Games/DLC/Etc. I Completed in 2016

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  • S-Ranked All Islands in Dream Log: January 10

    Something I've been working on for a few months came to an end today. Now to grind out all the coins, posters, etc. to get that Platinum trophy.

  • PS4 Version Complete: January 16

    Originally played this game on PC at the very end of 2013 and enjoyed it a lot then, still enjoy it now. I know a lot of people are sticklers for the price it's being sold for, but if you can catch it on sale wherever you can play it, give it a shot. It's good. Now to try out the commentary mode, which I didn't do at all on the PC version.

    Played Through with Commentary On: January 16 (Did not get all of the commentary bits though) I did this directly after playing the game through once, and with some prior knowledge, skipped over a section or two of the game and could not remember what I needed to do to do those, so I undoubtedly missed a commentary or two (or maybe more) so no trophy for that, and worse I missed out on a little more commentary. Did get two other trophies on this run though.

  • Good Playthrough Complete: January 17

    I really enjoyed this game when it came out nearly two years ago, to the point that I really wanted to play it again since I no longer had my copy. PSN had it on sale last week, cheaper for Plus members, so I picked it up and played through it again. I do wish it was just a bit longer, but then it may have overstayed its welcome.

  • Story Complete: January 24

    Started this when it was a PS+ title, but never got far into it. Decided to finally sit down and beat it, and I did it in one sitting. Might try to go for a platinum later down the road, decided to grab everything in Seattle, so those trophies are done at least.

  • All Arcade Modes Complete and Unlocked Secret Character: Febryary 5

    Finally decided to do this in order to save up for the unlockable character in the game, once I did that I had more than enough to purchase him.

  • Story Complete: February 24

    All Royal Knight Challenges and all DLC Complete: March 20

    I'll put this one with last year's Dragon Ball Xenoverse. I couldn't believe I bought a DBZ game and enjoyed it as much as I did, and this is the same. Never thought I'd be buying a Digimon game in 2016 but here we are. Stranger still is how much I enjoyed it.

    3/20 Update: I was working on the Royal Knight challenges up to the end of the game, but got stuck on the very last one, so after I beat the game I took a break from it. Went back to it last night and saw I was close to being able to do the power leveling stuff, so I trained up and beat it, then trained up some more to get new Digimon and worked my way through the last DLC missions that came out, where you fight powerful opponents. Those were a grind but I made it through. Might just go for the Platinum trophy on this now.

  • All Character Stories Complete: February 25

    Guess now it's just Survival stuff and occasional online (and maybe local) bouts with friends until more content is unlocked.

    Hit Bronze Status in Ranked Matches: March 6

    I thought I would only occasionally play online because I'm a bit self-conscious in online games, especially fighters since I'm pretty poor at them, but I became addicted to playing online once I started getting into it yesterday. Quite a few defeats at first, of course, but I felt like I was starting to learn and soon I started winning more and more, especially in casual matches. It took a while, but I eventually got my way to Bronze status which completely surprised me. I'm happy with that, so if I get further into it I'll be pretty excited by it, but if not then that's fine too.

    Easy Survival Mode Complete w/ All Characters: March 6

    First Set of Trials Complete (w/ Birdie): April 7

    Going by what a friend said, he mentioned Birdie's trials were very much doable for someone who still has a way to go before he's really "good" with the game, and even though a few trials took a bit to do, I finally got it. The next closest character I have to go through on Trials is Mika at 7/10 complete. I think now I'm working towards finishing Medium Survival with Ken, who I can now get to Bison "most" of the time, but I freak out towards the end and get punished severely for it. Maybe during my vacation...

    Beat Normal Survival Mode for the First Time: April 30

    Did it with Ken, and though it was later than I had hoped, I'm happy to have finally pulled it off. Did surprisingly well throughout the whole thing up until the last two matches with Necalli and Bison, but still managed the win.

    Shadow Falls Story Mode Complete: July 1

    I feel like that was worth the wait. Seems to close pretty much all of the story gaps between IV and III, with a few neat little tidbits here and there. Some nice reveals and such as well. That credits stinger was nice too. I should probably hook up my PS3 and pick up Third Strike at some point and play through it. Maybe someday...

