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I found Tali from the Mass Effect series attractive. I think it was just the air of mystery around her looks. Also, her nervousness around Sheperd when he expresses interest in her, I find really adorable. X-)

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Cool. Always wondered what this whole Diablo was all about. Maybe... just maybe I'll pick this up.

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I know I would like it. The last time I touched anything Armor Core related was a demo of Armor Core 1 for the Playstation a long time ago. I think it was on an Underground disc.

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Nah. Gamespot doesn't look to appealing to me. I don't really find any personality to it. Seems too corporate and "big gaming site" to me.

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God. I miss that bottom bar with the recent stories from other sites. Something always caught my interest when saw it.

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I enjoyed watching the Giant Bomb Crew play it :p

My thoughts exactly, but I bet if you played it by yourself it would not be nearly as fun.

I tried it myself and had a blast. I feel the horrible controls made it better. Probably the only game I'd ever say that about.

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Nothing on my end. Played the 360 version and also didn't mess with any of the sensitivity options. Found everything to be on target. To be fair though, Starbreeze always had a weird, yet oddly satisfying way of handling shooters.

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Sorry. It might seem a little "Fight Club/Project Mayhem"ish, but I just don't trust CBSi to just let them do their own thing for too long. Gerstmann-gate 2 will happen about five years from now.

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99.99% sure it won't change.

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Didn't have one. Don't want one.