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    Plains of Karana

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    The Plains of Karana is an extensive region of flat, grasslands throughout central Antonica. It is named after the god of storms, Karana the Rainkeeper.

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    East Karana
    East Karana

    East Karana is the quarter of the great plains east of the Serpent River that rolls down from the frozen tundra up north. To the east, the plains become rocky and begin to rise into the peaks of Highpass Hold. Westward, over a massive wooden bridge, lies the rest of the Karana plains. Threats to adventurers and travelers come both high and low here as there are ferocious griffons patrolling the skies and many large spiders crawling through the grasslands. Many have told stories of a clan of cyclops near the river. Closer to Highpass, several merchants and an inn can be found for traders to rest before scaling the gorge. Far to the south, along the river, is a village of barbarian fishermen. Two Qeynosian paladins, Sir Morgan and Squire Wimbley, patrol the road from the bridge to Highpass and, for a small fee, will escort ill-equipped travelers through the fields of danger.

    North Karana
    North Karana

    North Karana is home to many types of creatures including hill giants, bears, lions, and some of the fiercest griffons seen anywhere in Norrath. Stories of the horrifying speed of Stormfeather keeps most travellers with one eye on the horizon at all times. A community of druids keep watch over an ancient stone ring where many druids arrive through teleportation. Qeynos guards are present in the region with a guard tower in the northwest and also guarding the white stone bridge leading to the southern plains. Those with malicious intent would be smart to swim the river rather than take the bridge. Just north of the stone bridge are the largest set of wizard spires found on the continent. The Combine Empire built one of these structures on each continent centuries ago, and wizards of Norrath have the ability to teleport to them at will. Near the center of the region, a band of gypsies have set up camp to trade their wares to travellers between the two great cities.

    South Karana
    South Karana

    South Karana is the region of the flatlands inhabited by the most diverse types of creatures. In the northeast, near the river, is village of centaurs whom are indifferent to all other races and offer to buy, sell, and trade with all. The Splitpaw gnolls have a large underground lair near the center of the plains. The ancient treants roam the eastern borders. And a massive, towering structure in the south is home to the bird people known as aviaks. The aviaks are generally friendly to all except ogres, but many adventurers choose to hunt them instead. Overall, the plains offer much practice for mid-seasoned adventurers. In the southeast, a lone house surrounded by a wall houses a lonely man simply known as "the hermit" to all that have passed by his establishment. At the southern most reaches of the plains, a small passage through the granite can be found that leads to Lake Rathetear.

    West Karana
    West Karana

    West Karana is the largest sector of the Rainkeeper's plains. Much of these "plains" are actually intruded upon by the mountains from the north. As travelers approach Qeynos Hills to the west, several inns and merchants can be found in the large fields of green. Several farms can also be seen from the winding trail, which supply the many citizens of Qeynos with all types of food. There was a time when Bertoxxulous brought a plague upon these great plains, which devastated the crop supply for Qeynos. The citizens were saved by a priest of Rodcet Nife's Temple of Life as he cured the Plaguebringer's curse upon the land. A few guard towers can be spotted along the route, and should of course be avoided by any who have earned distrust from the Qeynosian guard. Along the river is another barbarian fisherman village. Nestled in the rising mountains to the north is a shrine to Rallos Zek which is watched eternally by a small band of ogre shaman. Hidden among the mountains are camps of bandits that often pilfer the heavy traffic of traders through the region. A small stone pyramid found near the river signifies a target for wizard teleportation, being the closest a wizard could get to Qeynos without walking.

    Neighboring Zones

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    East Karana

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Archery MerchantArchery Supplies
    Equipment MerchantWeapons, Cloth Armor, General Supplies

    North Karana

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Gyspy CampFood, Water, Combine Weapons, Alcohol, Wizard Teleportation SpellsAlchemy
    South BridgeFood, Water

    South Karana

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Centaur StablesFletching

    West Karana

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Barbarian Fishing VillageShaman SpellsFletching, Smithing
    Eastern VillageFood, WaterSmithing
    Northwest VIllagesCloth Armor, Throwing DaggersBaking, Pottery, Tailoring
    Rogue OutpostPoisoncraft