    Normal Survival w/ Birdie Complete: July 5

    Now that the story mode content is out and the new update is out as well, I think I'm getting back into this game. Decided to simply try out Normal Survival with Birdie and actually won first try. It might be time to switch my main from Ken to Birdie.

    Beat Ryu's Normal Survival: July 16

    I figured once I got to Bison and only got a Low Health Recovery I was done, but surprisingly fireball spam actually worked really well against Bison this time when he normally counters it really well. I'll take it though, dose colors and dat fight money am I right?

  • Episode 1 Complete: February 27

    Finally got a chance to pick this one up. Got most of the optional photos as well, I only missed one. It's pretty interesting so far, though I'm spoiled already on some of the bigger things that will happen in the game, it's the little details that help flesh it all out. Can't wait to see how the rest of the game plays out. Looks like I followed the majority of people in all the major choices in this episode as well.

    Episode 2 Complete, as well as gained all optional photos for this episode: February 27

    That ending was pretty powerful, especially since you couldn't rewind time for that moment. I'm glad I got things to work out for the better. There were a few choices that I wasn't sure what to do, but I'm sticking with my choices for the most part, rewound time once during the first episode after one choice, but I'm glad I went back to my original choice. Looks like I went against the popular choice once during this episode as well. Now on to episode 3. Actually, final note: I'm really happy that Dontnod have a link at the end of this episode with support groups in case someone may consider suicide, that's a great thing in my opinion. In fact, I'll link it here too:

    Episode 3 Complete: February 27

    Another pretty good episode, with a few nice bonding moments between Max and Chloe throughout, and the twist at the end was really surprising to me. Looks like I stuck with the majority in all of the major decisions, though one was automatically decided for me when I made one choice in the last episode. This might be my last episode for the day, need to go to sleep at some point.

    Episode 4 Complete: February 28

    I try to keep these spoiler free, so I hope this doesn't say too much, but that "discovery" scene was tough to watch, there was a lot of emotion in that scene that gave me goosebumps. Again I seem to have followed the majority of people in the major choices in this episode, also all photos gained again. Might start the last episode today, but I doubt I'll finish it today though.

    Episode 5 Plus All Optional Photos Complete: February 29

    Guess this is the first game I've completed on a leap year in probably four years or so, doubt it'll happen again for another four years. Another great episode, and this game was great all around. Watching the ending I chose was hard to watch too. I hope they do make a sequel game or season for this, most likely with a different cast of characters and all that, which is fine. I think no matter what, the story of Max and Chloe is pretty much over here, at least in my ending. I'll likely go back and play through this again sometime soon with the developer commentary on, plus I need that one photo from the first episode to get a platinum trophy here too. To put it in perspective, I bought this game on sale on PSN, and I almost immediately double dipped on it after starting it and got the Limited Edition for it, it's that great.

    Platinum Trophy Complete: February 29

    Didn't know that you could play each episode from a specific point, so I got that last photo easily enough, thankfully. I'll definitely be playing through this one again soon with developer commentary on.

  • Intermediate Campaign Complete: February 29

    Well, guess that makes two games I completed on Leap Day 2016. Hooray. I liked it, this was my first game in the Frequency/Amplitude franchise, and I enjoyed most of the main tracks, and it's helping me discover (or rediscover) some other bands and such, which is always a plus to me for a rhythm game.

  • Kombat Pass 2 Character Arcade Modes Complete (Komplete?): March 1

    After having just finished Life is Strange, I feel bad for killing Ashley Burch in MKX now.

    Edit: Ashly Burch. Now I feel worse.

  • Special Edition Bank Put Together: March 6

    Kind of a joke entry in this list, but I bought the SE for this when it came out and only just put that arcade cabinet bank together today, nearly four years after the game came out. I'll be honest, that may have been the most difficult thing I've done this year, had to apply a hammer to it at one point to get a corner of this thing to snap together. I do like the finished product though, so it was worth it.

