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Still doing my usual stuff... i should probably change it up now and then.

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Games I played in 2014

Another year, and another list of games that I have played in it.

List items

  • PC, 2011: Still playing the dlc for this game, got it during the steam winter sale.

    Completed: DLC add-ons.

  • PC, 2013: got it during the steam winter sale, so far the game is fun, but pretty much plays like saints row 3, which isn't a bad thing per say. Also, this game reminds me that i need to upgrade my video card.

    Completed: Main, and 2 DLC exp. The game was fun, but it wasn't as polished as i would have liked or expected. There were janky cut-scenes all over the place (mainly in the ending) and it seemed to be filled with a lot of half-great ideas, that didn't flow right. Overall it was a fun game, but it wasn't as impactful as the last one.

  • 3DS, 2013: Still trying to finish this game up, i took a break from it to play and beat LoZ: Link between worlds.

    Completed: This game was alright, but way too long to the point where it has sour me on future mario and luigi titles.

  • 3DS, 2014: Tried the demo, and decided that i don't want this game. The town building side quest seemed cool, but the actual game is dated. I enjoyed the ability to store up turns, but other than that, the combat/questing/gameplay was too unfriendly for me. It didn't seem like a bad game, just a game i don't have time for.

    Updated: Well, i got it as a gift, so am now playing this game... and yup, it is fun, but i can tell it going to take up too much of my time.

    Completed: The game, both endings. I enjoyed the ending scene where the other user's worlds showed up, but all the side-quest stuff quickly became dull.

  • PC, 2013: This game kind of plays like x-com, but without the meta game or squad (for the most part) and with added rpg elements. The game is fun, but it doesn't explain enough, and i think i might need to re-roll my character since shaman isn't as fun as i thought it was going to be (it a summon class, but so far, i can't really summon stuff at my low level so it just kind of sucks).

    Completed: Part Fallout, and part XCom, but it fails to live up to either, so it isn't as good as either of those titles.

  • WiiU, 2013: Playing it at a friends place, 4 player is fun, but chaotic. I dislike the shared live system, since some of my friends aren't that good, so they end up using up a majority of the team lives. Overall it a great game, and it hilarious to hear people complain about it being in 3d (since they keep walking off ledges and missing the flag pole at the end).

    Completed: Main story levels. It was a fun co-op time, with lots of screaming and cursing.

    Completed: Normal 8 worlds, and unlocked 5th character. Fun game, but it is best with 4 people.

  • PC, 2014: A rather fun point and click adventure game. The puzzles for the most part weren't challenging, but the story, art, and overall feel of the game was great.

    Completed: Act 1

  • 3DS, 2013: Got it as a gift, the game so far is fun, but i may change my mind about that if the save system gets in the way again (it only auto saves after each level, and the fact that it is level base, and not free roam like the first title is a big turn off).

    Completed: Story, it was fun, but overall, it wasn't as good as the last one.

  • PC, 2013: Got it in a bundle last year, and it is alright, but broken. Got a few missions in, and it seem like the controls (for rotation) switch random and are different for each unit. So for one unit, the green arrow might be forward, but for the next one, it is backwards. For a game that is heavy into the planing, this kind of UI issue ruins the game. I kind of enjoy the game, like the idea, but this issue is the reason why i won't continue to play this game.

  • 3ds, 2012: Got it since i had some money in the eshop. Fun puzzle game, and some of the puzzles are just super hard (well for me at least).

  • 3ds, 2011: got it since it was free, played the first level, seems kind of fun. Not sure if i'll play more, if my friends do, then i will, but i am not interest in playing this solo.

  • PC, 2013: Since there a player month this year, i figure i would play a little more, in order to see what it was like again. It is still fun, but buggy.

    Completed: story mode (last year)

  • PC, 2010: Got this in a bundle, and while i like previous king's bounty games, i never thought they were good games. This one seems like it was just a dlc collection of the armor princess title. I played through one of the dlc packs, it was ok, but not worth spending more time with.

  • PC, 2005: Another bundle game, well i got all the fear games in a bundle, so i figure i would start off with the first... which was both a good idea and bad one. I think i understand the series better now, but i have no interest in playing the other two now either. This game had horrible pacing, it was more or less, everything that could go wrong, did, and the player character had to run around for an hour to fix it, until the next thing broke. Put 3 hours into the game, but it felt like 20, since it was so slow.

