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The duder of death strikes once again, killing many.

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So sad ... atleast the King Arthur QL is up now :)

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The beard got dudered.

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This looks so good! Oh wait dudered yet again...

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Always disliked how Medal of Honour controls. My brother gave me like 4 or 5 medal of honour games and I hate them. Regardless, don't really care for what they're doing with this game. I have MW2. Why would I want to play any other FPS right now.

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I don't even need to watch this. It's MW2 basically and it won't be as good, there is my prediction.

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I've been dudered....and I actually want to see this one.

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Those iron sights look better than the MW2 iron sights..... odd....

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Duder! Modern of Honor: Medal Warfare

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i got duder'd

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Fuck the haters, if its a fun game i am buying it!!

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Awww, Duuudes.... :(

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Watched it on youtube, the character movement isn't very good.

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Aww, duder.

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Medal of Honor: Duder Warfare

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What the hell is this?? Straight ripoff of modern-warfare...my god...

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Its on now.

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It doesn't look that bad, but once I finally get around to playing a modern-ass online FPS, this isn't even the game from EA that I'd want to buy.

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I was gunna support this game...
Til i saw this! holy shit, i dont wanna sound typical here, but thats a lot like CoD MW! in fact, not being told, its impossible to tell it's Medal of Honor. This of course, regardless of all time setting and story.
The music does not help.

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Gee, this looks an awful lot like another shooter focused on modern warfare. I wonder what they could be going for here.

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LOL @ low IQ kids claiming this is a modern warfare ripoff, i guess MW invented the modern day shooters right? wouldn't MW be a rip off of games like operation flashpoint, arma etc.? they came out first therefore MW must be a ripoff no?

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EA has released some real quality titles, and Dice is a multiplayer expert, so I think they can make something great.

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@Styl3s said:
" LOL @ low IQ kids claiming this is a modern warfare ripoff, i guess MW invented the modern day shooters right? wouldn't MW be a rip off of games like operation flashpoint, arma etc.? they came out first therefore MW must be a ripoff no? "
This. <3
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This actually looks good, hopefully the characters will be cool. 
Loved the part where he kicked the dude in the chair.

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Not sure about it. I thought Airborne was alright, but a new MoH feels unnecesary. I'd rather get BF so I guess that's a mistake on EA's part.

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@Styl3s: Dont forget Battlefield: Modern Combat that, for the record, EA(DiCE) made. IW ripped of the Modern from battlefield. :)
IMO this looks more interresting to me then MW2 did. I like the more realistic feel of MoH games. If you add dudes whit pointy ears to MW2 its just as much a fantasy game(story) as say, Dragon Age.
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@Imperial_ninjA said:
" haha, fuck the haters that think they know this game will be crap from this trailer..  looks like it could be better than mw2 EASILY. "
Singel player? I can see that, cant imagine it being that hard to beat since MW2s sp is fucking balls and super cheap.
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This could be really good, too bad everyone is going to do a straight comparison with MW2 and totally tear it apart...

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Night vision looks cartoony, most of this game looks cartoony. 

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In a way, Infinity Ward already made a modern Medal of Honor. also, IW was founded by the members of the Medal of Honor dev team.

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The irony from the Infinity Ward fanboys calling this a rip-off of Call of Duty despite the fact that the first Call of Duty was really similar to Medal of Honor, and EA/DICE took their Battlefield franchise out of World War II and into Modern Warfare with Battlefield 2 and continued that with Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, and Battlefield: Bad Company yet some how because a game made be EALA and DICE set in modern times (actually not really as Medal of Honor is based on actual events that occured in Afgahnistan in 2002-2005, where as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2) is based on a fictional war in present times somewhere near Saudia Arabia) is a rip-off of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2) for having a similar setting but Modern Warfare (2) isn't a rip-off of Battlefield 2, Operation Flashpoint, ARAMA, or Rainbow Six ect.

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Wow!!!  I wonder where they got that idea from????

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If it plays well I'll play it.

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i thought it looked pretty interesting, i just want to see little more gameplay on it.

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@giyanks22: Battlefield 2?

I will only buy this game if I can be assured there will be a code to make enemy soldiers wear AH-64s and M1A1s on their heads.
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That looks like Modern Warfare!! Yes...nothing more to say.

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Looks promising...might be cool.

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Yeah that's basically Modern Warfare. I didn't think it would be quite so overt, but everything about that screamed Modern Warfare. 
And I'm okay with that, honestly.

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I thought the graphics looked really, really good. The explosions in particular at 0:16-0:17 were enough to make me rewind the video.
I also don't understand the incessant "MW knockoff" bantar. Since when did Infinity Ward have a monopoly over modern shooters? There are tons of other modern warfare simulators.. the first that comes to mind is Full Spectrum Warrior.
I'm glad for the competition and I hope MOH can return as a franchise to watch.

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Monday is movie trailer style game trailers.
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If this game was announced 2 years ago my mind would have been blown away. Now? Not so much. Kind of looks like that one other game.

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Looks better than MW2, and with DICE doing online, it should be awesome. 
MW2 was just a remake of CoD4. Doesn't deserve the praise.

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@Infinityslimit said:

" What the hell is this?? Straight ripoff of modern-warfare...my god... "

Fun fact: CoD4 was not the first modern military shooter. -_-
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i really dont know what to think of this !!!! lol as much as it looks awsome! i think im just to used to playing COD MW 2 to think i want to play this haha

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I was actually kind of impressed as to how this game looks. Guess we will just have to wait and see. Who knows maybe it will have a really good SP seeing as how MW2 was slightly lacking in that department.