  • Campaign Complete (Co-Op): March 12

    Pretty fun little twin stick/bullet hell lite game, especially in co-op. That's about all I have to say about it, really.

  • Co-Op Campaign Complete (PS4): March 12

    I enjoy this game, but man the PS4 version needs to be patched big time. There's the widespread issue of the game pausing for a bit after a mission starts, and later in the game the load times are atrocious. Other than that it's a fun game with plenty of fun references to action films. My favorite is probably towards the end of the game when characters are teleported into the stage and if you have the Ash Williams character with you, a car is teleported in with you. That one got me good.

  • All 8 Gyms Defeated: April 8 (3DS Virtual Console)

    Moltres Caught: April 8 (3DS Virtual Console)

    Bought all three Gen 1 Pokemon games shortly after they were released on the Virtual Console, and this is the one I'm furthest on by far, followed by Red and then Blue. I ran into Moltres completely by accident this time around, but I got it fairly quickly once I paralyzed it. Now onto the Elite Four.

    Articuno & Zapdos Caught: April 11

    Decided to take a quick break from the Elite 4 and catch the legendary birds instead to help me out a bit.

    June 26 Edit: May not be able to complete this for a few months because a few buttons on my 3DS are wearing out to the point that they're nearly unusable. Need to save up for a new one before November, when Sun/Moon come out.

  • Arcade Co-Op complete: April 10

    Not a commentary on the game, just that the next few games on this list are games I played at a friend's house that I'll likely not be playing on my own right away.

  • Played on April 10

  • Arcade Co-Op Complete: April 10

  • Co-Op Played April 10

    We managed to get to the third floor's boss, so we felt pretty accomplished by that.

  • Master Chief Collection Co-Op Campaign Complete: April 11

    Kind of an anticlimactic end, but it was enjoyable enough.

  • Story Complete (Normal Difficulty): April 13

    I always love the games in this series, and this reboot is no different. A bit on the short side (but hey, it's a platformer, not a 30+ hour RPG) and it's still a lot of fun, and actually pretty funny at times too (as games in this series tend to be) I'll likely pony up and see the film in theaters too. Can't wait for what's next.

  • Single Player Game Beat w/ Commando (PS4, Easy): April 13

    Still a lot of fun to play through, though I'm surprised I finished it as quickly as I did, on my fifth playthrough to be exact, and with the commando, no less! I usually try to unlock the Akrid, or whatever it was called that did a bunch of DoT attacks, but so far I haven't had any luck finding it so I have to make do with what I have, I suppose.

    Single Player Complete w/ Miner on Easy: April 13

    Words can't describe this run, because luck was absolutely on my side during it. So many items that they wouldn't all fit on the screen? Check. An obscene (10 going by my stats screen) amount of drones that could kill several enemies before I could even get to them? Check. Found all keycards so that I could have everything in the final boss room? Check. Just flat out ridiculous and it all made the end a breeze. Heck, I even replayed the first two stages just to get the difficulty up a bit more. Yeesh, this was quite the run.

    Single Player Beat w/ Bandit on Drizzle (Easy): April 17

    I think they may have made the game easier, because I'm able to finish this consistently on easy now, even with characters I have little to no experience with. Unlocked Acrid this playthrough too, decided to try the next difficulty up with it and...

    Single Player Beat w/ Acrid on Rainstorm (Medium difficulty): April 17

    First attempt on the medium difficulty and I beat it pretty much without a hitch, and I didn't even feel like I was trying. I might just start playing on Monsoon difficulty (Hard) so there's some challenge left in the game. Might as well go for 100% of the trophies too, I'm only missing 3 now (die 50 times, collect 15 monster logs [I already have 5 through this playthrough] and drown 20 Whorls) This was also my fifth time beating the PS4 campaign so I unlocked the mercenary too.

    HAN-D Co-Op Complete: April 23

    First time I beat the game in co-op, didn't actually mean to pick this character though, guess I could put that to mistaken identity on the character select screen. Fun time though, my friend actually streamed this on Twitch, his first time streaming too.

