Ultimate List of Completion!

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It's Backlog time, baby!

It's a list of all the games I've completed since... starting this list!

Stupidly, I had forgotten to put dates on the earlier items, leading to a somewhat meaningless list of games. Oh well!

List items

  • On the PC - Finished - 03/06/2012

  • On the PC - Finished - 13/08/2012 - For all the shit people were giving this, I actually really enjoyed it. I guess that I just really dig derivative shooters with a level of dumbness that is only matched by it's earnestness.

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - A bloody good game! As good as Fable 2? Well, I fear the odd design decisions let it down a little, despite the main body of the game being just as solid as the other titles. But still, it's everything I expected from a Fable game and I really enjoyed it! Quirky interface, bugs and anticlimactic finales and all.

    It probably sounds stupid, but some of those rough edges edges add to the charm. Not being a super smooth, slicked up roller-coaster makes it feel even more... British. It's the same sort of imaginative and scrappy charm that Rare had before they got turned into the soulless Kinect factory they are now.

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - I'm kind of amazed EA let these guys go all the way with some of the stuff that goes on in this game. It seems to break a lot of taboos of the medium. One one hand, I'd call it progressive. On the other, I'd have to point out that, art and story aside, the game was a whole lot of mashing X, Y, and B.

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - 10/10/2011 - Oh wow. This is more like it. A game with a punchy pace (most of the time) that dazzles you constantly with changes of scenery and action. The fighting isn't really the meat of the game. It's more the chance to work your way through a surreal interpenetration of ancient Christian mythology. Really impressive!

  • On the PC - Finished - 09/11/2012 - Oh crap. That was certainly quite the game!

  • On the PC - Finished - 09/08/2011 - Bought this game because I wanted to play something crap. My intention was to only buy Rogue Warrior, but decided to pick up both shoddy Rebellion shooters. At first, It was terrible, but then it started to grow on me. I wonder if there is a specific term for this? Sort of Stockholm Syndrome for video games?

  • On the PC - Finished - 24/09/2012 - Surprisingly ok for a console GR game. But, my goodness, is it grey!

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - Pretty darn good. As much as I liked the story stuff, I don't have a live account, so I can't comment on the MP. Which is a shame, as it looks awesome.

  • On the PS3 - Finished - 02/07/2012 - Nuts!

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - Argh. My brain! The game was super awesome, but also super intense in the most crazy way possible. the Game part was totally solid and got really enjoyable once I got the feel of it down. I'm not great when it comes to memorising super combo nonsense, but I did just fine on normal with what little skill I had. Still, good game that has a super crazy sense of cool.

  • On the Mega Drive - Finished - 02/02/2013 - Haha. I've had this game since I was a kid and never beaten both the Arcade and Original game modes. That all changed today. Finally got to see the end screen with it's ghoulish looking President.

  • On the PS3 - Finished - 12/05/2012 - Haha. What a neat little game that was! Who doesn't love fluid dynamics?

  • On the PC - Finished - What a jolly little adventure that was. I'm so acoustomed to Adventure games being aggressively obtuse, but I made it through this one without breaking much of a sweat. Played though it while on my break in Berlin. Perhaps taking one game on the laptop wasn't the best idea?

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished, again! For some un-explained reason, the launch of Reach got me super back into the Halo franchise. The funny thing is that I'd never been that big into the series before. Sure, I own all the main trilogy games and have played them through to completion at least twice each, but I never considered myself a super fan. However, this time playing through Halo 3, I was really digging it. Super digging it even! To the point where I rushed out and bought ODST and Reach!

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished! Man, and I thought Halo 3 was good. I think it was the change in atmosphere and setting that really appealed to me. Busted through it on Legendary too. Figured that the Rookie ain't no armoured, genetically enhanced super soldier! He's just a well trained brah, so I doubt he'd be as burly as the Master Chief.

  • On the PC - Finished - 12/12/2012 - While I was pretty cold to the game at first, I started to really get into it. I think it had something to do with turning down the difficulty.

