Do you regret buying a Nintendo Wii?

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I'm just curious to know. It seems like alot of people are pissed at Nintendo. Some people thinks that the Wii doesn't have alot good games, and that the Wii U looks like crap. I heard a few people say that they regret buying a Wii. Because Nintendo hasn't really shown alot of interesting games. What do some of you guys think about the Wii? Do you regret buying it or are you disappointed with it? 
(Edit: btw...what are your thoughts about the Wii U?)

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Have I found it to be a bit disappointing? Yes, and I have thought about trading it in a few times (EDIT: though I never did). Do I fully regret getting one? No, I've had some really great times with the console, and have no real regrets.

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I regretted it and managed to get all my money back.
I will never understand why people like Smash Bros, it wasn't that much fun and it looks laughable when played competitively....
Super Mario Galaxy was pretty good but it didn't do all that much for me, definitely the best game available around the time I had one. (2008 or maybe 2009 I think)
I wasn't pissed at Nintendo but it was a reminder that I'm really not that into Nintendo games. Guess I haven't been for a long time.

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I don't regret it because I didn't buy one.

However I do regret the Virtual Boy, I think that was Nintendo's worst console or handheld....or whatever that was.

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In a way, but I only paid $70 for mine and I've easily gotten $70 out of it. There's been some real good games on it. Sadly, there have bee a ton more not so good.

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yes and no, I enjoyed some games quite a bit, especially the first party offerings of course, but I don't feel it was enough to justify my purchase (and because the whole motion thing turned out to be complete BS), especially since I'm in Brazil, so I end up paying like twice as much for stuff like this than north americans.
My PS3 was by far a way better choice.
Though I am happy I didn't sold it a while back so I can play the new Zelda game, but that will probably the last gaming the system will ever experience, at least by me.

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My wife said "I am going to get fit and do Wii Fit every evening after work"

I said "Bullshit"

Bought Wii, played a half dozen games and now it is somewhere in a closet.

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Yes. $250 that could have gone to better purposes.
My Wii solely functions as my GameCube now.

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Nope. Played a bunch of great games on it - whether first or third party. Got my money's worth out of thing I'd say.

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Regret? No. Disappointed? Yes.

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No. I have gotten more time and pleasure out of my Wii than my Playstation 3.

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Nope. I really do need to play more games on it though. I haven't even gotten around to Super Mario Galaxy yet.  
But I consider Wii Sports one of the best gaming experiences this generation, so of course not. I've probably had more fun with that game alone than I have with all my PS3/PC games this gen combined. 

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@Video_Game_King said:
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A bit, I guess you could say I'm disappointed. The only reason I've kept it around for the longest time is because of Skyward Sword.

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No, because of super smash bros.

Oh and both Mario Galaxy games. And the 3rd metroid prime. Twilight princess was nice too. Skyward Sword coming out soon!

Yeah sure, I play my Xbox and PS3 more. But do I regret buying a Wii? Absolutely not. Those are some great games.

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Yea. And I regret my 3DS. Going to try and not be suckered into any more Nintendo hardware. *sigh*

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I don't regret not buying one. I played No More Heroes on my friend's Wii and thought it was pretty awesome though. I really hope they decide to release the second game on the PS3.

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Yes, mostly because the games are too damn expensive for the piss-poor content you're getting, lack of innovative use of the controller pisses me off, having to spend money on a motion+ stops me from playing any and all titles I'm interested in, and I can't get my hands on the two games I really want to play, because the Wii has so much shitty 3rd party developer stain on it. I've had my fun with the console, back in the first year it came out. Nothing on it makes me want to play it, and it just sits next to my old xbox, collecting dust...disappointment may not cover it, but I do think that I greatly regret believing that Nintendo might do something amazing with this console, and that is purely my fault.

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I don't really regret it because money spent back in 2007 makes no difference to me now and the first party games are good. My regret is that the Wii didn't come out in say 2004-05 when I was the biggest Mario fan because had it come out roughly then I would've absolutely loved it.

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Fuck no. I got some damn good times out of this system. I don't regret selling my first one to get a PS3, but I don't regret getting a second one at all. There's a bunch of great games that make fun uses of the controller.

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@iAmJohn said:

Fuck no. I got some damn good times out of this system. I don't regret selling my first one to get a PS3, but I don't regret getting a second one at all. There's a bunch of great games that make fun uses of the controller.

Damn skippy, its a great system with awesome games, spent more time playing DK Returns than Black Ops on my 360.  Seriously, most of these jaded splergelord fucks have absolutely zero sense of fun and what it means to be a gamer.
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Nope. It's had plenty of games that I've enjoyed playing.

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The one thing I dislike about the Wii is the console itself. The games are great but I find the Wii to be the most troublesome console when it comes to playing globally. For one, it's region locked, which is a big deal to me because I travel a lot and I buy games wherever I go. Secondly, the console only supports a handful of countries, making it difficult to purchase things online in a specific country. And thirdly, no online multiplayer. No need to add on that. 
While I praise the Wii for being innovative with its control scheme, I sort of regret buying it for being extremely picky for having these limitations. When I heard that the Nintendo 3DS is going to be region locked, I was like, "sigh! I rest my case."

