Toukiden is a helluva game.

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Sweet christ, I own a lot of games. I mean, I think I cracked 400 on Steam over the holidays. The situation is well past getting out of hand. The situation has bounced past my fingertips and taken a shuttle to Mars, where it fought demons until it got to a slipgate to whatever planet Quake takes place on before finding a backdoor onto Borderlands' Pandora.

Admittedly, most of those games were/are part of package deals that were about a dollar or two a game, but I'm not going to rationalize it beyond that. Rationalizing is what got me into this mess in the first place. I've made lists of games that I need to play/finish before, but those lists weren't enough to keep me from buying more. So I'm doing a self-imposed embargo on purchasing further games until I can get a handle on the situation and spend some quality time with what I've got.

Anyone else notice a similar trend? I can't be the only one. Pick up a game, play it intensely, but then another steam deal and you're sitting on 4 more games without considering when you're going to play 'em. I mean, I can't be the only crazy stuck in this brutal spiral. Anyone else undergo a similar "not buying anymore games until x date" promise? Any tips on how to stick with it?

For me, I think avoiding gaming sites might help a bit. Take my thumb off the pulse of the vidja games industry for a month or two. Not that I won't be poking around here or Rock Paper Shotgun, but I'll be tempering every single impulse to check out and try every game that comes along with reminding myself of the games on this list. Now, if I can only get Paypal to link back here...

To remind myself, here's a list of games I fervently want to play, but keep forgetting about and then getting something else to play for a few hours. Or, at least, games I really like and am a chunk of the way into, but still haven't completed for any other reason than I HAEV 2 MAINY GMZ.

Witness my list of shame.

Okay, so there's at least a stack of successes, here:

  • Completed Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
  • Unlocked the Machinarium Robot in Super Meat Boy
  • Completed single player campaign in Starcraft II. Still watching GSL, of course.
  • Played Civ V and MNC with the girlfriend for a crazy amount of hours.

List items

  • Far and away one of the coolest and most gorgeous strategy games to hit this year.

  • Arcade Edition. I MUST learn its secrets.

  • Try to beat this in less than a year and a half.

  • In spite of everything, I'm kinda having fun with this. Doubt I'll play after I finish the campaign, though.

  • I'll never be done this game.

  • Found "That Gun", which is badass. I'm thinking this has finally clicked for me, though. I'm running around New Vegas wearing a 50s space suit and addicted to whiskey. Really interested in that new DLC that came out, too.

  • One of the most satisfying roguelikes in years.

  • 1. Campaign. Play through as many times as I can stand it in the following order of priority for races:

    - Chaos

    - Imperial Guard

    - Tyranids

    - Space Marines

    - Eldar

    - Orks

  • One of the coolest strategy games to hit in a long while.

  • Really getting a feel for this game/series. The Barbecue mission added for that Steam sale is fabulous.

  • Yeah, it's not as refined as Warband is (yet) but, c'mon. Muskets!

  • I'm infatuated with Star Ruler's research mechanic. Watching little bars fill up has never been more entertaining.

  • Relentlessly hooked on this game. Mostly completed the campaign, though. I imagine it'll have some staying power online, though.

  • I've played a few missions so far. One of the cleanest RTS designs I've ever come across. So cool.

  • File this under "play the everloving shit out of this with the girlfriend."

  • "Single player Eve" is how this was described to me. I'll believe it. The attention to detail, the engrossing "sim-ness" of it all means I'll be kludging my way through it, well past the difficult bugs.

  • This one's not hard to justify/prod myself along. Blade Runner-esque adventure game? I'm in. Will play until the whole cyberpunk/noir atmosphere fails to enchant me. I imagine that'll be around the end anyways.

  • The Cartographer's RPG. So fucking crazy, it has to work, right?

  • I keep bouncing off the surface of this one. I'm glad it exists and I fully anticipate I'll hack my way through, but it can't seem to force itself into being a top priority.

  • What more can I say? I was in the beta. Loved it then. Every subequent update has made me love it more. The PvP is stupidly amazing.

  • File this and Winter Voices under "quirky but excellent looking RPGs I will totally play."

  • See Cthulhu Saves the World.

  • Probably going to do a write-up of colonialism in grand strategy games. Dreadfully interested in this point in history, though. And seems to have more "game" than Victoria.

  • See: Pride of Nations. Technically, I'm playing Birth of America II, but we don't have a page for it.

  • For when I really, REALLY want a migraine.

  • I'ma make some shit, yo.

  • Played a bunch of this with a friend. Surprisingly compelling design.

  • At least complete my AAR on this. Yeah. For real.

  • DS Roguelike? I'm there.

  • See comments for Shiren the Wanderer.

  • That Friends with Benefits update looks cool as hell. Add this to the sizeable pile of 4X funtimes ahead.

  • This game has already eaten so many hours of my time so far that it seems foolish to not put it on this list. Given my decision to maybe start watching more of the movies I have hanging around my house, I imagine I'll have this sitting on the laptop as I try to level up The Fighting Cephalopods - if nothing more than for the crazy mutations. Thank Nurgle.

  • Got this on the cheap a while back. Really an Impulse buy. (Get it? Get it?)

