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gonzab's Beaten Games Chronology

Well, just like the title says, really. These are all the games that I remember completing, and some of the dates just 'cuz I keep record of that in a website. I'll update it as I finish more and more AND MORE.

List items

  • Finished: Dunno when.

    Other notes: Good ol' Ratchet and Clank. Love it.

  • Finished: Dunno.

    Other notes: Even better than the first.

  • Finished: A really long time ago.

    Other notes: I love this. My first game. I remember beating it in a day.

  • Finished: Long time ago.

    Other notes: As awesome as the second and also as fun.

  • Finished: No idea.

    Other notes: I never realized how much this game sucked and actually bought it. Ironically only one of the two DMC's I've played, and the only one I finished. Lol.

  • Finished: I don't know.

    Other notes: N/A

  • Finished: Dunno.

    Other notes: Hundreds of hours played. Twice.

  • Finished: Unknown.

    Other notes: Contrary to the majority of people I enjoyed this a lot. Not so much for the story, but the light heartedness in games always gets me.

  • On the PC. I beat this some time ago but never got around to add it to the list, dunno why. Great game with a great soundtrack and nice gameplay thouches. THERE'S A ZOMBIE ON YOUR LAWN~

  • Finished: Unknown. The last couple of missions were beaten on Easy because it was starting to get rough if I recall. The rest is what you would expect from a Metal Slug game, which is always nice.

  • Finished: I don't know man.

    Other notes: N/A

  • Finished: I'd like to know too.

    Other notes: I love it.

  • Finished: I don't know.

    Other notes: Great story twist, awesome game.

  • Finished: That is a good question.

    Other notes: Great finale, great game.

  • Finished: Some time ago.

    Other notes: I really loved this game, really really. I wish I could go back to when I first played it.

  • Finished: Some time ago.

    Other notes: Same as above.

  • Finished: Some time ago.

    Other notes: My first Metal Gear, so the Raiden thingy wasn't as much of a surprise, so I prolly enjoyed that a lot more than most people.

  • Finished: Some time ago.

    Other notes: Not much to say. Story is win.

  • Forgot I had beat this. Probably one of the first I completed on the DS. There's no need to say it's a great game, everybody knows. One of the DS's classics.

  • Finished: Aug 2007

    Other notes: Maybe a little inferior to the second, but loved it anyway.

  • Finished: Aug 2007

    Other notes: N/A

  • Finished: Aug 04, 07

    Other notes: Maybe not as scary as the old ones, but much more fun. And chances are I prolly wouldn't finish it if it were more scary.

  • Finished: Oct 2007

    Other notes: Another hated one I enjoyed.

  • Finished: Nov 24, 07

    Other notes: An awesome "revival". Now with 100% more awesome story too!

  • Finished: Dec 23, 07

    Other notes: Another awesome platformer. I need to get the other ones.

  • Finished: Jan 11, 08

    Other notes: Not what I hoped from Naughty Dog but still a nice game.

  • Finished: Jun 27, 08

    Other notes: The Metal Gear of the Metal Gears. Contains vast amounts of SHEER AWESOME. Eagle rank achieved.

  • Finished: Jul 06, 08

    Other notes: This game is plain fun.

  • Finished: Aug 08, 08

    Other notes: I remember really liking the story, but I honestly don't remember much about it.

  • Finished: Sep 08, 08

    Other notes: Surprisingly good story, and the gameplay was kinda fun. 96% Missions Completed.

  • Finished: Oct 18, 08

    Other notes: A nice little game.

  • Finished: Nov 08, 09

    Other notes: Cool RPG, very nice scenarios. Cool characters that are fun getting. Around 60 hours. 104/108 Stars gathered.

  • Finished: Nov 2009

    Other notes: N/A

  • Finished: Dec 13, 09

    Other notes: What a delightful game! Such an well crafted story, even more than those puzzles! Which were quite entertaining as well I might add! 23hr.55min.

    97/115 puzzles solved.

  • Finished: Jan 15, 10

    Other notes: Great story, fun game. Chose to kill Dimitri.


  • Finished: Apr 14, 10

    Other notes: Beat Pearl, only Pokemon game I've ever beaten. I really like Pokemon games but they do get a bit boring after a while. Happy I could complete this one at least. 72hr.38min.

