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    Refusing to go by any name other than her title in student government, Chairperson is a member of Taiyo High in the Rival School Series. She first appears in Hinata's ending in Rival Schools, and made her first playable appearance in Project Justice.

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    Rival Schools: United By Fate

    Chairperson in Hinata's ending.
    Chairperson in Hinata's ending.

    Although not a playable character in the first game, Chairperson appears in Hinata Wakaba's, under the name Class Leader, directing the class in martial arts training much to Hinata's surprise. She tells Hinata that her bravery inspired her and the rest of the class to take up martial arts to help defend their school. Hinata is overjoyed by the news and embraces Chairperson much to her dismay due to being sore from severe training. Her character is expanded on a little more in the School Life Mode of Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2.

    Project Justice

    In Project Justice, Chairperson is playable in both the Taiyo High story and the Pacific High story. After a joint sporting event between Taiyo and Pacific High ends in disaster due to a string of new attacks, Chairperson teams up with Boman Delgado and Ran Hibiki to investigate who was responsible. She eventually leaves the group to protect the students of Taiyo High but will rejoin them later for the final fight. She is seen in Pacific High's ending waving goodbye to Roy and Tiffany as they fly back to America.

    In the Taiyo story mode, if Batsu leaves the group, Chairperson will join Hinata and Kyosuke in his absence. When the students return to Taiyo High they are surprised to see their gym teacher, Hayato Nekketsu, laying bloodied at the feet of the imposter Batsu. After losing to the imposter Batsu returns stronger than before and drives the imposter away. Chairperson remains behind to tend to Hayato's wounds while the others take the fight to Kurow. She is seen in the Taiyo ending visibly upset over Kyosuke's disappearance after the death of his brother Hyo.


    "Mainstay of the Class"

    Chairperson in her school uniform.
    Chairperson in her school uniform.

    Chairperson is a fairly reserved and well-behaved student who comes off as a bit timid when by herself. Despite this, she is very popular with the entire student body and is known for her efficiency in the running of various Taiyo High school clubs and promoting teamwork. She frequently shows great reliability and leadership skills during any situation and works diligently to protect her classmates. Since she's relatively new to martial arts, she is one of the weaker characters in Project Justice.


    Chairperson's card in SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash.
    Chairperson's card in SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash.
    • Her real name is undisclosed to this day.
    • While she doesn't have a part-time job, she is often asked to help out at her neighborhood's shopping district.
    • She lives with both her parents and her two younger siblings.
    • Academically, she excels in Japanese literature and language but fairs poorly in physical education. Due to her outfit and adoption of Karate, however, it would seem she's actively trying to address this.
    • She is the head of Taiyo's Welcome Club.
    • Chairperson appeared as a card in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash.
    • She is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi.

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