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - Well, finished in the sense that I did all the main races in the career and beat the last rival. There are still tons of sticker challenges and MP stuff to do, but whatever. that was actually really good, solid arcade racer. A shame that it didn't get the love it deserved and sent Bizarre into a downward spiral. :(

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - Well, finished in the sense that I five stared all the mixes on Normal. Hard mode is fun, but I've had my fill of the music in this game for now. That, and the turntable has that thing where it looses the multiplier when scratching, which kind of kills any high-score attempts. Ah well. Got DJ Hero 2 in the wings, ready to go!

  • On the PC - Finished - 24/09/2011 - That was some kind of game! It was good, sure, but I'm not sure if it's GOTY material.

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - 14/03/2012 - Aww C'mon! Yeah, that was pretty good. Felt all very by-the-numbers-blockbuster. Certainly not a bad game and it really did look every penny that was spent on it. Aside from the slow first act, my biggest problem was that I was promised answers, yet they still didn't say why the Locus queen was just some lady. Boo!

  • On the PC - Finished - 26/08/2011 - Pretty much more of the same RTS RPG action. Again, I use the same strategy of just walking terminators up to heretics and just killing everyone! Pretty good. Certainly worth the fiver I paid. :)

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - 19/11/2011 - Borrowed the game from a friend so I could play the SP part of the game. You know what, initially I was sort of down on the game, but in retrospect, I'm coming around on it. I can't tell if it playing like a slighty more subdued Modern Warfare campaign is a good or a bad thing.

  • On the PC - Finished - 01/12/2011 - Fuck yes! Haha.

  • On the PS3 - Finished - 02/10/2012 - Oh, wow. that really was something. I'm not going to pretend I "understood" it, but I certainly felt something. Yow.

  • On the PC - Finished - 02/06/2013

  • On the PC - Finished - 26/11/2012 - Let's say I wasn't blown away like other people have claimed to have been.

  • On the PC - Finished - Good stuff. Really liked how much the game reacted to your actions and choices. That said, towards the end, I started to get that sinking feeling that Mike didn't really help or change anything. Guess I'm too accustomed to other games in this new style of action RPG, like Mass Effect, where your actions effect the galaxy at large. Here, a few internal corporate and political power shifts here, a few bombings prevented here leads to a few bombings over there. Such is the nature of clandestine operations, I guess. Still, had fun, even if I did go in over my head by choosing the rookie class and the highest difficulty for my first play through. :P Oh, and anyone who says that specializing in the pistol is lame, they probably not experienced the wonders of the silencer and improved crits. That, combined with stealth means you can ice entire rooms of dudes, no problem.

  • On the PS3 - Finished - 16/11/2012 - That was pretty ok, but it needed a better sense of humour. I went in expecting Bayonetta levels of OTT QTE madness, but ended up with a bunch of melodramatic tools monologuing all over the place. Much to my annoyance, two of the three bits that weren't totally self-serious where in the demo. Uh huh. Also, not sure if it's wise to hide a secret ending that requires you to replay the game is the best idea for such a linear experience. I got to the end. The ill explained baddie has been dealt with. Happy ending. I simply can't be gassed to go right back and unlock it all.

  • On the PC - Finished - And by Finished, I mean: "started to get kind of tired of the same old missions, so I cheated through just to see the story."

    For all the cool stuff the game does, the missions sort of boiled down to three missions types stretched over 30 damn maps that hardly ever change. I'm sure you can see why I got frustrated and started to cheat. Negativity aside, it was pretty neat, but I'm gonna need a long RTS break before tackling Brood Wars.

  • On the PC - Finished - Actually really quite enjoyed it. It's just frustrating that, had it been that little bit better, it could have been a GOtY contender. Still, I hope there is at least one more story with the guys from AFO Neptune. :)

  • On the PSVita - Finished - 10/03/2012 - 17/04/2012 - I love the creepy little guy I made. Enough that I could look past the rough frame rate. Thinking about it, I never would have committed so much time to a kart racer if it wasn't for all the customisation options.