    Final Team:

    -Golduck lvl 68

    -Torterra lvl 48

    -Rapidash lvl 54

    -Luxray lvl 56

    -Palkia lvl 57

    -Staraptor lvl 57

  • Finished: Jun 09, 10

    Other notes: This is so great. Loved every bit of it and will play the second soon. 15hr. Chose True Ending.

  • Finished: Jun 21, 10

    Other notes: More No More Heroes. Can I really complain? Some stuff is better some is worse but the game remains awesome overall.

  • Finished: Jul, 2010

    Other notes: Cool game, A bit repetitive but a nice start for a cool franchise.

  • Finished: Jul 31, 10

    Other notes: Never imagined the story was so cool before I played it. The gameplay is pinpoint but the graphics are not that good.

  • Finished: Aug 30, 10

    Other notes: Wanted to play something in the NES and so I picked Mega Man. A classic and fun game, also hard.

  • Finished: Sep 03, 10

    Other notes: Such a nice story, it's a bit of a shame that the gameplay isn't even close but I still enjoyed this a lot.

  • Finished: Sep 07, 10

    Other notes: This was so much fun, just like the old GTA's.

  • Finished: Jan 19, 11

    Other notes: Fantastic production from the music to the graphics and dialogues. And so much to do, so much to have fun.

  • Finished: Feb 1, 11

    Other notes: Great story and the gameplay was better than I expected. A nice experience.

  • Finished: Feb 2, 11

    Other notes: Finally got my hands in this. Pretty entertaining, the gameplay is really fun but there's some stuff I thought worked better. I just pray they bring the superior sequels overseas.

  • Completed: Feb 27, 2011.

    I didn't know this game before I checked around some lists about cool platformers on the DS and this one came up. Obvious Mario Bros. rip-off. It's almost ridiculous how much it borrows (steals?) from it. It was fun though, although some levels were pretty stupid in terms of length and sometimes became more like labyrinths than platforming levels.

  • Finished: Mar 8, 2011.

    Cute game, cool for youngsters. The sprite graphics are awesome , colorful and great 3D backgrounds. Another cool thing is that it has tons of colectibles. Difficulty is really, really easy and unchallenging though. 9hrs.35min.

  • Finished: Mar 10, 2011

    RUB IT! What a funky game. Awesome visuals and fun gameplay. One of the best uses of the DS capabilities I've seen. Sonic Team disregard Sonic and focus more on this please.

  • Finished: Jun 30, 2011

    PS3 version. Very fun RPG/FPS, with some hilarious moments and fun characters although the story is not that developed it still manages to deliver a solid effort in that sense. Bazillions of guns? Check.

  • Finished: Jul 8, 2011


  • Finished on: Jul 11, 2011. Won all tournaments on Normal in one afternoon lol. Pretty short game but there's still lots to unlock. Kinda challenging by the end though.

  • Finished on: Aug 17, 2011. 106 hours. Had lots of fun with it but at the same time it made me rage over a couple of missions which were well beyond the concept of skill and more like luck and pray the stupid ally AI wouldn't fuck you up. The final boss was starting to bother me too. But really fun game anyway.

  • Finished on Aug 23 2011. 2 hours. Short but great game. If it weren't for save states I dunno If I would've finished it though, kinda made me rage.

  • Finished on Aug 24 2011. 2hrs.12mins. God bless save states. And one of the most fantastic OST's I've heard.

  • Finished on Aug 26 2011. 12hrs:46mins. I can't believe I actually finished this game. I got it for AGES and never got the patience to see it to the end and finally did. It's really charming and the little dark twist at the end was really nice I think. Gonna definetly play the sequel.

  • Finished on Aug 30 2011. Crash Bandicoot 2 was my first owned game so I'm happy I came back to this so long after it came out. Really great game as expected.

  • Finished on Sep 10 2011. 55hrs.16mins. Actually just beat the last boss, had a save file stuck on that for a couple of years now. I started a new game to remember the story and try to collect everything and I'll get around to it anyway. This is my kind of game, so many things to do. So much love put into the game by the developers it almost hurts.

  • Finished on November 24 2011. Great story and characters and the twists and turns of it are just as awesome as it can get. Will play the extra case soon enough as well as the rest of the series. Also: DAT SOUNDTRACK.