    Guild Halls

    Protectors of the PineDruidsBriana Treewhisper
    Circle of Unseen HandsRoguesRenux Herkanor


    Notable NPCs


    • Althele
    • Broon
    • Chief SaNre'Rexsa
    • Dark Elf Corruptors
    • Droon
    • Emhu Mucktail
    • Fang
    • Grennix Mucktail
    • Jairn
    • Milea Clothspinner
    • Proon
    • Sir Morgan
    • Splintered Claw
    • Squire Wimbley
    • Tallus Holton
    • Tarbul Earthstrider
    • Tenal Redblade
    • Vexven Mucktail


    • Ashenpaw
    • Briana Treewhisper
    • Bristletoe
    • Callowwing
    • Flighty Azure Wisp
    • GrimFeather
    • Grimtooth
    • Korvik the Cursed
    • Regis the Reverent
    • The Silver Griffon
    • Swiftclaw
    • Timbur the Tiny
    • Withered Treant
    • Xanuusus
    • Zahal the Vile


    • A Hermit
    • An Undead Cyclops
    • Aviak Avocet
    • Baenar Swiftsong
    • Brother Hayle
    • Brother Qwinn
    • Centaur Charger
    • Coloth Meadowgreen
    • Cracktusk
    • Ghanex Drah
    • Gnashmaw
    • Gnawfang
    • Grizzleknot
    • Groi Gutblade
    • The Ishva Mal
    • Kelkim Menkia
    • Kurrpok Splitpaw
    • Lord Grimrot
    • Marik Clubthorn
    • Mroon
    • Nisch Val Torash Mashk
    • Quillmane
    • Rosch Val L'Vlor
    • Sentry Alechin
    • Shakrn Meadowgreen
    • Synger Foxfyre
    • Tesch Val Kadvem
    • Tesch Val Deval'Nmak
    • Ulan Meadowgreen
    • Vhalen Nostrolo
    • Yeka Ias


    • Brother Trintle
    • Chief Goonda
    • Choon
    • Chrislin Baker
    • Einhorst McMannus
    • Froon
    • Frostbite
    • Ghoul Messenger
    • Konia Swiftfoot
    • Linaya Sowlin
    • Maligar
    • Ogre Priestess
    • Ogre Shaman
    • Oobnopterbevny Biddilets
    • Renux Herkanor
    • Splitpaw Assassin
    • Thrackin Griften
    • Varishe Mal Judge
    • Vilnius the Small

    Notable Items

    • Aviak Charm
    • Bark Shield
    • Batfang Headband
    • Batskull Earring
    • Bear-hide Jerkin
    • Beartooth Necklace
    • Black Headband
    • Bone Armplates
    • Bone Legplates
    • Centaur Hoof Chips
    • Chipped Bone Bracelet
    • Chipped Bone Collar
    • Cloak of Leaves
    • Dagger of Dropping
    • Decaying Heart
    • Devlas Ilkvel
    • Feathered Leggings
    • Giant Laceless Sandal
    • Giant Snakespine Belt
    • Giants Reminder String
    • Glowing Bone Collar
    • Gnoll Hide Lariat
    • Gnoll Hide Tome
    • Griffon Talon Gloves
    • Gypsy Medallion
    • Head of Ghanex Drah
    • Ingot of the Reverent
    • Kicsh Der Pavz
    • Kroldir Thunderhoof
    • Liana's Flute
    • Lionhide Backpack
    • Lion-skin Leggings
    • Pegasus Feather Cloak
    • Pestilence Scythe
    • Preserved Split Paw Eye
    • Quartz Crystal
    • Radiant Azure Lightstone
    • Ring of Shadows
    • Robe of the Ishva
    • Robe of the Lost Circle
    • Rune of Ivy
    • Runed Oak Bow
    • Sheer Bone Mask
    • Spell: Summon Corpse
    • Split Paw Hide Armor
    • Splitpaw Gloves
    • Thunderhoof Quiver
    • Topknot Headband
    • Treant Staff
    • Turtleshell Helm
    • Vacra Av Svim
    • Werewolf-hide Jerkin
    • Wolf-hide Sleeves

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