The Community Spotlight - Late Edition - (Starlet Included!)

Hello? Is This Thing On?

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! Now as you probably have noticed it has been a long road getting from last week's Community Spotlight to this one. We have all survived the Great Crash or better known as the Whiskeyocalypse of 2011! During which we all learned a lot. Firstly in the event that Skynet were to try to take over the world the men and women of Whiskey Media will be leading the resistance at Coit Tower. Radio Dave should be made a weekly feature. Engineer Alexis is more than meets the eye when it comes to Mortal Kombat, as well as many other things! Beyond that please remember to check out the new and improved Forum FAQs and remember that the rules about the types of images you can upload onto the site have been rectified. beyond that I'm going to hand things over to mracoon to talk about the latest Giant Bomb Community Starlet:

Community Starlet

Welcome back to another edition of the Giant Bomb Community Starlet which this week is awarded to user Killjoi. You may have seen his handywork on some pages for popular games like Bulletstorm, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Final Fantasy XII, Dragon Age II and the much anticipated Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Those are only a handful of the pages to which he has contributed as can be seen by his wiki points total of nearly 80,000, an amount that deserves some serious recognition. I always appreciate it when a user takes the time to edit some pages of lesser known games, something which Killjoi has done with Dreamkiller. It's a shooter that most people have probably forgotten about but after reading through the page you should have all the knowledge you'll ever need. A favourite wiki of mine has to be for Raziel, the amount of information packed in for this Legacy of Kain (an awesome page too) character is just crazy.

If that isn't enough content for you then Killjoi has an ample supply of very highly rated lists for your viewing pleasure. His username is definitely misleading as the lists he makes always give you a good laugh. Want to see some terrible video game ads? How about some unintentionally funny ESRB descriptions? Or my personal pick ' Gaming Peeps Say the Darndest Things ', which is ranked as third best user list on the site. Somehow Killjoi manages to do all this while moonlighting as a mod on Screened, now that's impressive.

There you have it. Another week goes by and another great Giant Bomb user is given the title of Community Starlet. Everyone give it up for Killjoi and all he's done for the site site a be sure to give your nominations for next week.
--This Edition of the Giant Bomb Community Starlet was Written by GB mod mracoon--

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