  • Finished on December 24 2011. Around 10hrs. Got only the canon ending so I'll consider this beaten, plus, I'll get around to try and get the good ending soon enough. The game was really interesting it's a shame no one got to refine this formula because I'm sure it would be very very interesting. Loved the dialogues, voice acting and atmosphere.

  • Beaten on 15, Jan 2012. One more for the cause. Although I like the idea of having a more serious story these newer games may have lost som of the charm of the series. The sublime synth tunes a original and useful weapons are almost gone, or maybe that's just the nostalgia talking. Still a great game anyway.

  • Beaten on 31, Jan 2012. You go blue guy, beat those robot masters bastards and never ever surrender. Awesome game.

  • Beaten on 12th, Feb 2012. 49 hours. Made me remember how much I love this series, the tragic tone of the story really got me, and loved how it fits the main series so well, explaining some pretty important stuff. The gameplay received fine touches that made it competent and fun to mess around customizing my attack patterns. Along with pretty impressive graphics for the PSP, this was a worthy entry in the series.

  • Beaten on 12th, Feb 2012. Around 57 hours. Very nice RPG from Sony. Great midi-groove soundtrack like the RPG's on the system usually had. The story-telling and character interactions were also very good, probably the best part. All the gameplay was pretty... unique. It was annoying at first but I just had to adapt to its rules and when I did it became pretty balanced. The final part was dragged as hell though.

  • Beaten on 31, March 2012. 30 hours. Blizzard version. Though most stuff stayed the same from its predecessor several key features were improved or added making for a clearly better game. Story is still silly but far superior and there are actually useful players to recruit apart from your original team members. Add that to more types of techniques and you get a really fun game. Praying for the third one to come over.

  • Beaten on April 25th 2012. 31 hours. Chilled game, interesting concepts but seemed kinda lazy and had lots of potential because apparently the source material is very rich from what I can tell. Shame they didn't use it better.

  • Nintendo DS remake. May 17th 2012. 32hrs. My first Dragon Quest game completed, it was a great game, with really good and unique storyline and plot mechanics. The graphics in this remake are just CHARMING. And the music it's the great orchestral stuff you can find in any DQ game.

  • May 27th 2012. 42hrs. Holy fuck. That was frustrating. Not the best game I've played, especially for a game in the high breed Persona series. Seems very unrefined, even being a remake. But the story was mind twisting as usual and in the end I probably had fun with this, otherwise I wouldn't finish it. Will play the rest of the series.

  • May 31st 2012. Jak & Daxter is one of my absolute favorite series so I had to play this. It was a great platformer. The only problem? It's on the PSP. And the PSP sure wasn't made for platformers. Otherwise, a great game, awesome platforming like the series usually has. Sure was a portable Jak & Daxter game.

  • June 18th 2012. Well what can I say. Finally beat this in a legit way. This was one of the first games I ever had and beat it a lot, but always using some kind of cheating. I like the game. The gameplay is exploitable as hell which makes it probably the easiest FF ever. The story does have some weird stuff and not well explained stuff, but there aren't any relevant plotholes or any of the kind. The music is just... Nobuo Uematsu.

  • June 27th 2012. Wanted some cool quick platformer to kill some time and what better game than one of the Marios. Not the best of that generation but I intend to play them in order. It was still fun though.

  • July 9th, 2012. More Mario fun. One of the best too.

  • [14/07/12] I'm so hipster. Nah, the story was pretty chilling. Took me 10 min. to complete it too.

  • July 21th, 2012. More SNES platforming goodness, and indeed it is good. Not as cool as the other two but still charming as fuck.

  • August 05th, 2012. Some story details got kinda confusing but I really liked it, great gameplay, I wish they made more games using this system. Great music too; it's Yoko Shimomura what did you expect? Top notch graphics for the time. Overall, really nice game. Lookin' forward to the sequels.

  • August 12th, 2012. Surprisingly average SRPG with some weird choices in the mechanics, but the graphics were really cute, the story had a cool twist I wasn't expecting and the voice acting was interesting although Level 5 gets over it with the accents, especially when it's only text. It was enjoyable enough.

  • [28/08/12] Wow, my first japanese game. Probably one of the best anime based games I've played, really fun and an interesting, although appropriate, way making a game based on Toriko. Colorful graphics, fun to play and awesome (but short) soundtrack. Bit on the easy side too. Looking forward to the sequel.