  • Gunzerker Solo Playthrough Complete: May 21

    Guess it's time for my annual playthrough of Borderlands 2, this time as the Gunzerker. Back when the game came out, the Gunzerker was originally going to be my first character, but I never could find a good gun combination that worked for me when Gunzerking, so I switched over to Axton the Commando for my first playthrough back in the day. Now that I have a much better understanding of how the various guns made by the manufacturers work, it was a much better experience playing as the Gunzerker. I'll eventually be playing through this co-op with a friend that's wanting to get into the series, it'll be a while though until then because we both have busy schedules.

  • Unlocked Lazarus: May 22

    Never played as Lazarus before, so it might be cool to try him out, but I'm mainly trying to get enough coins in one playthrough to get Cain, who I used extensively in the original Binding of Isaac. Also bought the Afterbirth expansion on PS4, so it'll be cool to try out a few more new things. Really don't know why I didn't get too far into Rebirth, honestly. Beat Mom's Heart once and I just stopped after that. Guess I had other games on my plate back then?

    Cain Unlocked: May 22

    Same run as Lazarus and I got Cain too. Woohoo.

  • Co-Op Campaign Complete: May 29 (PS4)

    Pretty fun game, and it took us a bit to get to this PS+ title. Took us two sittings to get through, and we had a few glitches that hindered us a bit, but not enough that it completely stopped us from playing. Just need to complete every challenge (which we or I may not get to) and that's another 100% Trophy Completion.

  • Started Playing (PS4 Version): June 5

    Since there's no singleplayer, guess I'll just say I've started playing this game. Mainly using Roadhog and Reaper, though I'll try to space it out to other characters eventually.

    June 12 Update: Thanks to the weekly brawl this week, I got a chance to play every character for a while, and I just love this game to bits. The Gameplay is superb, and there's just so much personality and heart in a lot of the characters that even if I don't enjoy playing some of them, I love every character in this game for some reason or another. Kudos to Blizzard for making me fall so in love with an online shooter when I no longer had interest in the genre for nearly a decade now. This is going in my GOTY list this year for sure!

    Got a Quadruple Kill AND Stopped an Ultimate w/ D.Va's Ultimate, Plus Got the Respective Trophy: July 9

    Easily my best moment in Overwatch to Date. Was in one of the Illios maps (the one with the well in the center of the capture point) and I flung D.Va's ultimate over an arch on my team's side of the map and killed four people and stopped a Junkrat Ultimate as well. Trophy popped, a friend I was grouped up with and myself felt the hype and I got Play of the Game. Felt really great, y'know?

  • Reached the Ending: June 8

    Well that was a really disappointing ending, just a "Congratulations, there's no more after this. Do everything else now!" Oh well, there's still a few things I would like to do here. I skipped a bunch of puzzles to go straight for the final one, so there's plenty of those to do, and several missions to complete as well. I'll probably pass on the alt-world levels for the most part, and I still have murals to collect for Primal Kyogre (I completed Groudon's earlier this week) Other than that, I enjoyed it enough to actually put some money down on it so there's that.

    Primal Kyogre Puzzle Complete: June 14

    June 26 Update: I beat all of the puzzles a week or two ago, but forgot/was too lazy to update this when I did it. Haven't really gone back to it since, even though I still have a few Normal Mode missions to go through. May get to those eventually.

  • Story Complete: June 12 (PS4)

    Took a break from Overwatch (did I mention that game here yet and mention it's really good? Because it's REALLY good.) to finish this one off. Stopped shortly after making it to Gas Town to try out Overwatch (which is really good) That was a week ago, and I knew I was nearing the end. Upgraded all of the strongholds to Max (heh) and did the optional Wasteland Missions you get from the leaders of said Strongholds as well as the Outcrier in Gas Town.

    Overall I really like the game, despite some really frustrating moments here and there and a few open world jank moments (died climbing down a ladder with no enemies nearby and nearly full health, but that was the worst one and it didn't set me back very far) I should really watch Fury Road again, because that's a really good movie too.

