Completed Games

Games I've played to completion.

I'm sure I've completed more games than this, and I will add them when I remember them and then also remember to add them too, which won't happen very often. I have played more games than this. The number of games I have played but haven't completely finished (or else don't really have a "completion" state) is more than I could ever hope to realistically try to document. I would love to have that list, but I've been playing video games since before I could read. To try and figure out every one I've interacted with is actually impossible.


List items

  • Finished this a bunch of times. One of those "go back and play it every year" games for me.

  • Finished on regular and Hero mode, both at 100%.

  • Finished this a whole lot. Another game I tend to play at least once a year.

  • Finished the 3DS version. It was a borrowed copy, otherwise I would have totally played it through again.

  • Played through once. It was a great game, but for some reason, I wasn't as compelled to play this one multiple times as I was the other titles in the series.

  • I played through this once, as well. I think the reason for that is the sheer length of it. The game ends, and then you open up the "Character Quests." Playing through all of those ends up taking as much time as the entire game up to that point did. They're also easily the most interesting part of the game, and playing through the first half is a little rocky in places.

  • Finished once on N64, played through once on 3DS. Started it about a million times though. I've probably seen everything up to the final boss more than twenty times.

  • This game is a great game with some rough patches. The game was really difficult for me to finish, but only because of the shitty save system. You see, I was playing through OoT at the same time as this, and OoT saves your progress every time you unpause the game. Majora's Mask doesn't work that way. After making it through what I found to be the most frustrating part of the game, I turned it off and breathed a sigh of relief only to realize what I had done seconds later. It took me over a year to bring myself back to the game.

    EDIT: I recently replayed it again with my brother on an old N64, us beating different sections of it, and we got 100% completion. Cool.

  • The latter part of the game is a slog, but man, does that ending make up for it.

  • I've completed every world. I may not have done so... concurrently, but I've done it.

  • Found ALMOST every secret exit. Never beat the special worlds.

  • Got to about 117 stars. Some of those coin stars are a bitch.

  • Finished once at 100%, unlocked Luigi, and finished again at 100%. Love this game to death.

  • Just once. Not at 100%, either.

  • I like this one a lot. It gets a lot of shit, but I still think it's great.

  • The last good "New" Mario game. "New" meaning the series, not... oh whatever. The confusion here is totally Nintendo's own fault.

  • Surprisingly good.

  • Great ending.

  • Played through 100%.

  • This game gets played more than the other entries in the series. Not sure why though. Maybe it's just nostalgia.

    EDIT: No longer true, as the next entry will attest.

  • Boring single player, but my favorite multiplayer in the series.

    EDIT: I have rediscovered how rad this game is. One of my roommates brought it with him along with a Gamecube, and (along with another roommate and my younger brother) we got really into it. We started getting good enough that we started watching competitive Melee, and now understand the ins and outs of it. We also starting looking up videos of how to do complicated combos and general strategies used in competitive play. We haven't even come close to reaching a competitive level of skill, but we're significantly better than just casual players and we can nail some pretty complex stuff now, too. It's extremely fun when you get into the complicated stuff; something I dismissed for years and years.

  • The single player was supposed to be really cool, but I disliked it a lot. In addition, the game is so much slower than Melee that I struggle to play it now.

  • Short, but good.

  • Managed to be as good as previous titles. That last case goes crazy places.

  • This game manages to be the most lighthearted game in the franchise, (yeah, even more so than the filler cases of the other games are) but that doesn't make it bad. In fact, it's a fun twist on the Ace attorney gameplay that makes things fresh after playing the other ones.

    This game does have some issues with its logic, though. There are a lot more moments in this game where you know exactly what the flaw in someone's logic is, you just don't know which piece of evidence it wants you to use to show it.

    It's still a pretty good entry, and I'm incredibly sad that Ace Attorney Investigations 2 never made it out here in the states.

  • Definitely the weakest entry in the franchise on the original DS, but I still thinks it's great.

    Even a lot of Ace Attorney fans talk shit about this one, and I can see why, as the cases aren't quite as incredible, and the last part of the game is... weird, and riddled with obvious plot holes, but I think as a whole, the game is solid.

  • This game. Holy shit this game is awesome. I still love the first game more, but that's probably because some of the newness had worn off by the time I got to this one. Its so good.

  • This is probably the weakest entry in the original DS series after Apollo Justice, but it's still fantastic.

  • Love this series. To death. The first game is still my favorite of the bunch.

  • Fucking incredible ending.

  • Never caught them all, in any of these. (No longer true, have now caught them all in Omega Ruby and Moon.) I mean, it's quite a feat.