  • [28/08/12] Forgot I had this to beat. More cool minigames with an interesting artistic direction and funny soundtrack. A bit easier than the first one I think.

  • [23/11/12] Same as Final Fantasy VIII. Finally beat this in a legit way. This has to be one of the best Final Fantasies: great world, characters, and approaches so many great themes and develops them in so many great ways. Awesome game, that's all.

  • [06/01/13] Wow, this was glorious. I haven't beat Chrono Trigger yet, but in spite of everyone saying they don't have much to do with one another, the connections between them just baffled me. The scale and scope of the story is just epic. Interesting battle mechanics and a fantastic OST trully make this game a classic. Kinda limited on the technical aspect though. Otherwise 10/10

  • [16/01/13] This. Was. Awesome. The ending made me cry bitch tears. Truly one of the best games I've played in a while. Proof of that is me getting all the nodes in the chronicle. The soundtrack is stellar, and the graphics are the ones that work best on the DS on my opinion. On top of it all, a battle system that made even the small encounters interesting, which for me, is saying a lot. Instant classic. *clap clap clap*

  • [25/01/13] This is really something. The very definition of adventure. Pure charm. Great atmosphere, which sometimes could be truly ominous and that made the game kinda unique. Great orchestral ost too. The writing and voice acting are also excellent. Reminded me of One Piece at times, which was probably why I liked this so much. COR BLIMEY!

  • [5/5/13] The atmosphere and story really got me, the gameplay is really fun and the music is top notch too. Loved how mysterious and kinda ominous it was, creating an ambience absolutely unique.

  • [12/05/13] In terms of gameplay it was pretty average, but still loved the production values (dat music) and writing, although it could be cheesy at times (not the sexual innuendos though). With the small twist at the end I actually think this could be the start of a really cool franchise, because a demon hunter falling in love with the devil's wife is really fucking bad ass.

  • [13/05/13] 27hrs. Really enjoyed this and I would really like to play the (apparently superior) sequels right away, but will definitly do that eventually. The story has some nice twists but I find it nothing otherwordly, but the fun is the amount of stuff to do and immersion in the ambience of the games. The city is exquisitely well made and it's really fun to hang around doing side missions. The soundtrack is also really cool.

  • [28/05/2013] 6hrs:32mins. One of the most purely gameplay fun games I've played in a while. They let you really do some awesome stuff, it's very intuitive, fast passed and badass. The ending was kind of a let down, I really thought they were trolling me. But that was really it. The graphics go from great stuff, like the scale, to some not so great stuff like some object shapes in the scenarios and the like. The music is also great.

  • [20/06/13] Finally got around to beat this and avoid my PS3 backlog from getting bigger and bigger. Great game. Although I had spoiled myself on the story I still got baffled by it, the twists are great, the atmosphere is one of the best ever created, and the gameplay really asks for the player to be creative. It's fun how you always encounter the same enemies and the difficulty curve is still perfect. Add to that Big Daddies one of the most intimidating enemies I ever faced and really thought two times before starting to shoot them. Still saved all the Little Sisters though. Not sure if I'll play the second one or jump right ahead to the third one.

  • [22/06/13] The gameplay is certainly original and very satisfying despite a few glitches, but what really got me here, surprisingly was the story. Once you get what's going on it actually gets kinda deep and meaningful with little doses of epic. Add to that amazing music and an excellent work by the narrator and you get one awesome game.

  • [26/06/13] Finally took this out of my backlog too. A lot of fun and lot's of stuff to do. Grand finale, makes way for epic stuff in the next games. I'll probably play them all since AC IV is looking a hell lot of awesome.

  • [29/07/13] Considering all the hype of this game I tried to not het hyped myself and the truth is it catches you offguard and really delivers a great story. The plot device in the end was really nicely though out and I loved it. Keeps you wondering. Great game indeed.

  • [08/08/2013] Great ending to the story, it appears like they tried to give a more cinematic look to the game, following the trend of the recent times (most particulary of fellow developer company Naughty Dog) and delivered a cool final. Surprisingly emotional at times, and I felt it was pretty hard too, and kinda frustrating at some points. Overall really nice game. Looking forward for the next one.

