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Some EVE Online action would be cool.  People here all the crazy stuff that goes on in that game, sitting down with some people and actually showing what it's like might be good for TNT, or at least a QL.
A return to Need for Speed or Paradise City could work.  Lots of folks still play them and they're just as fun now as they were then.
Brotherhood is fun to watch but that means whomever is playing needs to focus and let the others comment on the game.
 A flight sim of some type hasn't really been done to my knowledge. 
Diablo II.

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Reminds me of the GD Rom for the Dreamcast.  Sega got a regular CD to be able to go to 1 gigabyte by removing the extra crap and safeguards that were there since the format was created.  I remember working with Photo CD workstations and having to jump through hoops when burning discs with all the high sierra and other buried stuff that is part of the deep level of CD formatting.  DVD has the same crap, and could easily hold more if you formatted it with a proprietary setup.
The down side though, as was proven with the GD-ROM, is that you have to be extra careful all through the manufacturing and distribution.  Even the end user has to take care, since the disc is now much more prone to have read errors with the extra buffers removed.

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Battlefield 2142 tried to be a new Tribes, but too many asshats shit on it for the in-game adverts and that it wasn't BF 3.  Maybe if they actually played it instead of bitched it would have gotten more support instead of being a footnote in the BF series.

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RAD.  It's an awesome game but damn it feels like two dudes in a broom closet made it.  Even with all it's quirks and possibly intentionally horrible dubbing, there hasn't been a game before or since that came close to a giant robot show simulator.
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This needs some Sega Master System 3D games on it.  And maybe Rad Racer and 3D Worldrunner as well.

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I really don't get the hate on Minecraft, it's like hating on Legos.

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" How cheap was the development if they expected to only sell 150K? Nowadays, it's "one million or go home". They must have had a helluva small team.  Now that they gots all that extra cash (and a useless 360 port in Japan), they can localize it here, maybe? "
It's not "1 mill or go home" in Japan, where selling 100k is a big deal.
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Frankly I'm surprised they haven't announced their closure.  Too Human is the kind of failure that can end a studio, especially after the time and money that got sunk into it along with a mountain of hype.

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Sega CD Box Art
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If they were so good they wouldn't be out of business.  Fact is their games didn't sell enough, and nobody wanted to buy them.