  • I totally still have the special gameboy sitting around somewhere.

  • Gold version came out during my "Golden Age" of gaming. Haha. funny how that works out.

  • This game is the game that made me think I was bored of Pokemon.

  • While a huge improvement over Ruby/Sapphire, still not incredible, especially compared to Gold/Silver.

  • This game made me realize that I'm not actually bored of Pokemon, they just hadn't made a great one in a while.

  • Beaten numerous times. This and the follow up tend to get played repeatedly.

  • Disappointing.

  • Incredible. So goddamn good.

  • Still an enjoyable game, despite being a major departure.

  • Now this game was interesting. It's totally out of my usual wheelhouse, but I loved it. It's only seven bucks on the e-shop. Try it out.

  • This game was a pretty easy Zelda game, but it was a blast when you actually managed to set up multiplayer.

  • Completed the 3DS e-shop version. I did use save states.

  • Completed the 3DS e-shop version. I did use save states.

  • Completed the 3DS e-shop version. I did use save states.

  • Interesting little game. The art looks great throughout. It's got a unique look, especially in 3D.

  • Weirdly the only Mega Man game I've ever completely finished.

    EDIT: No longer true! I have now also beaten the very first Mega Man game.

  • Pretty decent, mostly.

  • Pretty decent.

  • Sunk so much time into this. Managed to beat the incredibly difficult boss arena or whatever it's called, only to find out that there's a second HARDER one.

  • Fun DS game.

  • Easy, like all Kirby games tend to be.

  • Loved this when I was young.

  • Not a huge KH guy, but I enjoyed this one.

  • The level up system in this game is actually pretty unique and cool, unlike the meaningless name.

  • Yep, I beat Lavos.

  • Easy but incredibly entertaining.

  • A shitty game. I enjoyed it at the time, but even then, not that much.

  • I have so much trouble getting that alternate route open in the first stage.

  • This game was surprisingly fun as hell for me at the time it came out. Not really a well-loved game, and returning to it as an adult has shown me the reasons for that.

  • I adore this game.

  • Played through this game taking turns with friends, it was a blast.

  • The other Banjo-Kazooie games are hard as balls at times, and this one gets there in spots, but all in all not too difficult. Totally a great game.

  • I love the graphic novels and the movie. I like this game. It was really fun for a while, but lost steam quicker than I wanted it to.

  • This game, man.

  • I'm not sure which game I like more, Oblivion, or Skyrim. They're both fantastic. Also, as a side note, I never actually completed the main stories of either of these, but that was deliberate. I sunk over 150 hours each in completing the sidequest lines. I think it counts.

  • I was surprised by how much I liked this game. I beat this game over the course of just a few days.

  • I was surprised by how much this game's mechanics improved over II. Awesome game.

  • It was alright. Not bad, but not fantastic.

  • Loved this one.

  • Random FPS I played in an attempt to get better at those. Never did.

  • Bullshit microtransactions bogged this experience down.

  • Fun. Not my favorite, and the inability to play it while riding in a vehicle of any kind sort of kills it for me. The music is fantastic, though.

  • I sunk wayyy too much time into this. I probably finished it over ten times.

  • I actually got kind of sucked into Leafgreen. I think it was because my brother had Firered, and the wireless trading was really convenient.

  • This one just didn't seem to capture the magic of the game they were remaking. I don't really know why.

  • This game's story is hysterical. Not on purpose, of course.

    I actually had fun with the multiplayer in this game, in spite of the fact that everyone seems to hate it. Me and my friends (I mean, we were young at the time) would make up stories as we blew each other up over and over. We had a goddamn blast.

  • The end of this game is bitch. I'm not going to lie, I turned it down to easy for the final boss, and it was still difficult.

  • The translation of this game is pretty messed up (there's not a single instance of the word "was" in the game, they use "were" every time) but I loved it anyway.

  • This game, man. It resonated extremely strongly with me, and not for the obvious reasons. I suffer with one of the same things that one of the characters in the game is suffering from, and I feel like her character is handled extremely well. I have the urge to put it onto my favorite games list, but I feel like I should let it sink in all the before making that call.

  • This was probably my first "real" RPG, and I love it. I don't care about the hate it gets in retrospect as being basic or stuff like that. I think it's great.

  • This game is also great. The pacing is a bit worse, and the ret-coning of the other game is a little frustrating, but I also get the sense that it was intended to go this way from the very start. Aside from the horrible optional bosses, I have very few complaints about this game.

  • This game, however, sucks. This game sucks so hard. They ret-conned just about every piece of the mythology of the previous two games. They just throw in a bunch of completely new story bits, but they were all supposed to be part of some "ancient civilization" that was there before. It's all crap. The story of this game made me genuinely upset, and the combat seemed less fun this time around two. Golden Sun ALWAYS had too many random battles, but this game manages to make an already noticeable problem even worse.

