100 things you've learned playing Fallout 3

#151 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6872 posts) -

It's called 100 things, not X things you learned while playing Fallout 3.

#152 Posted by eclipsesis (1253 posts) -

How not to make a video game, or a least finish it

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Gamezilla said:
"That I can play a game for more than a month without beating it. ;P"
yes. i'm 21 hours in and i just finished the 'following in his footsteps' quest. the second story quest.
#154 Posted by jNerd (2182 posts) -

the Tesla Cannon mercs

#155 Posted by Gmanall (1707 posts) -

How if you move up on the keybored you move.

#156 Posted by Ghostfish (242 posts) -

314. It doesn't matter if cars become nuclear-powered, they'll still need gas stations.
315. In a world that creates nuclear cars and androids and wrist computers and giant war robots and self-contained underground societies and guns that shoot junk or are built from it and talking armor and robot butlers, somehow computer monitors never make it past monochrome CRT's.
316. You can take highly-addictive pills that make you smart enough to realize that you shouldn't be taking highly-addictive pills.
317. Men's leopard-print pj's are fashionable enough to kill over.
318. Selling the fingers of people you've killed is perfectly acceptable.
319. Vampirism and the ability to run in 50 pounds of power armor regardless of your strength can be learned by talking about it.

#157 Posted by Scieran (247 posts) -

320. A mod to finally kill those fucking annoying piece of shit fuck kids that I desperately want to butcher.
321. Mod's are the soul of the game.

#158 Posted by Thunder (401 posts) -

you guys bitch and moan alot

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Jayge_ said:
29. You don't run faster with a knife (who gets the reference?); but you do when you wear 200-year-old pinstripe ... [more]
That is absurd everyone knows you run faster with a knife, even in RL.
#160 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6872 posts) -
bjacobs said:
Gamezilla said: "That I can play a game for more than a month without beating it. ;P" yes. i'm 21 ... [more]
That's nothing. I've gone 40, and I still haven't beaten it with either of the characters I've made.
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With all the free time I have now, I should probably conjure up the complete list.

#162 Posted by RedSox8933 (2501 posts) -

322(or whatever number we are on). Being Albino makes you 4x stronger.

#163 Posted by AlexB (1052 posts) -

323. Cereal can be used to make illegal drugs. (sugar bombs are cereal right?)

#164 Posted by CitizenKane (10681 posts) -
@AlexB:  Yes, Sugar Bombs are cereal.
#165 Posted by jNerd (2182 posts) -

325. If you blowup Megaton you'll never get that fucking bobblehead.......

#166 Posted by ZagZagovich (807 posts) -

326. There is no such thing as 200 endings

#167 Posted by regularassmilk (1675 posts) -

209. Strangers with fancy hats are your friend.

#168 Posted by rhodric (283 posts) -

328. The chinese invented fancy suits.

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329. prostitutes sleep docilely next to you

330. you can justify being an asshole by telling people that you "don't want to rob them of their destiny"

#170 Posted by Zereta (1458 posts) -

331. The Bible will eventually light the path to pure water.

332. Obama is not real.
#171 Posted by Dustpan (1781 posts) -
Ket87 said:
Jayge_ said: 29. You don't run faster with a knife (who gets the reference?); but you do when you wear ... [more]
Straight up
#172 Posted by natetodamax (19418 posts) -
Dustpan said:
Ket87 said: Jayge_ said: 29. You don't run faster with a knife (who gets the reference?); but you do when ... [more]
What can I say? I like FPS's!
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333. There will be huge attack robots before anyone has a plasma tv.

#174 Edited by crusnchill (871 posts) -

38. Putting a mine in someone's pocket does NOT rectify the crime of your stealing their property, it exacerbates it.

39. Adding a fizzy drink to a grenade makes a bigger explosion, who would've thought. (In fact, why didn't I think of that?!)