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - A good GOTY contender for me at the moment. Pretty much the awesome antidote to all the slow-ass, self serious cover based shooters out there.

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - Sure, it's been getting dud reviews, but I personally really enjoyed the crap out of it. Great bit of gnarly pulp entertainment.

  • On the PS3 - Finished - 04/11/2012 - Haha wow. No More Heroes, if it was a Rockabilly high school romance zombie comic. I might have busted through the game using the same damn combo, and the production values might not have been the highest. But, I'll be damned if it's not been the funniest, most off-colour slice of Americana I've seen in a long time. Also, big points for the soundtrack.

  • On the DS - Finished - 14/02/2012 - While the PC games are a little too hardcore for me, I'm always up for some easy Germanic style colony micro-management. As fun as building little towns and plantations on islands can be, I also got a kick out of the very gentle, innocent story. Oh, if only the world was really so pleasant. :)

  • On the PC - Finished - 27/01/2012 - Oof, first game finished in 2012. Took me a while to commit to anything. As for the game itself, I really enjoyed it. Felt like a nice call back to the meaty shooters of late 90s and early 00s, only it wasn't painfully crap like DNF. Man, I want to go play Quake 4 now.

  • On the PC - Finished - They way they totally big up the MP aspect of the game gives the impression Dice didn't give much thought to the Single Player. It was ok, but not the best modern day setting FPS I've played recently. Keeping the game around on the HDD for some of the Multiplayer action.

  • On the DS - Finished - 31/07/2011 - Oh yes. Enjoyed that greatly. So much so, that It's on my GOtY shortlist now! :D

  • On the PS Vita - Finished - 16/05/2012

  • On the PC - Finished - 17/05/2012

  • Minerva's Den - On the PC - Finished - 26/03/2013 -

  • On the PC - Finished - Daaamn, son!

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - Well, I did the main story stuff. We shall see if I go back and do the side puzzles.

  • On the PC - Finished - 04/09/2011 - I know the game has gotten something of a bad rap, but really, I was having fun with it. Good old daft, sleazy fantasy with muscular guys and curvy ladies dressed in highly impractical armour kicking the arses of off-brand orks while engaging in gentle banter. Only real complaints is that some levels felt too long and they used the same handful of baddies way too much.

  • On the PC - Finished - Gave up on my attempt to play it on the hardest setting and just settled into the medium difficulty. Then my tactics devolved into "Terminator armour for all! Dakka! Dakka! Dakka!" Blasted every sorry xeno that got in my way and kind of stumbled across the ending.

    It was my fault that the story felt a bit awkward. I played the game in chunks months apart, making things feel a bit disjointed. Still, the setting is always a laugh.

    Now I'm having some fun going back and trying to get all of the strategic locations.

  • On the PC - Finished - 02/10/2011 - Damn it. Just a little more polish and this could have been a real gem. As an old-school action platformer, it's pretty neat. The movement and jumping could have been a tad more precise, but it managed to do combat very well, considering the genre. It goes without saying that the art was highly imaginative and the story felt like it was written by some surreal hybrid of Alan Moore and Tim Burton. But, what really let it down, more so than the rough edges, is the pacing. Had they just trimmed a bit here and tightened a bit there, it would have lost much of the frustration I had with it. The begining and the end were good, but the middle was so damn slow. The underwater and Oriental sections of the game felt so overly padded I was damn near going mad myself. >:(

  • On the PC - Finished - 05/02/2013 - Really solid. Despite hardly being a great game, I was compelled to keep on playing through.

  • On the PC - Finished - 04/08/2012 - Kill the alien, the mutant... the heretic.

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - Well, I tried to get every achievement that I feel capable of. That's pretty finished, I'd say. Damn good game!