  • This game is a fucking mess. I enjoyed it until around halfway through, when the story went from "crazy and stupid" to "stupid and disappointing" and the missions became incredibly monotonous. The boat stuff is boring as hell, and moving the ship feels like shit. It's understandable that a ship can't turn on a dime, but I spent way more time trying to turn my ship than I actually did killing other ships.

    The game is also riddled with glitches. There were several side missions I was unable to complete, due to the fact that the person I was instructed to kill either failed to spawn at all, or fell through the world. To top that all off, saving and reloading DID NOT FIX THAT. There's also the fact that several missions require you to be on horseback, and that horse is SO GODDAMN PRONE TO GETTING STUCK ON GEOMETRY OH MY GOD. Now, there were some glitches that were at least incredibly entertaining, like seeing someone get stuck in wall, or the instance where the dead body of a scientist was inexplicably glued to the abstergo ceiling.

    The ending of the game was complete bullshit. it was bullshit on Connor's end, and bullshit on Desmond's end. Nothing about the game's story was satisfying in any way, which is sad because I was actually excited to see where the batchit craziness was going when I first picked up the franchise.

    Goddammit. Now I understand why this game was considered so disappointing.

  • Please don't give me any shit for this.

  • Hell yeah, I managed to beat it!

  • Finished the Xbox 360 version on medium, still playing off and on.

  • Not as good as Rune Factory 3, but I'm still glad I played it.

    The dumbed-down-ness of the farming was really off-putting, and the story was exceptionally stupid. The localization was also pretty rough, though that is to be expected of these titles at this point. The thing is, the localization of this title is so rushed that I ran into a line of translator's notes at one point. I took a picture of it, so here it is, verbatim:


    Take good care!

    [no idea on this one without context]"

    It was actually pretty hysterical. Considering the fact that the story was already nonsense, having a rough translation actually just added laughs to the experience for me. There was one case where one of the girls was talking about how she likes spending time with my character, but wound up saying that she is never happy now that she's with him due to a mistranslation. It was pretty damn funny.

  • This game was excellent. Best in the series. Really sad that the guys who made this one went under, in spite of it being the game of the franchise that is both the best selling and most liked critically. They must have had a really terrible contract, or been so in the red prior to this that nothing could have saved them. I still wish the development of this great game could have been rewarded, though, or that they were around to make another.

  • The ability to grind makes a game in a difficult franchise a breeze to play through, but it also feels a little more complete and you don't have to worry AS much about the random number generator making your characters play like ass.

  • I like Borderlands a lot, but only on a mechanical level. Most of the jokes are not funny at all. Yes, I said most. It's not just a few jokes that leave me staring at the screen with a blank look on my face, it almost all of them. I don't think I laughed audibly even once until playing a DLC mission. There was the occasional chuckle to myself, and that's it. Most of the dialogue just made me unhappy. Unhappy that anyone found any of it funny in any way. Scooter was mildly funny in the first game, and loses that here. None of the other characters were ever funny in the first place, and they keep that up. Almost all of the new characters are worse than all of the old characters. Tiny Tina makes me wish I was dead, Handsome Jack was a bad character with bad jokes and his motivation for being a bad guy (he's just an asshole) was... bad. Ellie is overweight, aaaand that's it, that's her character, no other jokes.

    I love playing this game, but I hate playing this game.

    That didn't make any sense.

    This game is extremely fun, but anything related to the story is upsetting. It's really poorly written.

  • If you are looking to get into Visual Novels, I think this is a pretty good place to start. Highly recommended if you have a stomach for anime nonsense and are not immediately turned off by the idea of not "playing" much.

    Once you get past those two (potentially major) hurdles, Ever 17 has a lot to offer. It made me cry on multiple occasions, though that's mostly because I am overly-sensitive to media. It's very crazy, and being a part of the craziness is fun.

    Get the True Ending. If you're going to play it at all, get the True Ending. That is what makes the VN worth playing. It's so great. If you start this VN, no matter how satisfied or unsatisfied you are with whatever ending you get first, just stick with it. Only getting one of the endings is like only seeing a single brushstroke on a painting. It's meaningless and not worth doing. If you're there at the museum anyway, take in the whole thing.

    It's late, I'm speaking in nonsense metaphors, but hopefully some fraction of that made sense.

  • Great!

  • Great!

  • Great!

  • A good one of these!

  • Fun.

  • One of the better ones.

  • Rad.

  • This is a game that I like.