#175 Posted by Johnny5 (1424 posts) -

334. It's really easy to become someones new boyfriend!
335. People treat their boyfriends really harshly!

#176 Posted by Alphawolfy (331 posts) -

336. A pack of cigarettes weighs more than a mini-nuke.

#177 Posted by Scieran (247 posts) -

337. Pile up nukes for a chain reaction but that never happens.

#178 Posted by nohthink (1370 posts) -

39. You can totally get pleasures from blowing up a nuke in the middle of the town that did not do anything to you.

#179 Posted by dankempster (2589 posts) -

339. It's possible to retrieve weapons, armour and other paraphernalia from a corpse's detached eyeball.

#180 Posted by spankingaddict (2814 posts) -

38. Nuka-cola's are good for you.

#181 Posted by mordukai (7801 posts) -

How boring a game can get. 

#182 Posted by MasterControl (97 posts) -

I learned how much free time I actually had to waste. :-)

#183 Posted by Seanakin66 (149 posts) -

38. Mailboxes can hold an exponential amount of stuff relative to their actual volume.
39. Ice-cold Nuka-Colas remain ice-cold long after they've been removed from cold storage.
40. Apparently, in the future, there WILL be robots.

#184 Posted by akfresh (41 posts) -

41. Drinking water can heal any wound.

#185 Posted by Mikemcn (7407 posts) -

166. In combat, the Super Mutant ALWAYS beats the wild dog

167. If you leave and then go back into a city, everyone will forget everything you've done

#186 Edited by OutOfBounds9000 (2513 posts) -

38.Little Lamplight is run by little kids.

#187 Posted by OutOfBounds9000 (2513 posts) -

168.The doctor who looks at you when you are born is racist,and it may take hours too see if you are a boy or a girl.

#188 Posted by TheBigBopper (74 posts) -

74. The Chinese produce much better assault rifles than the Americans.
75. Living inside a tree creates a desire to kill yourself.

#189 Posted by Calsapher (34 posts) -

38. giving a hobo a watter bottle will absolve you of murder in the eyes of the universe.
39. a PDA can stop time and tell you where you should aim during heavy combat.
40. cockroaches wont only survive the atomic war they will grow stronger by it.
41. america will finaly fit japan's sterio-type and basicaly every one will be a power hungry cowboy runing around with an assault rifle and a bag of frag-granades
42. next time i break a leg i can just sleep it off instead of going to the doctor and geting medical attention.

#190 Posted by Calsapher (34 posts) -
@Jayge said:
"35. You don't run faster with a knife (who gets the reference?); but you do when you wear 200-year-old pinstripe pants and a sweater vest (AGI +1 wat). "

lulz....counter strike kicks ass...wait what if i run around in my sweater vest and hold my pocket knife...AGL+2 WOOT!
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38. you can kill anything easily by running around it in circles hitting it with a sword

#192 Posted by FlamingHobo (4769 posts) -

9000 - Radiation is your friend.

#193 Posted by theduskvanguard (2 posts) -

400. Mutattion is never a bad thing EXTRA ARMS FTW

#194 Posted by DrawnPaladin (157 posts) -

38 .  Three Dog is awesome

#195 Posted by jNerd (2182 posts) -

402. That samurai in outerspace are fucking awesome!

#196 Posted by lukeyk (148 posts) -
@ThaFreshWon said:
"174. Jericho is a crazy S.O.B for running straight at a Behemoth with an assault rifle.
175. Jericho flies pretty far after being hit by a Behemoth.
176. Jericho would have flown farther if it wasn't for the GNR building.
177. Save often.

This made me laugh sooo damn much
#197 Posted by Griddler (3374 posts) -

208. Don't buy Fallout 3

#198 Posted by Lawlz (80 posts) -

156:If Three Dog got into a fight with Three DogS.Three dogs will win.

#199 Posted by Matiss (65 posts) -

157:In DC, the music on the radio is so repetitive.

#200 Posted by Potter9156 (952 posts) -

 ???: You can blow up a town with a nuke and suffer zero consequences.

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