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished -

    Not bad. Not bad at all. I knew Terminal Reality could do something cool if they put their mind to it. Crazy to see how many Ghostbuster in-jokes I got, despite not being a zany fan. Also worth pointing out that I liked the game engine they had. Some really neat effects and physics in there, even if it wasn't particularly pretty.

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - 23/08/2011 - Ehh. It's the worst kind of bad game. An ok-ish game that has some good ideas, but kind of fumbles them. It's not a pants pissing roller coaster of crap like, say, Rogue Warrior. No, it just feels like it missed the mark, and that's a whole lot worse than simply being a shit game.

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished -

    "It's not a lake. It's an ocean" Really good game, that. Very much in the Remedy/Max Payne style of taking a pulpy genre and making an intense third-person shooter out of it.

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - This must have been the 4th time I've gone through the single player part of this game. It's a crazy, huge budget rollercoaster of a game. Now I just need to find someone to help out on the helicopter Spec-op mission and I can S-rank this sucker. Also worth pointing out that 18 hours invested into this version of the game, none of them have been in the multi-player.

  • On the PC - Finished - 11/11/2012 - Sort of Mirrors Edge meets Deus Ex gone on an a-moral rampage of indiscriminate killing. After games like Spec Ops: The Line and Hotline Miami, I expect a little more out of games that are based primarily on killing. It's all just one big shade of grey, handled in the most corporately sanitized way. Mechanically sound, but needing a little more heart. Either make a message or pull no punches.

  • On the PC - Finished - 20/05/2012

  • On the PC - Finished - 10/12/2012 - Haha. When it came to the ending I chose... poorly.

  • On the Xbox - Finished - My quest to go through all five Splinter Cell games is still rolling ahead. I'm kind of surprised to see how positive the critics were with PT. I guess everyone was just wowed by the train level back in the day. Playing it now, it was apparent that the game was little more than a slightly bland Splinter Cell 1.5. Still, there were one or two highlights and the game introduced some new characters to the rich Splinter Cell fiction... Ahem. Also

    worth pointing out that it has some spectacularly inappropriate voice acting. It seems every guard, be they French, Indonesian or whatever had the same slightly wobbly American accent. Like the devs just plucked any old expat English speaker from the streets of Shanghai. Dubious.

  • On the Xbox - Finished - I was going to play Chaos Theory, but then realized that I've gone through the lighthouse, ship and bank so many times that I just couldn't face another run through. Read the Wiki entry and watched the cut scenes and level guides on Youtube. That counts as beating a game in my books.

  • On the PC - Finished -

  • On the Xbox - Finished - I've forgotten most of the plot to the current-gen Double Agent, so I can't really compare. Perhaps it's just my Chaos Theory fatigue, but I'd say this was one of the better Splinter Cell games so far.

  • On the PC - Finished - Really enjoyed that. Maybe you had to have super fond memories of the first game (on PC, of course)? Maybe it's just a series that never would appeal to the more console focused modern game sites? Maybe most people have a hard time looking past the early 00's design. Heck, maybe it's a cultural thing, and we Europeans just happen to enjoy this sort of thing. Either way, it's a great game that seem to have gotten some bad press.

  • On the PC Oh noes! Not the DRM. :(

    -Finally finished!-

    So, that's the end of my whistle stop tour of the Splinter Cell series. It's a strange one, to be sure. Perhaps I was playing it wrong, but the whole thing seemed to be centred around headshots aplenty. It was certainly slick, I'll give it that.

  • On the Xbox - Finished... sorta - Got to what I think was the last level (The level after the bridge) then my old launch Xbox pad broke. It seems like every thing on the left of the controller just went paralized. The left stick can't move to the left propperly and the left trigger sort of gets stuck, resulting in my character hobbling about and throwing grenades randomly. But whatever, I'm not here to talk about the pad. Up until that point, I was quite enjoying the game. Kind of and old, early 00's shooter that tried to feel somewhat modern, but the influence of Call of Duty hadn't been completely felt throughout the industry quite yet. If I was to compare it to any game, it's sort of Solder of Fortune (only it's more interested in the act of firing guns than seeing what happens when you're shot by one) that feels like Killzone 2. So, I'll go back to it if I ever get a replacement pad.