  • [18/08/2013] One of the most uninteresting games I've played. So much wasted potential it hurts. The world and its concept are fucking awesome, but the storytelling and plot devices used leave much to be desired. Everything happens because you are a l'cie and you either do what you are told or you die. How convenient for motivations. The battle system also has potential, is very dynamic and makes you actively adapt to several situations, but it's a shame that it falls short of being great because of how much unbalanced it is. (i.e. if you're going to make a game where losing the party leader means game over [which in itself is very stupid] please don't add enemies and bosses with instant death attacks that you can't avoid completely Mr. pro game-makers please go do something else for a living).

  • [28/08/2013] YESSS! The war with Giygas is over! Well I can see why this is a classic. It doesn't really do anything wrong. Its weakest component it's just that because it uses a true and tried formula and doesn't add much upon it. But it works really well, so no problem there. The part where the game shines brighter makes it really one of the brightest. And the amount of feels it gives it's just overwhelming. From heartwarming nostalgia and comfort to awkwardly funny to trully disturbing. Honestly had to close my eyes a couple of times in the end and try not get a seizure. Of course, that just makes it all the more GLORIOUS.

  • [15/09/2013] Studio Ghibli Movie: The Game. It's really like playing a movie from the studios, since all the key points are present: spectacular presentation, emotionally strong and developed characters, fantasy and magic. Add to that the love touches by Level 5: lots of stuff to do, charming world, many places to explore, all this with a very high level of enjoyment for the player. Gameplay wise, it's interesting but falls short of its potential. No harm done though: it has good ideas and a lot of room for improvement. The story is pretty simple, but it's well told and particularly well written. The twists at the end make it a lot more interesting (very interesting at that) of course, and you can even discover more about its mysteries by completing some sidequests. Oh and the soundtrack is recorded by the Tokyo Philarmonic Orchestra and composed by Joe Hisashi and Rei Kondo, so, um, yeah...

  • [13/10/2013] After taking a step back in the pure-fun department with GTA IV, Rockstar was able to create what is probably the most complete GTA. There are a lot of activites, people to meet, even sidequests with its own little stories. The 3 character mechanic is nicely implemented and you get to choose your favorites although some are more or less more useful than others. The storym while not as good as GTA IV's, still delivers a solid tale that touches some interesting concepts, the relation between the three protagonists being one of the most complex ones. Add to this loads of easter eggs, and a multi-ending finale, and you get one hell of a game.

  • [09/11/2013] The main story was pretty short but as with all Pokémon games, there's still a lot to do. I enjoyed the more fleshed out story, which brought out some delicate questions, but then it refused to develop them further and just answers them with half-assed motivations. It was interesting to see that the story progression was also differente since the last battle wasn't against the last member of the Elite 4. The soundtrack was spot on and the graphics are great for a Pokémon game on the DS. The 3D backgrounds and sprite characters always works wonders on the system.

  • [04/12/2013] One hell of a ride. For its time it clearly is a masterpiece. Even nowadays it has some little details that hold it on its own against other titles. I particularly liked enemy AI and interactions, there were some really original and well thought attack patterns. The time travelling tale was well told which is not easy to do, since it's one of the most prone to plot holes. And the non-linearity of it all just makes it more peculiar. I also enjoyed the party members, it was a good cast that you could leanr more about by ompleting some sidequests, which were really interesting and more games should do stuff like this.

  • [10/12/2013] Considered one of the best games of all times so I had to try it. Regardless to say it easily lives up to its fame. The ambience, level design, music and colors make an experience far ahead of any other that tere was at the time. Even today it hangs on its own as a great game, with pinpoint gameplay and the possibility to explore large scenarios while searching for items that greatly help the player during the game. A true classic.

  • [12/12/2013] After Super Metroid felt like exploring some more of the classics on the SNES, and I was not let down. Fun game all around, optional stuff to get which need some special abilities and skill to get them, rocking music from start to finish, original fun boss battles and great, colorful graphics. Even having to play some levels more than once to get some extra stuff, it never gets bothersome. The little Street Fighter touch cannot go unreferenced. Awesome.

  • [13/12/2013] Regarded as one of the best manga adaptations into a game ever made, this is a really fun beat'em up with a heavy emphasis on combos and it's easy to pick up, but hard to master since there are very few moves for each character, but the secret is to time the moves correctly be it offensively or defensively. The story mode was kind of original for a beat'em up and I had fun with with, and it got to be challenging too, which makes it all the more satisfying after beating. The sprites are really awesome and the music is also cool. There's also a lot of extras to unlock. Fun game.