I hate you. Most Likely.

There's been wars, periods of peace, and big, giant statues designed to honor those aforementioned things in such an arrogant "We are awesome!" way that it probably leads to wars in itself. These pale in comparison to this list - which is trully cooler and awesomer than the halocaust - and is probably arrogant, stupid, rash, and constantly hateful in such a way as in to inspire hatred towards myself. 

List items

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Irony: reading about how much you hate Fallout 3, then seeing Fallout 3 achievements in your feed. =)
Love the list. Hate on, brother!

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How come you hate third-person perspective, dude?
I love Gears of War

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Everytime they made video game, Hollywood tends to make a shitty movie from it
Everytime a movie is made, they made a shitty game from it.
Funny right?

Posted by Bellum

Cool list, Wizard Man!

Posted by pikeplacer

How can you hate Mario World?
Posted by Siphillis

Haters gonna hate, I guess.

Posted by Toxin45

So what do you like then?

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I wasted my time seeing this thing. Too bad that there isn't any warning for another people who didn't see that list of things you hate (e.g. everything).

Posted by BossPanzer

You need a good therapist.

Posted by redfoxbennaton

Lame! Stop hating things I like!