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    Gan Isurugi

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    A student at Gedo High in the Rival Schools series. He is a member of the school's gang and tends to let his muscles do the talking for him.

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    Rival Schools: United By Fate

    After the boss of their gang, Daigo Kazama, suddenly goes missing, both Gan and Edge are approached by someone claiming to their boss's younger brother. The pair are initially skeptical of the stranger, who goes by Akira, but eventually, the trio set off in pursuit of the boss. During their search, the truth eventually comes out that the stranger is actually their boss's younger sister who they welcome with open arms anyway after sensing their boss's fighting spirit within her. Gan's ending has him attempting to dedicate himself to his studies at Akira's suggestion and much to Edge's amusement. After becoming frustrated he tears up the textbook and is chastised by Akira.

    Project Justice

    After some time away to train, Daigo returns to Gedo High and commands Gan and Edge to immediately start attacking the other schools. Initially, the pair are happy to oblige but start to become suspicious when they catch Daigo receiving orders from a young girl. The penny drops Daigo orders Gedo to attack Seijyun High where his sister is currently enrolled. Gan and Edge team up with Akira and Zaki to take down Daigo and bring him back to his senses. After releasing Daigo from his mind control, the gang confronts the true mastermind behind all the events befalling the students. After dealing with Justice High, Daigo decides to pursue more training and leaves control of Gedo to both Gan and Edge. The pair promise to protect his position until he gets back so they can challenge him for it officially.


    "Superhuman Gang Leader"

    Gan in Project Justice
    Gan in Project Justice

    Gan is a huge and fun-loving individual who takes great pride in his incredible physical strength. He is quite simple-minded and gullible even to rarely realize when he's being taken advantage of. He is a man with a sizable appetite who looks forward to every meal which he supplements with five cups of rice stacked on top of each other.


    • Gan lives with his parents, three brothers, and three sisters. He is the eldest sibling.
    • His favorite snack is onigiri, which is evident from his victory pose after combat.
    • Aside from Sumo wrestling, he has a talent for speed eating.
    • Unsurprisingly, he fares poorly in all subjects except P.E.
    • Although he is a member of the Sumo club, he never attends it.
    • He occasionally works manual labor jobs where he can take advantage of his immense strength.
    • He is one of the two characters voiced by Takashi Nagasako, the other being Boman Delgado.
    • He is one of the only playable characters, along with E. Honda, who fights using sumo-based moves in the Street Fighter universe.

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