  • On the PC - Finished - Fun little game, that. Totally recalled the smart-arse style of those old super hard platformers.

  • On the PC - Finished -

    I'm surprised they actually managed to pull it off. If you want to be cynical, it is pretty much more of the same. Same sort of settings, same sort of weapons, same sort of feel to the game and the same sort of big bad who take to rambling philosophical at the drop of a hat. Still, it turns out they could squeeze another interesting story out of Rapture and they did so without cheapening the setting.

    The MP, on the other hand, feels a little naff. Like a bunch of designers stripped all of the somewhat high minded nature of the setting and tried to make game mechanics out of it.

    If they dare make another Bioshock, they can't go back to Rapture.

  • On the PSVita - Finished - 17/02/2013 - EDF EDF!

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - S ranked that sucker. Forgot how much deliberate, methodical fun the Dead Rising series could be. Enjoyed myself so much that I straight up bought the PC version. Not a great choice, seeing as it won't take my Case 0 data and not bring forward whatever Case West hooks they put in. Oh well!

  • On the PC - Finished - 21/03/2013 - Not really sure how to approach the game in summery. There's a lot of stigma surrounding the genre and with the disconnect between high action and overly reverential tone. I can see these problems, along with the terrifying looking female characters... And yet I didn't hate it.

    And while I can't really defend the game, there are really awesome moments in there, such as the two car sequences or the one or two moments where I kind of just... stopped thinking.

    Prowling through an environment with the power of a wrathful wargod. Idiots popping out from behind cover and getting struck down with great noise and fury like some brutal bloodsport version of whack-a-mole. In a post Spec-Ops world, such power fantasies take on a much more unpleasant tone, reflecting poorly on myself once I got to the next heavy handed cut-scene and realised just that had happened.

  • On the PC - Finished - Really enjoyed that. A nice dose of the San Andreas craziness to brighten up the somewhat grimmer world of GTA IV. Luis and Tony, despite having the usual flaws of GTA characters (i.e. killing a whole mess of people), are probably my favorite characters the series has had so far. :)

  • On the PS3 - Finished - 19/03/2013 - Much better than some would have you belive. It's an older-school shooter in an age of super slick CoD clones.

  • On the PS3 - Finished - 14/06/2012

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - 16/10/2011 - I've got the game on PC, but I prefered it on the Xbox. it just felt better, if that makes any more sense. It was actually quite a bit of fun, even if the story and pacing felt a little lacking at times.

  • On the PC - Finished - 11/02/2012 - That was... pretty good. Felt a lot more sprawling than Fallout 3, with pretty much every quest seeming to have multiple outcomes and what not. Really not sure how I fell about the game, actually. Still got the DLC to work through, so I'll get back to that once I've played something else.

  • On the PC - Finished - Damn good game!

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - 25/02/2012 - I wonder... perhaps I liked this more that the recent Call of Duties?

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - 26/02/2012 - Had this sitting in my backlog for ages. Worried that I'd never get around to it, I just forced myself to start playing and not quit till it was over. I'd heard some pretty worrying things about this game, but for the 5 quid I bought it for, it was worth the few hours of fun I had stomping mechs around. Perhaps this is sacrilegious, but the combo of Mech and on-foot shooting totally reminded me of Shogo:MAD.

  • On the PS Vita - Finished - 25/08/2012 - Wonderful. Despite the combat being a little too fiddly, the sense of freedom and the atmosphere of the world shoot it into my GOTY list.

  • On the PC - Finished - 04/03/2012 - Oof. Eh? What a game. Still trying to get my thoughts straightens out on it.

  • On the PC - Finished - 21/08/2012 - Sleepy Dawgs. Good fun game. Will need to let it rattle about a bit longer in my head to say if it's actually "great" or not.

