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@mrfluke: Thanks for the reply. Got a smile off me on this sorrowful day. <:')

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100% agreed.

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Ryan would want them and us to soldier on.

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Reading all these articles and forums that people have made didn't bring me to tears. Seeing these pictures and reading these tweets from his father has truly broken my heart. Even though I don't have a Twitter account, on the off chance that Mr. Richard Davis is reading this. Thank you for sharing your treasured memories with us. Your son was an amazing person that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, will miss deeply.

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A fitting tribute to an awesome fella. He would be proud. Keep on brewing.

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R.I.P. Ryan. What a shock. Made even worse due to the fact that he just got married. <:'(

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Fairly often, but I've been trying to cut back by drinking water and Gatorade.

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@hedfone said:

The current video player is complete garbage.

This is how the newest tekken quick look, looks, playing in progressive low.

And THIS is the tekken 6 psp quick look from 09, on the same progressive low setting. WTF?!

This. This is my main issue. Progressive Low looked passable to OK with the old player and equipment. Now it looks like utter crap. Did they drop the resolution down from 360 to 144 like YouTube?

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I have the cheapest high speed internet that can be kinda iffy. My internet connection is usually constant.

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Battlefield 4 for sure. The rest of them I'll wait and see.