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The Community Spotlight - 02/04/2017

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Many Thanks to Humanity for the Banner This Week!
Many Thanks to Humanity for the Banner This Week!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! Once again I, @zombiepie, am absolutely honored to be your host this week as we look back on the best the Giant Bomb Community has to offer. In tradition of last week the community was active in expressing their creative side. From making games to compilation videos we have a ton of great community works to marvel over this week. With that, let's get on with the Community Spotlight!

Community Activities

Giant ROM 4 - The Giant Bomb Game Jam Encore (By: @zandravandra)

The Giant Bomb Game Jam, Giant ROM 4, is underway! If you are not aware, community leader ZandraVandra organizes a Giant Bomb user led Game Jam every year for the past four years. The themes for this year are "East Versus West" and "One Big Chomp." Even if you do not plan on participating feel free to check out the wonderful things the community has created. Speaking of which...

Fire Emblem Heroes Friend Code Exchange (By: @peachesrcool)

If you have been playing Fire Emblem Heroes feel free to post your friend code on our community exchange for the game.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands Beta Sharing Thread (By: @cleric22)

Whether you want one or have a couple of spares to share, feel free to partake in our Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta sharing thread.

Clips Of The Week

I Wrote A Song For This Is The Run (By: @jgray)

jgray created an 80s action movie styled theme song for Vinny and Dan's "This Is The Run" video series. If you have yet to see it, you are missing out.

Best of Giant Bomb's Deadly Premonition Endurance Run--01 (By: @clagnaught)

From one Endurance Run to the next, clagnaught has created his first highlight video for Giant Bomb's Deadly Premonition Endurance Run. Don't worry, the video series features both Endurance Run teams!

Giant Bomb: This is the Run - Contra Edition (By: RetroHelix)

Over on YouTube RetroHelix compiled the beginnings and ends to every episode of "This Is The Run." As you may expect, the hubris is at an all time high.

This Is Not the Run: A Contra Death Montage (By: Brandt Hughes)

Speaking of "This Is The Run," here's another hot YouTube exclusive related to the series. Here's a hilarious death montage for the highly entertaining video series.

Giant Bomb Galleria

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Banner - This Is The Run (By: @humanity)

Natural artist Humanity thoroughly enjoyed Dan and Vinny's multiple attempts to finish Contra. In lieu of that Humanity created this AMAZING banner in tribute to the video. Here's an earlier mock-up of the final draft:

Best Of Blogs

Underrated or overrated? I'll let you decide!
Underrated or overrated? I'll let you decide!

Noise Pollution: Lamenting Midna's Lament (By: @generic_username)

Generic_username extrapolates why the soundtrack to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is an underappreciated classic, much like the game itself.

My Conflicting Feelings With Deus Ex: Mankind Divided In Regards To Theft (By: @dragontern)

Dragontern shares his discordant feelings with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in regards to the game's use of theft as an in-game necessity.

Games are Learning to Focus Again (By: @sonatar)

sonatar details why he thinks games in the last couple of years have learned how to "focus" their gameplay and stories more than ever.

The Backlogbook - Week Four & Pokémon Sun Nuzlocke Challenge - Chapter Six (By: @danielkempster)

Read all about danielkempster's continual progress with Grandia, and final impressions of Oxenfree. Also, the latest chapter of danielkempster's Pokémon Sun/Moon Nuzlocke Challenge is about Route 8 and Lush Jungle

In preparation for Andromeda meteora3255 and Shivoa played Mass Effect games from the past.
In preparation for Andromeda meteora3255 and Shivoa played Mass Effect games from the past.

Revisiting Mass Effect: Part 4 (By: @meteora3255)

As part of his retrospective blog on the first Mass Effect game, meteora3255 re-examines the Feros and Thorian questline.

I've Joined The Brave And The Few (Upgraded My PC) (By: @humanity)

Humanity recently upgraded his PC! Read all about the long journey he subjected himself to for the sake of having the gaming computer of his dreams.

Playing Mass Effect 2 Today (By: @shivoa)

Shivoa replayed Mass Effect 2 and comments on why he still finds the main game, and its myriad of DLC, fun to play.

Jackbox Party Pack 3 Is Coming To Switch And That's Dope As Hell (By: @kaptainkobe)

Learn about the indelible mark RE 4 left on the industry on Colonel_Pockets's blog.
Learn about the indelible mark RE 4 left on the industry on Colonel_Pockets's blog.

kaptainkobe isn't just excited about the announcement of The Jackbox Party Pack 3 coming to the Nintendo Switch, instead he argues why the game could a showcase the prowess of the console.

I Just Finished One Of The Greatest Games Ever Made (By: @colonel_pockets)

Colonel_Pockets articulates why Resident Evil 4 isn't just an important game, but also one of the greatest to have graced the industry with a legacy that can still be felt.

My Gaming Fear Engine (By: @dinoracha)

Dinoracha shares a major contrivance he has with horror games in general, and how they structure their gameplay and scares.

Gaming Genres You Try To Like But Just Can't (By: @d-man123)

Even Mento managed to play a relatively
Even Mento managed to play a relatively "recent" game from his backlog in the form of Abzu!

D-Man123 wlecomes you to join his commentary on the game genres he has attempted to love, but simply cannot, on his latest blog.

Indie Game of the Week 05: Abzu & The Top Shelf: Case Files 021-025: "The World Needs Laughter" (By: @mento)

Mento completed Abzû this week, and you can discover why he has conflicted final impressions of the game which are not entirely positive. Meanwhile, Mento also examined another batch of PlayStation 2 games for inclusion in his library ranging from Final Fantasy X to Stretch Panic.

Join The Discussion

Hopefully you are a better professor than Mario.
Hopefully you are a better professor than Mario.

What Games Would You Put In A Video Games 101 Course For Non-Gamers? (By: @saddlebrown)

If you taught a "Video Games 101" history course for non-gamers, which games would you cover? Share and discuss the picks you think provide an important educational purpose.

Those Games Where A Difficulty Spike Made You Rage Quit (By: @jam13)

Has a difficulty spike ever caused you to "Rage Quit" a game? Share and discuss your rage inducing examples with the Giant Bomb community.

Favorite 2007 Game - Poll And Discussion Thread (By: @beachthunder)

Please tell me there are some of you who know what this image means.
Please tell me there are some of you who know what this image means.

2007 was a great year for games, and while it causes me to shutter to say this, it was ten years ago! Think back ten years ago and vote for your favorite game.

The Hot and Heavy Days of Renting Games (By: @dr_monocle)

Inspired by a recent episode of The Beastcast join our community memory sharing thread related to video game renting. Don't worry, most of the users on this thread remember what Blockbuster was.

Lovable Lists

Those were the days my friends.
Those were the days my friends.

PlayStation Long Boxes (By: @marino)

Fellow moderator Marino is on a quest to obtain a copy of every game on the original PlayStation before they switched to regular jewel cases. Read all about his slow quest for long boxes.

Game of the Year 2016 (By: @isomeri)

All the Games I've Beaten in 2016 + Personal GOTY Countdown (By: ISTURBO1984)

Game of the Year 2016 (By: MOONLIGHTMOTH)

Finally, we have some late comers to the 2016 GOTY game. As they say, better late than never.

Useful User Reviews

  • MORECOWBELL24's review for Dark Cloud assesses why he thinks the game stretches a few good ideas and mechanics too thin.