    After reading Tom Francis' game diaries for this, I'm dying to get into similar knock-down-drag-outs. I figure posting a link to my favourite of the two (where he nukes most of the galaxy while trying to maintain "peace") will be impetus enough to remind me to boot this up from time to time.

  • The metric against which all other DS games are measured, for me. Which probably means I'm going to be bummed out by a vast majority of them. Seriously have spent a lot of time with this one, though.

  • At least the Druids expansion pack.

  • Goddamn this game is fun.

  • Terminally frustrating, but cool as shit.

  • Played the everloving shit out of this with my girlfriend. This serves as a standing reminder.

  • Man up and hit Gold, you fucking honky.

  • Want to get deeper into the campaign. May not do that before the next standalone expansion. I've spent plenty of time with it, though, so I'm not too upset if I don't. The multiplayer, like BC2, is compelling enough that I'll pop in for 15 minutes here and there.

  • I really just need to square away the time to play this more often. This might get bumped/replaced by Shogun 2, I'm afraid.

  • I'm about 3 hours in and really enjoying the campaign so far. For whatever reason, I haven't much returned to it. Minerva's Den is out. I have no excuse.

  • I love the King's Bounty series intensely. I haven't given this one near enough attention.

  • I'm in the wine cellar. I fully expect playing through will take a long, long while. Maybe, worst case, I'll blitz it in October as a run-up to Halloween.

  • See comments for Bioshock 2. Minus the Minerva's Den.

  • Meh. The multiplayer is compelling enough to hop in every now and then. Not a lot of commitment for me, though.

  • Played the shit out of this with my girlfriend. It's still super fun.

  • I don't know if the timeline for a vibrant multiplayer community for this has run out. I hope not, since I haven't really unlocked all the stuff I want to. Doubt I'll venture too much into the campaign, but I'd really like to play more of this.

  • See my comments vis a vis GoldenEye, really. The multiplayer for this sounds absolutely insane. So far, it has been.

  • Got this on the cheap a while back. Given my newfound jones for RTS madness, I really feel like I need to give this one a fair shake. DoW II will always have my heart, obviously, so this probably won't feel a loving caress until Retribution has finished having its way with me, but who knows. That DLC sounds pretty cool.

  • Got this for a song during a Steam sale. Will play until I feel I've gotten my enjoyment out of it then uninstall. Going in with stupendously low expectations has done this game a great service. 2 missions in and I'm still kinda enjoying it.

  • Got this on the cheap along with C&C 4. Will take a shot at this after I get tired of 4's bullshit.

  • Haven't spent near enough time with this one. Will bump this one up when the mood strikes me (probably after New Vegas spits me out.)

  • Need to beat this so I can import my save into ME2. Those Mako missions aren't helping this one's case, though.

  • Need to beat Mass Effect so I can import the save game. Probably the most foolish game purchase I've ever made, since I was 50 hours in to Dragon Age at the time with no end in sight. Don't want to start hitting Mass Effect until Dragon Age is out of the way. Which keeps getting pushed out.

  • I was way stoked on this, but the hacking minigame just perplexed the hell out of me. I'll eventually give it another go one day.

  • I've technically played through 3 or 4 times. It's a nice little distraction, though.

  • I'm about 3 hours into the game. I'll take a poke here and there when I have time.

  • Not a lot of commmitment, really. It's an adorable, wonderful game. Will screw around with it when I need to relax.

  • Got this on a whim, more or less. Always wanted to try out the original Rainbow Six. Never had a computer that could run it.

  • I made a bed yesterday. Back to being ambivalent towards this game for another few months.

  • Just. Yep. Yeah. This. Oh god.

  • Once I finish Dragon Age II, this baby's on-deck.

  • See above. If I'm hurting for some RPG lovin'... This'll be one to go to.

  • Still playing with the idea of running an AAR where I act like a hippy.

  • I'm almost done the campaign! Yay!

  • Got it on GOG. I loved Serf City. This one is on here just to remind me that I have it.

  • Got it on GOG. I'm saving this one for when I feel like RPGs are failing me.

  • This one's for whenever I need some mindless, gratuitous space battles.

  • I fully anticipate this will get usurped by Shogun 2.

    Regardless, this was a wonderful addition to the EUIII world.

  • Definitely a casual buy for me. If I get a moment or two, I'll give it its day in court. Certainly looks fun.

  • I loved the worms games as a kid. I'll fiddle around with this whenever I'm of a mind.

  • I love all the changes they made to this, but I just have too much other stuff on the go for this to sink its hooks in properly. Though, I have it on my iPod, so I'll probably play through it on there.

  • One day I'll boot this up and fiddle around with it. Got it for a couple bucks though, so if I don't, I don't.

  • This is just a stopgap until the sequel comes out in 2012. Helluva lot of fun. More fun than EUIII.

  • For whenever I finish up with King Arthur.

  • I don't have a lot of hope that this won't be replaced by Portal 2, but maybe I'll come over all puzzly.

  • I like this game's multiplayer, but don't feel much commitment to play it on the regular. Will probably take this off the list whenever I log in to the online servers to find them mostly empty.

  • For when I get that adventuring itch (after completing Gemini Rue and Machinarium)

  • See above.