get the details on how to join the fun NOW!

The (Un)Official Elysium Project Giant Bomb Guild (By: @pfhor)

Are you playing on the new Elysium vanilla World of Warcraft server? Luckily for you, we have a new Giant Bomb community guild just for you

Clips Of The Week

I Made A Giant Bomb Thing (By: TestingTesting9)

I know, I know. You might think you are tired of watching Roundabout videos, but this one for "Sheikh Zanzibar" is too PERFECT to ignore!

Giant Bomb Galleria

Jason Warm-up Sketch (By: @morehandclaps)

morehandclaps' warm-up sketch this week played around with Jason on the Bombcast last week. Many thanks to her for doing so!

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Future For This Is The Run (By: thazMeInTheBack)

thazMeInTheBack had fun contemplating possible next installments for This is The Run after having buckets of fun with the Contra edition.

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This Is The Run Webcomic (By: Paul Abbamondi)

Over on Tumblr Paul Abbamondi illustrated his favorite "This Is The Run - Contra Edition" quote into webcomic form.

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Best Of Blogs

Sorry Sonic, but according to danielkempster it isn't.
Sorry Sonic, but according to danielkempster it isn't.

A Seven-barreled Blast Of Video Game Blogging Fun (By: @marokai)

Marokai made up for lost time by reviewing every game, seven in total, he has completed since his last blog on Giant Bomb.

The Backlogbook - Week Five (By: @danielkempster)

danielkempster details his time with Tomb Raider (2013), and reasoning for balking at the Sonic Adventure franchise, over here.

Gravity Rush Remastered Is A Flawed Gem And One Of My Favorite Games Of Recent Years (By: @bigsocrates)

Can a game be flawed, but also one of your favorites in recent years? BigSocrates explains why he feels that way about Gravity Rush Remastered.

Discover why Ezekiel objects to this screencap.
Discover why Ezekiel objects to this screencap.

Dropping Third-person View From Survival Horror And Other Games (By: @ezekiel)

Ezekiel extrapolates why the recent trend of dropping third-person view from survival horror games, and games in general, frustrates him to no end.

February Vita Lineup And Upcoming Titles (By: @blacklagoon)

A new month means BlackLagoon is back with a convenient list of every game set to release on the PlayStation Vita this month.

Super Mario 16: My Quest to Speedrun Mario 64 (Part 1) (By: @generic_username)

Generic_username is on a quest to be able to speedrun Super Mario 64. Discover why and how his effort is developing in recent days.

Join The Discussion

It's a marriage no one asked for!
It's a marriage no one asked for!

Games To Play With Wife Watching (By: @seriousbug)

SeriousBug's wife loves watching him play video games, but they need YOUR help in selecting the next game they enjoy together!

Netflix Announces Castlevania Television Show (By: @dafdiego777)

What is your gut reaction to Netflix's announcement of a Castlevania animated TV Show? Share your fears and desires for what I can only imagine will be a colossal train-wreck.

Is The Start Of 2017 Shaping Up A Bit Too Well For Games? (By: @nietzschecookie)

What games from the first quarter of 2017 are you most excited about and cannot wait to play? Vote and discuss your picks over here!

Are you finding Fire Emblem Heroes to be a ton of fun, or a horrible nightmare?
Are you finding Fire Emblem Heroes to be a ton of fun, or a horrible nightmare?

Fire Emblem Heroes Discussion Thread (By: @zevvion)

Have tried out Nintendo's latest mobile offering, and the Fire Emblem's first foray into iOS and mobile? If you have feel free to share what your experiences with Fire Emblem Heroes has been like.

Street Fighter II Is Twenty-Six Years Old (By: @pauljeremiah)

Twenty-six years ago Street Fighter II came out in arcades! Share your first experience and/or impression with the game among other nostalgic users.

In Your Eyes, Which Fighting Game Franchise Is The Definitive #2 In The Genre? (By: @liquiddragon)

Speaking of fighting games, which fighting game franchise is the definitive #2 in the genre? Join our discussion and poll as to which series you think can tango with Street Fighter.

For Honor Open Beta Discussion Thread (By: @zanien)

Did you have the chance to tinker around with the open beta for For Honor? If you did, share your initial impressions of what you played over here.

Lovable Lists

Super Shotgun > Double-Barrel Shotgun in Doom. FIGHT ME!
Super Shotgun > Double-Barrel Shotgun in Doom. FIGHT ME!

Favorite Shotguns In Games (By: @psykhophear)

Ranging from Doom to Left 4 Dead, Psykhophear created a list annotating what are his favorite shotguns in video games!

Princess Personality (By: @mento)

Giant Bomb moderator examines how Zelda's characterization has evolved throughout the franchise which bears her name from beginning to end.

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Halo Wars

Halo Wars is set to have a definitive edition released soon, and you can read why some think it is worthy of such treatment on our massive wiki page for the game.