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    Boman Delgado

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    One of the characters from Pacific High in the Rival Schools series. He has a non-violent nature but still agrees to help his classmates investigate a series of kidnappings.

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    Rival Schools: United By Fate

    Boman, along with Roy and Tiffany, was tasked by Roy's father to investigate the recent disappearances in Aoharu before the trio could head back to the states. During their investigation, they are captured by Justice High and brainwashed to attack the other schools until eventually being freed by Batsu and his group. In his ending, Boman decides to forgo returning to the states and stays in Japan to become a preacher and be a bridge between the two cultures. He is later seen holding a fundraising campaign with Batsu, Hinata, Natsu, and Gan much to their disinterest.

    Project Justice

    A year after Hyo Imawano tried to take over Japan, life in Aoharu had returned to normal. Boman, having elected to stay in Japan, decided to participate in the "Taiyo-Pacific athletic competition" in order to try and raise his school's spirit which he felt had dwindled after Roy and Tiffany left. Unfortunately, the competition is interrupted and fights break out with Boman in the middle of it. Boman teams up with Taiyo Academy's Ran Hibiki and Chairperson in order to investigate what happened. The group is later attacked by an imposter pretending to be Batsu but is helped out by Roy and Tiffany who returned from America to aid in the investigation. After foiling Kurow Kirishima's plan and defeating a possessed Hyo Imawano, Boman is seen engaging in what appears to be a fistfight with Roy. It turned out to just be a friendly gesture between the pair with Roy leaving Pacific High's protection in Boman's hands. Boman is later seen with Ran and Chairperson waving goodbye to Roy and Tiffany once again safe in the knowledge that their friend can cross any boundary.


    "Fighting Clergyman"

    Boman helping an old lady
    Boman helping an old lady

    Despite being a teenager, Boman possesses wisdom far beyond his age. He hails from the United States and initially feels like an outsider in Japan. He is dedicated to his Christian faith and never misses a Sunday mass. Although his huge and imposing frame may come across as intimidating to some, Boman dislikes violence and only fights when necessary, silently praying for forgiveness after doing so. He aims to become a preacher someday.


    • Aside from praying, Boman also enjoys cooking.
    • His strongest subjects are theology and philosophy. His weakest are mathematics and science.
    • He is part of a choir and volunteers at his church every Sunday.
    • Boman, along with Roy and Tiffany, is one of the only non-Japanese playable characters in the Rival Schools series.
    • He is one of the two characters in Rival Schools to be voiced by Takashi Nagasako, the other being Gan.

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