  • PC, 2013: Got it with my video card. So far, it is a fun game. It isn't the best experience i had with an assassin creed game, but it is close to it. As usual, the auto run/climb is useful when it works, but horrible when it doesn't.

    Completed: Main story, didn't touch the mp mode. Enjoyed the game a lot, although, the ending didn't have enough of a ending for my liking.

  • 3DS, 2012: Woah, i didn't know this game came out in 2012, i thought it was newer than that. In any case, it is really fun so far, hopefully i'll have more time to play it soon... damn animal crossing.

    Completed: Main game and all the bonus stages. A great game.

  • 3DS, 2012: got it recently since 3 of my friends have it. It is alright so far, it plays very similar to the last few animal crossings.

    Completed: Lost my save file (65 hours), so am done with this game.

  • WiiU, 2013: Fun game, and easy for most people to play.

  • PC, 2013: Got it on sale on Amazon, this game plays like a sub-par mass effect clone, down to the A, B, C ending.

    Completed: Main Story

  • PC, 2012: Got this on sale, figure i would give it a try. While i dislike the always on requirement and save system, the game itself is fun. After playing all 5 base classes, i decided to go with the wizard, even though, the witch doctor seemed like it was going to be funnier.

    Completed: Acts 1-4 (so the normal base game).

  • PC, 2014: This is a fun fps, although i dislike the online only requirement.

    Completed: The online campaign (once)

  • PC, 2005: Got it on sale, figure i would give a fable game a try. It kind of fun.

  • PC, 2012: Play a bit more of this game since the free add-on came out. It is still loads of fun, even though, the boss fight at the end is unfair (gah, i hate a 3 stage boss battle where i usually can't repair).

    Complete: The game on easy a few times.

  • PC, 2013: Got it in a humble bundle, and i like it... then again, i know it a bad game, but i have a thing for helicopter games.

    Completed: Main Game

  • PC, 2010: A simple game, that has some charm, but it very lite on content.

  • PC, 2013: Played during a free weekend. The game is rather average, with its best level, being the first one. Not sure why, they didn't make all the levels like the first one (a huge battle with lots of AI fighting each other. Reminded me of World in Conflict, and i really enjoyed that game) Also, i had a odd feeling of deju vu on several of the levels, either i have played too many ww2 games (likely) or they just copied levels from their first game with minor changes.

    Completed: Single Player.

  • PC, 2013: Got it on sale, and even though i already played the game when it first came out, i find that am enjoying it a second time through.

    Completed: Main game and DLC. I enjoyed playing through it a second time, and i found the dlc to be good... not fallout new vegas dlc good, but still nice.

  • WiiU, 2013: Played it at a friends house.

  • PC, 2012: I installed this a while ago to get tranding cards, so i figure i would give it a try to see if it is any good... it wasn't.

  • PC, 2012: Got it in a bundle, and so far am enjoying this game. I don't like playing on a keyboard and mouse (i need to recharge my batteries in my controller), but overall it is fun. However, if i remember right, this game is suppose to get dark, and am not looking forward to that.

    Completed: The game. It was a fun game, although parts of it dragged out (looking at you zombie section). The story was decent, and the gameplay was fun.

  • PC, Beta: Well, it another mmo.. the gameplay is better than most (since it is action, area combat), but the story is confusing and lite. The presentation needs a lot of work.

  • 3DS/GBA, 2001: Got the VC title a little while ago, and just recently starting playing it. It is fun, but no where near the quality of a link to the past.

    Completed: The game. The final boss was rather hard to beat, had to use a lot of quick-loading/savings. All in all, the story was weak, and so was the gameplay. After playing through this game, i realize that i didn't miss much by skipping it when it came out.

  • Android, 2012: Got it a while ago in a bundle, and I was very disappointed to find that it is a mp focus game.

  • 3DS, 2012: Got this game when i first got my 3ds, but since i had it on my pc too, i didn't play it on my 3ds. Seeing how i didn't play it on my pc, i figure it would play it on my 3ds.

  • PC, 2011: Got this game as a gift, and it was alright. Kind of diablo ish, but not as good. The story was alright, and i enjoy the multiply endings. But overall, i guess i should have played something else.

    Completed: The game.

  • PC, 1997/2013?: Got the pc version of ff7 during a steam sale. Figure i should give it another go since so many people think it is the best rpg ever. I know a lot of that comes down to the fact that it was proly the first rpg those people played. Am about 1 hour in, and so far the game isn't good.