  • On the PS3 - Finished - 28/04/2012 - After easing off games for a month or so, I'm back and with a PS3! Finally got my chance to start working through all the damn games I missed March 2010. First up is Resistance 3. Personally, I rather enjoyed the second one. Sure, it had a flaw here and there, but the vast majority of it was huge and fun. R3 was really damn good, though! The darker tone and what not was neat. Felt pretty good to play, too.

  • On the PSP - Finished - Oh yes. Oh yes indeed!

  • On the PC - Finished - 11/10/2012 - Not a bad little shooter. I kept getting the vibe that it felt like an old 16bit style shooter, only in magic 2012 style polygonal graphics. Appreciated the old brain ticking Philip K. Dick style plot twisting. A bit melodramatic, but ruminations on the meanings of Artificial Inteligence are always welcome. And, dude, blowing robots away never got old. Big Bo!! Biiiiig Bo!

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - 30/07/2011 -

  • On the PC - Very Good game. All the thrilling shoot-em's you could ask for from the CoD franchise. The best Call of Duty game? No, not really. Not quite up there with the Modern Warfare titles. Still, it holds it's own along side the Infinity Ward titles and is the best of the "b-team" games. The MP seems good, but I'm still not feeling the maps yet. They kind of shot themselves in the foot with CoD4. Those maps were great!

    Now we just have to see where they go with the series from here.

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished

  • On the PC - Finished - 05/03/2013 - No bad, but not really mind blowing. Was waiting for them to up the eye-poke scene from 2.

  • On the NES Emulator - Finished - 20/06/2013

  • On the PS3 - Finished - 29/06/2012 - Ehh? Meh.

  • On the PS Vita - Finished - 20/09/2012 - Rather enjoyed that. No idea how long it took me to complete, a week or two playing it in bed, but it certainly felt substantial. Like a portable version of the first game. :)

  • On the PC - 16th of June, 2011. The day I finished Duke Nukem Forever. Fuckin' hell. Never thought I'd see the day! Maybe I'm just so invested in chunky, old school corridor shooters, but I'd say the game was actually pretty damn fun. Really enjoyed all the funny widgets woven into the whole runnin' and gunnin'. My only main problem would be the Duke himself came across as an ass. Not a funny ass, just a straight up sociopathic dick head.

  • On the PC - Finished - That was rather awesome. Not quite as F.E.A.R.-ish as I might have hoped, but it still did exactly what I wanted from a good, solid FPS.

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - Solid, absolutely solid. The game itself was an entertaining throw back to the classy action adventures of old. Also in-keeping with the style of those older games, it has great characters and acting. The classiness of the whole thing excuses how "easy" the platforming might be. Looks really damn nice too!

  • On the PS3 - Finished - 04/06/2013

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link - On the PC - Finished - 31/01/2012 - A neat little jaunt back into the cyber stealth world of DX:HR. Would have been much better if it wasn't for the painful back-tracking through stealth areas.

  • On the Xbox 360 - Finished - Very good. Very good indeed. Finished the story with a few deviations in 22 hours. While I'm not going to dive right back into it, I'll keep it around and try for 100% at some point. Could go into the story and what not, but nah.

  • On the PC - Finished... Sort of.

    Did a whole lot of the last mission, only to get stuck. Killed every baddie I can find and built the temple, but didn't win. So, I watched the ending on youtube and called it a day. Classic game, man. Real good stuff.

  • On the PS Vita - Finished - 04/08/2012 - Grind grind grind.

  • On the PC - Finished - Not sure what inspired me to play this one. Either way, over the past week or two, I've been plugging away at it on one of the higher difficulty settings. Started kind of slow and aimless, but the last few missions where pretty good. Kind of wish they had more vehicles in the main missions, but that's what all the extra stuff is for. Good lord, there is another game's worth of extra missions in there, should I decide to get back into it.

  • Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars- On the PC - Finished Nod -

    I damn near lost my shit when the secret campaign opened up. Just the way it took control of the main menu. Damn son.