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I really loved Prototype, but I'm waiting to see a Quick Look before I buy the new one.

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I care very little about Japanese games but I listened to their new podcast earlier today and really liked it! They seem cool and this is a good idea, congrats.

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Anyone read the screened review for it? Nasty stuff... by which I mean the review, not the comments. The reaction is totally just, and it's frankly kinda depressing to see what that site has devolved into. It needs to have a face people can resonate with, someone who can represent the site a little more than with a load of text.

And holy shit, there's like 50 links in that one review. And a link at the end that takes you to another fucking website, as if to say 'get away from Screened and meet us over here'.

Oh my god. I haven't been to Screened in a couple weeks and WOW. I know it's not going to be the same without Rorie's personality but... holy crap that site went downhill. That's really sad.

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I pretty much dislike anything Joss Whedon and I LOVED THIS MOVIE. It was great.

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Never played the PC version, but I have it for Xbox and it's an incredibly underrated game. SUPER fun, very much recommended, especially for $5.

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Do yourself a favor and play Rock Band instead.

And guitars for both games can be found aplenty for next to nothing on Craigslist.

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I swear half the accounts on Twitter feature 2 or 3 tweets one of which is the person talking about how they just started tweeting.

The study I remember is a couple years old now, but the stats were that, yes, the vast majority of Twitter users posted once or twice and then never came back. Not sure if it's still the case, but probably not far off. They said like 10% of Twitter's users make up 90% of its tweets.

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Journey, easily. I started Syndicate and it's cool, but I haven't made it very far yet. ME3 was pretty good but left me pretty empty (liked the multiplayer best, of all things).

So yeah, Journey. And Double Fine Happy Action Theater.

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It makes sense to shut down servers if no one is using them, I suppose. I just wish EA would stop SELLING those games after the fact. Pull that stuff from store shelves. The Saboteur's DLC is different, but they're shutting servers on games that are less than a year old.

Not an EA game but a good example, I still see Def Jam Rapstar everywhere and those servers have been shut down for a while. The whole recording video, posting to their portal, watching and rating other people's videos, all the online stuff just doesn't work. Doesn't even give you an explanation in game when you play it, so anyone buying it new isn't getting the full game anymore and will just wonder why their copy is busted. Bummer.