    Played some more, and got out of the first town, and that is it... I gave the game 4 hours, and it didn't get my interest. I can see why people would have liked it when it came out, but that was 17 years ago, and the game itself is very outdated now. Got to the open world part and quit. I gave the game a chance, and it was not worth it.

  • PC, 2013: I guess this game is a puzzle strategy game, about building a world that can encourage life. I have put a few hours into it, and i think am good. It is a good game, but there isn't much too it.

    Completed: Tutorial, and the main game sandbox mode a few times.

  • PC, 2011: Got it in a bundle. The game itself is average, but for some reason, i am enjoying it.

  • PC, 2013: I had some free time, so i play some more sanctum 2 recently. It a fun game, but i think i should move away from it since i don't have time to invest in it.

  • PC, 2013: Pick this game back up, and it was fun. I enjoyed it a lot more than the first one. Plus, i figure out how to cheat at it, so that help a lot. I also enjoy that they tried to change up the mission structure, so there were defense missions, connect the dots missions, and targeted towers missions.

    Completed: Single Player campaign.

  • 3ds, 2014: Got it for my b-day, and so far, it is pretty fun. There are 3 gameplay modes, and in the normal single player, each stage has a few secrets, that are actually hard to figure out sometimes.

  • PC, 2013(i guess, although it isn't fully out, so am going to count this one as 2014): So far, 3 eps in, i have to say that am disappointed by this. It isn't as good as the first one, the pacing is off, the character development is missing, and the length is short.

    Completed: All 5 Episodes. Didn't like the multi-ending to ep 5, since it didn't fit in with the rest of the season. More or less the last 5 minutes matter, but the other 5 hours of the season do not, for choosing the ending. This seems very lazy on their part.

  • PC, 2013: Played it, and found the game to be average at best, and boring/annoying at worst. I am not going to complete this game, or play it further.

  • PC, 2013: Another running game... it is alright, but i just don't have the reflexes for it, nor the interest.

  • PC, 2011: Tried it again, and once again, i didn't like it.

  • PC, 20something: Got it in a humble bundle, and i actually enjoyed this game for a little bit. There isn't much to it, but the idea is fun.

  • PC, 2012: This was a fun space shooter, it had its ai issues, and mission design could use a lot of work, but overall it was a fun game.

    Completed: The single player story (got the bad ending :( )

  • PC, 2012: Played this game for a little bit, didn't like the controls, or the gameplay itself. Also, didn't like how the levels were locked to make you play levels over again.

  • PC, 2011: Only played the start of the game, but i can tell this is going to be an emotional game.

    Completed: The game. The core game was just walking around click on things. There were some simple flip puzzles, and a few random connect puzzles. Overall it was a nice cheesy story, that seem to me like it would be an ok movie.

  • PC, 2013: It a platformer that doesn't want you to jump, so it gives you a weak jump ability and focuses on puzzles to make platforms.

  • PC: 2012: Neat idea, but it is a simple design, so there isn't much to this game that can't be experience in the first level or two.

  • PC, 2013: So far i am really enjoying the puzzles and the strange nature of this game. The only issue i have is the total lack of direction, and while that helps the strangeness of the game, i often find myself lost without any idea on where i should go, or why i should care.

    Completed: Got to the ending, but i didn't see all the rooms, and i had to use a faq on about 3 puzzles.

  • PC, 2014: Played it a bit while getting some steam cards. It has a ok concept, but there isn't much to it.

  • PC, 2010: Figure i would see what the game was like before i uninstalled it, which i did after about 5 minutes.

  • PC, 2010: Gah, i figure that i would kind of enjoy this game for a little bit, but gahhh... i find myself drawn into it a lot. Well there goes 30 hours of my life.

  • PC, 2012: Someone at work said this game was good, so i picked it up during the steam summer sale... at first i thought there was going to be a story campaign due to the intro, but sadly there isn't. But it is very Civ like, but real time, and in space... but not as good :(

  • PC, 2012: Pick it up when it was free, so far, am rather enjoying this game.

    Completed: Single Player, it was fun, but dragged on and lack variety.

  • 3ds, 2013/2014: Got it as a gift, and it is kind of interesting. The crazy stuff that happens in it is cool, but the game itself is shallow.

  • PC, 2007/2008: Got it during the steam sale, and even though, i have played it before, i figure i would play it again, since it had a few new missions. Took a while to get it working, had several issues, but not i runs fine.