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Hell no.  Why would I?  I've had a blast with that thing since release, and still do.  Granted, I could have had more fun if they'd have released Fatal Frame 4 here, but...

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I regret nothing. I have the most games for it than I've had for any but handheld systems. I have a great time with all the games I got for it, and it's small and portable and running Gamecube games is a good thing.

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I didn't experience Re4 until I played the Wii edition. Pretty awesome. I really liked Muramasa as well, but that's about it.

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This question seems to pop up occasionally. And my answer is always the same.


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I have an exact total of 20 games since the system launched all just exclusives since 2006. I believe that all those games where great but it could have done better. For what its worth I really enjoyed my time with the system.But ever since they said they where not bringing Xenoblade and Last Story to the US my faith in them has vanished. Unless they prove other wise and actually show they give a damn about their fans I'm not buying a Wii U.

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Do I regret buying a Wii? No. Do I regret buying it day 1? Yes. Has is disappointed me? Yes. Only memorable games to come out of it for me were the Galaxy series and No More Heroes games, No More Heroes is coming to PS3 this year and looks better so yeah...

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@Marino said:

Regret? No. Disappointed? Yes.

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Yes right up until the day I sold it, about a year after it came out.

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I don't regret it, although I'm extremely disappointed at how quickly it managed to fall behind the competition and lose even Nintendo's long-term interest. I probably should have tempered my hype for the console better and I didn't really need to wait outside Nintendo World at 6 in the morning in very early 2007 just to buy one. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

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I sold mine and got most of what I paid for it. Don't really regret it though. Got to play some really good games... Just not enough of them.

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No, but only for three reasons.  
1.) Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the greatest platformer I've ever played, and I'm glad I got to play it. 
2.) The virtual console is a great way for me to play games that I'm not old enough to have played before (i.e. Super Mario Bros., Link to the Past, etc.) 
3.) Flawless gamecube backwards compatibility. (Fuck you Xbox 360) 
So yes, I am dissapointed, and my 360 and PC have gotten more attention gaming wise, but I don't regret it.
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Not really though after playing it a lot I found that while the games might seem interesting (to someone who wasn't a big nintendo fanboy), playing it was quite uncomfortable after about an hour. Compared to that playing the other consoles for hours with little to no problems. The one thing I just don't like about the console which I cannot figure out is why they didn't do what they did with the 360 in the play & charge kit where I can just have a rechargeable battery in the wiimote with a 5' thin cord going to it to recharge the bloody thing while I play.

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I thought there were a handful of good games and it was a break from your average console, but in the end i was pretty disappointed. Now that i've found out that my gamecube no longer funtions i've taken my wii out of the closet and enjoyed it for being a non cubed gamecube.

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Hell no, I've loved that thing. I got it on release day and have played the shit out of it. I bought an Xbox 360 in 2008 and that thing has broke twice on me. To date, I've played my Wii a lot more than my Xbox 360. My PC would come in second behind the Wii in that time period.

I'm really looking forward to the Wii U. Day one, hell yeah.

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I regret it. I have not turned it on in probably 2 years.

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I regret it.

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Kind of, not really? I got it ridiculously cheap, and I played the hell out of Monster Hunter... There were some other enjoyable games as well, like No More Heroes and Fragile Dreams.

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Disappointed, but the Nintendo games are still Nintendo games. Worth it for me, just for the Marios, Smash Bros., etc. The No More Heroes are also pretty boss, and I got to play Okami, which seems better on the Wii.

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Nope.  Played it a lot actually.  Played it more then my PS3.

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Hmm... I'd like to say yes, definitely. At various points, I really considered giving it away. I wanted to find some special, underpriviledged kid to give it to, because in all honestly, it's been little more than a dust magnet for the majority of it's life. It was really cool for a few months, but Nintendo just didn't support the console with all that many good games. They stopped taking risks and the sequels to their biggest franchises were mostly predictable rehashes. The motion controls proved to be incredibly inaccurate and insanely frustrating. I honestly feel bad because during the beginning, it was just a huge hit everywhere I took it, that it even propelled my relatives to purchase Wiis too. Just like me, they don't play it anymore. Why? Because there's hardly any good reason to. Skyward Sword is all there's left to look forward to. It's a shame, really.

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Not at all. I have certainly gotten $250 worth of fun out of it (after the first couple years). I was there in line with the Sony kids on day one, and I know it would've taken a LOT longer for me to feel the same way about a PS3. Launch lineup was noooooot good for either system.

Now, I own about the same number of Wii games and PS3 games, and it's probably close to equal for downloadable titles too.

Only Wii game I've ever traded away was Twilight Princess, and I found a Gamecube copy instead. Right-handed bullshit...

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For 1st party exclusives like Galaxies and Zelda?  No way I regret it.   For everything else I never bought a Wii expecting to play anything but Nintendo made games anyway.    Wii U will be the same.   

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No. I like it a lot. I took it back in my room from the living room, where I didn't play it, and now I play it just as much as the others. My only problem with it is that, yes, it isn't HD, and that hurts it for me.

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