  • Played Some Multiplayer Matches with a Friend: June 12 (PS4 Ultimate Edition)

    I guess in honor of Injustice 2 being officially announced, we decided to jump back to this one briefly and play a few (30) matches, played each character once. He won most of them.

    As for my fighting game plans now, I'm going to hopefully pick up Revelator soon and then go back to SFV once that story mode and Ibuki come out.

  • Episode Mode Cleared w/ All Non-DLC Characters: June 18 (PS4)

    Basically the Arcade Mode of the game, which gives a prologue for each character before the actual Story Mode in the game. Plan to at least start that today as well, if not finish it.

    Story Mode Complete: June 18

    That was really good, some great moments in here with drama, comedy, and a few other little moments that are worth seeing in some way. It was nice seeing some old characters return in a non-playable way, and some great reveals as well, some major in Guilty Gear canon, and one in particular that had me laughing for the duration of that scene. Great sequel/update stinger too. It'll be nice to see how things go from here.

    Episode Mode Complete w/ All DLC Characters and Tutorial Complete: Sept. 2

    Decided to jump back into Revelator and do a few more things in it. Not sure why but I suddenly got the itch to get better with one of the new characters, Raven and I'm understanding him a little better (like how to fill his Excitement meter) but I'll need to play as him more to get a feel for how he actually plays. And I don't know why I didn't finish the basic tutorial when I got the game, but that's done. Got 20K in-game currency with it to boot so more character colors ahoy!

  • Most Story Mode Missions (only one missing is the final one) Plus Most Multiplayer Types Played: June 26

    You know what? This game is alright most of the time. Not a fan of MOBAs, but I like the co-op story stuff pretty well (when people don't quit out most of the time) and the multiplayer seems pretty neat, though I wish I were better at it since sometimes my side gets steamrolled through that. I think the game is average at worst, and could recommend it to some people, though at a discount. I picked it up when it first went down to $40, got a small Orendi figurine with it too, which was a nice little bonus. Figure I'll find out a bit more about certain characters and play around with them a bit more and play through that last campaign mission too. Who knows, maybe I'll get the Season Pass at some point too. $20 doesn't seem too bad during some downtime when nothing else is coming out.

    The Heliophage (Final Mission) and Story (Normal Difficulty) Complete: June 26

    Well that final mission wasn't too difficult besides some cheap moments where enemies popped us up in the air on small bits of land so there was no way to recover from it and we fell to our deaths, which was really frustrating, but overall not too bad. I imagine some of the DLC will further expand on the story a bit which will be interesting, especially with some teases for Borderlands 3, which I'm looking forward to.

  • Opening Stage Complete: June 21

    Only really did this when it came out as that's all I had time for. At the time, I thought it was alright, and was something I would jump back into from time to time. I did, but never made it far into other levels. Then I found out you could up your lives from 3 to 9, which leads me to...

    Mighty No. 1 and 6 Defeated: June 26

    Went online to find out which levels were easier to complete than others, and it seemed 6 was the easiest, so I went there first. Some struggles as I figured out what I could and couldn't do in the game compared to more modern side scrolling platformers, but eventually I persevered through it. After that I tackled No. 1 and eventually beat it as well. Got to Mighty No. 3's Boss, but couldn't quite make the cut. Hope to get through her and the rest of the game through the week, with more updated impressions later on.

    Mighty No. 2 Complete: June 26

    I'm getting pretty poor scores across the board too, two Cs (Opening/MN6) and two D's (1 and 2) Nice Neil Degrasse Tyson reference.

    Mighty No. 5 Complete: June 26

    HATED this stage (or at least one specific part of it) but the boss wasn't very difficult. First actual stage that I've been able to complete without starting over from the beginning too.

    Mighty No. 4 Complete: June 26

    Now I'm mostly breezing through these missions, with a few difficult moments here and there. The boss wasn't very difficult either, especially with MN5's weapon, which seems really good.

    Mighty No. 7 Complete: June 26

    Well, here's one moment when the boss was actually more difficult than the stage, even when using his weakness against him.