  • PC, 2012: Got it in a bundle a long time ago, figure i would give it a go since people always say how good it is. So far it is decent, but does a few annoying things that make me not want to play it. The lack of fast travel to past puzzles is annoying, since you have to warp to a central point, and then find your way back to a puzzle, which takes a long time.

  • PC, 2008: Got it in the ea humble bundle, it is a fun car game, but without a story mode, i don't feel motivated to play it.

  • 3DS, 2010: Got it form club nintendo thingy, rather disappointed that they only offer digital titles this year, and the titles they offered weren't better.

  • PC, 2010: Got it from a co-worker, so far am enjoying the game, even though, am horrible at stealth games... i tend to sneak for about 3 minutes, get caught, and then go guns a blazing. This happens so much, that I automatically pick a shotgun as my secondary gun, since i know i'll need it.

  • PC, 2012: I have had this game for a while now, so i figure i would play it to see what it is about. And it appears that this is an atmosphere game about death. But not in a evil or trying to stop it way.

  • pc, 2013: Got it in a bundle... and yup... this game is odd, but in a good way. The gameplay however, isn't good. So i stop playing it after about an hour. The world is great, but everything else isn't.

  • PC, 2012: Figure that since i installed it to get steam cards that i should give it a try. It turns out this game is a platformer whose gimmick is that you can switch characters in order to change the world around you.

  • PC, 2011: This was an arcadey base building game that was light on content, but enjoyable for about an hour.

  • PC, 2013: The game is better than the last one in the series, enemies aren't as crazy (going on red alert because of an open window), and overall it has a mass effect feel to it, since you can upgrade you main base to gain perks.

    Completed: Campaign, and most of the co-op story. I enjoyed this one a lot more than the previous one in the series.

  • PC, 2011: Played through the game again.

    Completed: The game again, but on the other side from the last time.

  • PC, 2011: got it a while ago, figure i would give it a chance. It looked alright, but it wasn't fun.

  • PC, 2012: This was a alright tower defense game, however, it didn't do anything special, so i didn't continue playing it past the first few levels.

  • PC, 2012: Starting playing it recently, and so far, am enjoying it a lot. I usually dislike stealth games, due to there unforgiving nature, but this one display enough info (so far) that i feel like i can play it without losing constantly.

  • PC, 2014: Free is free, so i played this game. And yeah, it was pretty fun, but at the same time it was hard, and i doubt i would play the full game.

  • PC, 2011: This is a puzzle game where you move a pad around to move other objects in certain directions. It wasn't fun, and the challenges didn't feel rewarding.

  • PC, 2010: This game recently got steam cards, so i figure i would give it another shot. It was alright, but shallow.

  • PC, 2013: This was a really fun puzzle, point and click game.

    Completed: Got about 5 out of 20 endings. Don't think i'll try to get the rest. Spent about 6-7 hours with this game, which i think is enough. It was a great time, but i don't feel like i need to play more.

  • PC, 2013: I heard good things about this game (mainly from reading what Brad wrote during the 2013 GOTY stuff), so i figure I would give this game a try... and wow... it was really good. It is short, but i didn't find the duration of it to be an issue.

    Completed: The game... also, best use of the LT trigger in the game which caused (as a co-worker of mine would put it) all the feels.

  • PC, 2013: First off, i don't know why a game that came out in 2013, has 2015 in the title... anywho, a friend of mine had a lot of praise for this game, along the lines of this is what diablo 3 should have been. But after playing it for an hour, i think i still prefer diablo 3. This game is fun, but rough, lack polish, and constantly reminds me that it is a free to play game.

    Completed: Unless my friend wants to play this with me (co-op) then am done with this game.

  • PC, 2011: I like space games, even crappy ones like this.

    Completed: Single player campaign. Like i said above, this game is crappy, it just small ship action, lots of traveling, and only a few 'other' (like mining) aspects.

  • PC, 2014: This game plays like a Starbound knock off... it has some nice things about it, but overall, i would rather be playing starbound or just a more polished open world building action game.

  • pc, 2013: Another title i heard a lot about during GOTY discussion (i guess they do influence my buying habit), anywho, the game itself wasn't much of a game. It was fun to explore, and the story was good. But overall, i didn't care about it, or the game itself. Also, the house in this game is HUGE.

    Completed: the game, and am glad that it didn't end like i thought it was going to (dark).

  • PC, 2012: Figure I would give it another try since they added steam cards, and the game still isn't fun/good. If it wasn't for the art style, i wouldn't believe that these are the same devs as mark of the ninja.

