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FUCK YEAH! Must buy in Q1 2010 along with Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell Conv.! Warhammer 40k rules!

Posted by Erik

Neh, not for me.

Posted by VWGTI

So awesome...

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For The Emperor and Sanguinius!!!  
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Yes my fav team is BACK

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Chaos Space Marines are the only good Space Marines. WORLD EATERS HERE WE COME!!!

Posted by MisterMollusk

I want Tau!

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If I ever get new a computer I might check this out.

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@MisterMollusk: Screw your Tau, I want my Dark Eldar!
BTW when the heck are we gonna hear any news on the 40K MMO?
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sounds fun 

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@Bones8677 said:
" @MisterMollusk: Screw your Tau, I want my Dark Eldar!  BTW when the heck are we gonna hear any news on the 40K MMO? "

The studio is making Darksiders atm so I guess after it is released... we can hope for 40k MMO news.
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The story doesn't sound overwhelming, but that was still a good trailer.

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Looks good but i only enjoyed playing the games single player and the new horde mode they released, so i cant justify buying this expansion unless it is like $15-$20. Also, blood for the blood god kthxbye.

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This made my day!

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Since I didn't like DOWII much, I'll pass.

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@MisterMollusk: fuck the tau, damn communist bastards. Greater Good my ass. I shall finally be able to tell my enemies that i will feast on their entrails, and mean it. Mwahahaha
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Not the warp and its terrible grip!

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Hell yeah. I'm gonna be playin me some Chaos.

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wtb Imperial Guard

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 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising: My Parents' Basement: Feed The Cat: Origins

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Chaos YES! Rejoice brothers your slavery to the false emperor ends today!

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Nice! Chaos is great, though I still want some Necrons! =( It would have been great to see them both added in this expansion. Ah well, I guess I'll dig out that DoW2 disk and give it another whirl =P

Posted by Slaneesh
@DiGiTaL_SiN said:
" Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising: My Parents' Basement: Feed The Cat: Origins "

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I've been waiting for the expansion since just after the first mission of the first game.  Orkz is great and all, and the 'nids were fun, but nothing's quite as satisfying as hewing your namby-pamby brother in half with a chain sword.

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Courage and Honor!

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Very cool, if only it was the Skaven army ^^

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I approve! More enemies to kill in the name of Russ and the Allfather!

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That looks rad!!!

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Oh yeah, just finished DOW 2 & started Chaos Rising... epic games although I'm not really feeling the whole corrupted gear thing... aw well, they are so much fun!!!