Collection Part 9: The Time After I Got 4K Consoles

This is the ninth part of my collection. It is split into multiple list due to list length restrictions. This covers the period from the release of the Xbox Series X on November 10th, 2020 to who knows.

I make a habit of putting a number (1/5 to 5/5) and about a paragraph on each game. A heart (<3) means I love the game and it's one of my all time favorites.

List items

  • Switch (February 12th, 2021)

  • Xbox Series X (January 20th, 2021) - 4/5 - This is still Hitman, and Hitman is still really cool. Of the five main levels there's not really a bad one this time, which is good. However, the levels have fewer story missions than in previous installments, meaning there's fewer methods to do your murders than ever before. That sucks. Additionally, every mechanic the game adds to the formula is a miss, and detracts from the traditional formula. It's a shame this doesn't quite measure up, but it's still Hitman at heart.

  • PC (January 16th, 2021)

  • PC (January 16th, 2021) - 5/5 - I don't think it's really fair to put a number on what is essentially the first half of Umineko, but in a vacuum before knowing how the Answer Arcs conclude things, the first four episodes of Umineko are great. While the first two episodes are pretty slow and are mostly set up, episodes 3 and 4 are incredible and continually up the ante with incredible developments, incredible scenarios, incredible scenes, and really gripping climaxes. These episodes work because of the set up done in 1 and 2, so the time spent there isn't wasted. This is a great VN, love how it's basically just a big argument over whether magic is real or not. It's very novel.

  • PS5 (December 18th, 2020)

  • Switch (December 15th, 2020) - 4/5 - Pretty cool game. The way the various moves interact with each other is really interesting. That said, as a roguelike it's not a game I'll really put that much time into. Also, you can just die randomly sometimes if your enemy rolls 3 6s, and that isn't great.

  • PC (November 28th, 2020) - 5/5 <3 - It's an incredible series and I love it! It took a while to get through the first few arcs, but once I got into the back half of the third arc, Tatorigoroshi, I was 100% hooked. The characters are all so well written, the themes are so well explored, and it's all extremely fun and good. Also the spooky bits/mystery are really well considered and work really effectively. It's all so good. Everyone should read Higurashi.

  • Switch (November 20th, 2020) - 4/5 - I really like hitting the buttons and seeing stuff happen! Only problem is the missions are so long, I get tired during longer sessions with this game. Would also make it easier to commit to doing a level if the levels were more like 20 minutes long.

  • PS5 (November 16th, 2020) - 5/5 <3 - This is a tech demo in so far as Wii Sports is a tech demo. It shows off what's cool about the tech while also packing in a ton of personality and charm. I wouldn't be surprised if, like Wii Sports, no future PS5 game makes better use of the controller's gimmicks. It's really fun and doesn't overstay its welcome. My only complaints are that the PS5 Digital Version isn't represented (that's the one I got) and the motion control stuff is a little overdone.

  • Xbox Series X (November 15th, 2020) - 5/5 -Really enjoyed this game, it's a great game to turn your brain off for. You just go where they tell you to go next, do a couple story missions, and head home after. It's a nice even experience that pairs well with podcasts, especially given how boats and horses can autopilot you straight to quest objectives - great for reading Twitter or Discord midgame! Also, raiding christian monasteries is fun. You light Jesus's homes on fire and take his gold, what's not to like?

  • PS4/PS5 (November 13th, 2020) - 5/5 - An extremely charming game! Running around and catching all sorts of bugsnax is really fun, and the writing is pretty good which is good considering there's a lot of it! Only issues I have are load times in the PS4 version and the Adaptive Triggers being somewhat annoying in the PS5 version. Also, please note no save transfer between the two versions at launch, keep that in mind when choosing where to start it.

  • PS4/PS5 (November 12th, 2020) - 4/5 - While I do like that this is much more streamlined than the original Marvel's Spider-Man, I found that the changes they made to the combat made the game much less fun for me. In the original game enemies were often punch sponges, but you had loads of options for dispatching them instantly. In this game you have only one option for that, and it doesn't work a lot of the time. The traversal is still really good though, and also the story is really well written.

  • Xbox Series X (November 10th, 2020) - 2/5 - I really liked the writing and characters, which unfortunately doesn't save one of the sloppiest, messiest RPGs I've ever played. The fighting system is actually more tedious and annoying than the brawler system was, especially since the open world is now peppered with random enemies who can kill you in one hit and it's not clear which ones they are, which is not only annoying, it also makes me avoid grinding. Even outside of the RPG system, the new minigames aren't great, there are no new games in the arcades (same games as Judgment) and there are other small changes that are mostly for the worse. I'm only like 10 hours in, but I've heard it gets worse and also I don't want to spend any more time. Disappointing.