  • PC, 2013: Got it in a bundle, and it a fun game/toy to mess with, but it more fun to watch other people play it, so that you can yell at them.

  • PC, 2011: Got the GOTY so i figure i would give the DLC a try. The main game is still fun, but the DLC, something revenge, is crap.

    Completed: DLC story missions. They were bad, first, the dlc is stand alone, so your progress from the main game doesn't matter, this is a good and bad thing. Good since i didn't have to reply the main game, but bad, since it lacks the open world aspects, exp system, and general game functionality. Second, the design of the dlc was nearly completely action focus. 90% of the contain was just walking into a room and fighting a dozen guys head on. Lastly, the story didn't add anything, Batman is upset that the joker is dead... that about it.

  • PC, 2013: This is a diablo 3 clone, and not a good one at that. It is ok at times, but for the most part, i would rather be playing diablo 3 instead of this.

  • PC, 2012: Got it in the humble bundle. This game is a puzzle platformer, which is alright, and reminds me a lot of Limbo. It has the shadow look going for it, lots of traps, and has an annoying platforming part that made me quit playing it.

  • PC, 2011: I enjoyed this game. Like the first one, this is a charming, somewhat easy, puzzle game.

    Complete: All 33 puzzles.

  • PC, 1999: Got it in a humble bundle, figure i would give it a try. It was below average, but i guess at the time, it was something nice.

    Completed: The SP game, cheated a lot, but i completed it.

  • PC, 2003: This follow up was much better than the first one. Better gameplay, story, and overall flow.

    Completed: SP campaign.

  • PC, 1994: Got it from since it was free. I recalled playing this when it was out on the SNES, but i never beat it. And I still haven't. Got about 2 worlds in, and then watched the ending on Youtube since I got bored.

  • PC, 2012: Play this before, but i figure I would play it again since i have time right now.

    Completed: Main game, and both DLC story. I enjoyed the DLC for this game (well the story one, barley touch the arena one) since those felt like they were expanding the game a bit... although, i did play them the same way i played the normal game, even though, they gave the option to go deadly. That the big thing that I did not like about this game, it kind of forced you to be stealthy/non-deadly if you wanted the good ending. I would have much rather the ending be decided by choices made in the game, then by gameplay itself.

  • PC, 2013: This was a fun atmosphere game. Lots of VO, and exploring.

    Completed: got about 5-7 different endings, and i know there are about 10 more, but i don't really care to see them. The game was a fun experience for about an hour, but the whole VO gimmick wore thin after the first few endings. I say its a experience, and not a game, which is why it became dull so quickly, you just walk around for the most part.

  • PC, 2013: This was a fun game, but there no one playing it anymore (i saw about 2 people over 3 hours). If i could get a full team for this, then I would play it more, but since i can't, i don't think i'll play it any more.

  • PC, 2013: I figure i would give this game a chance, it had a nice art style... but after about 30 minutes, i stopped. The gameplay was too simple, the story dull, and it just wasn't fun to play.

  • 3DS, 2011: Got it on sale, and so far, it just feels like more Layton. Which isn't a bad thing, but at the same time, i have played so many of them, that I don't know if this will hold my interest.

  • 3DS, 2014: Figure I would dl it since i could get some coins that way. The game was ok, but it is a heavy free to play game where nearly everything is locked away. Also, i miss the 2D levels from the first game.

  • PC, 2013: A puzzle game where you can make clones of yourself, lots of pressure plate puzzles, and it isn't color blind friendly (not that is an issue with me, but it is something i thought of when playing the game, since there are different color lights that prevent you from doing different things.)

    Completed: The game. I had to use youtube on 4 of the puzzles, but overall, it had a good flow and gameplay.

  • PC, 2012: Well, since i have the time, i figure i would restart WoW. Got my rogue to 90 already, 500 item level, and am kind of done with him. Am not one who has to max out gear level... am one who has to get as many mounts as possible. Anywho, started an Alt warlock on another server in case i ever play with a co-worker.

  • PC, 2014: Got this when it was on sale. It was alright. I haven't spent too much time with the new class. I heard it is good, but who knows.

    Completed: Act 5.

  • PC, 2014: Tried to play this so that i could get the WoW mount, but i ended up losing ever online game, so i uninstall it. Losing was annoying, but the thing that cause me to uninstall was how slow the matches were. I usually just concede a match after 3 minutes.