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Barbarians hail from the frozen city of Halas and are most often followers of The Tribunal.  Halas sends forth many fierce warriors, adept shaman, and surprisingly sneaky rogues.  Many Barbarians, known also as the Wolves of the North, are isolationists, which makes sense, given their home town is nestled far away from anyone else in the icy Everfrost Peaks.  Barbarians make great warriors due to their size, innate strengh, and stamina.  Barbarians are welcomed in most 'good' cities, although their size can hinder their ability to do business in building found in Kelethin or Ak'anon.  Like their Human cousins, Barbarians have no enhanced vision, making traveling at night dangerous.  They also start with 10 Cold Resistance, and unlike any other race, can wear both medium or large armor.

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