    Mighty No. 3 Complete: June 26

    Had heard this was a difficult level, and I struggled with one specific part of it, but man that boss was pathetically easy. Guess now I'm moving on to the last Mighty No. (as in the eighth one, which was the last, and the last one I need to defeat) Heard that stage was really neat, so I'm looking forward to that.

    Mighty No. 8 Complete: June 26

    While this stage was interesting in concept, I thought it was a bit boring in execution. The boss was really easy though, and I didn't really use his weakness against him either, went with Bushido Bro's weapon instead. Guess I'm near the end now, but that will have to wait for a day or so.

    Ray Stage Complete: June 26

    Forgot about this, actually. I did have time to complete it, at least. Also [Ad-Lib Moaning in Pain]

    Tried the Online Race Battle: July 3

    It's broken hot garbage. You fight enemies with an opponent and absorb them, and you might get points if the game wants you to, I guess? It needs to be patched for sure because right now there are times where you just have to wait around for the time to end and go to a boss fight. Ugh.

  • Caught my first Legendary (Suicune): Week of June 26

    Can't remember the day specifically, so there you go. Decided to jump into this post-Pokemon Picross after playing it for all of about five minutes a little over a year ago. It's alright.

  • PS4 Demo Complete: July 3

    Seems alright, but I'll probably give the game a pass.

  • Killed the Jailer: July 7

    Seems neat so far, hard to say if I'll stick with it or not though.

  • Tried Solo vs. AI: July 8

    Got that starter pack from PS+ this month and tried the game out. It's not for me, to say the least.

  • 2nd Encore Big Band Story Mode Complete: July 21

    Bought the game on sale this week and jumped on it. Started the tutorial but haven't finished it yet. Got stuck at one point and decided to save it for later so on to the story mode instead!

    Filia and Cerebella Story Mode Complete: July 21

    Not going to have a small paragraph every time I finish a story unless there's one I really like and want to talk about a bit (spoiler-free, of course)

    All (non-DLC) Character Stories Complete: July 22

    Beowulf Story Complete: July 22

    Weird how long the DLC stories are compared to the main cast, at least for Beowulf and Big Band.

    Squigly Story Complete: July 23

    Well this one was relatively short compared to Beowulf and Big Band, but still longer than most others.

    Eliza Story Mode Complete: July 23

    Considering she wasn't in anyone else's story up to this point in my playthrough, it was interesting to see more about this character and her history with the "Trinity", at least briefly. Just Robo-Fortune and Fukua left now for story mode.

    Robo-Fortune Story Complete: July 23

    Well this story at least got a laugh out of me with the pre-final boss fight scene.

    All Story Modes Complete: July 23

    Knew beforehand the final fight in Fukua's... "Story" was of higher difficulty with more health and all that, but also knew a few ways to cheese the fight a bit. Lost the first time but got it the second. For story purposes, I'm finished with the game. Still need to finish the (really great) tutorial and play a few matches with friends and I can put this one to rest until I bring it out for friendly competition with friends. Also nice Twin Peaks reference at the end of Fukua's story, and I like those quick little post-credit stingers they added for DLC Story Modes.

  • Played the Demo: July 23

    Seems to be pretty good all around, not sure if I'll pick the game up day one or not though, might just wait until a price drop. Nothing against the game but my plate's pretty full of fighting games at the moment, plus that Killer Instinct Definitive Edition coming out in September.

    Team Japan Story Complete: September 30

    Team Art of Fighting Story Complete: October 1

    Had a decent amount of gift cards left from my birthday this month, so I picked up the Collector's Edition for the game. I really like it now that I've picked up the full game and watched some of Maximilian's videos on his Youtube channel. Still deciding on a team to main though, I'm thinking Robert is definite, King of Dinosaurs is possible (need to try him out some first) and I'm not sure about the third yet.

  • Completed All Battletoads (NES) Milestones: July 24

    Decided to boot up my Xbone tonight because... reasons? Popped in Rare Replay and had to uninstall everything and reinstall it because of an issue with an update, but thankfully that got it working. Not sure what I really wanted to do so I saw I finished the first two Snapshots in Battletoads and wondered if I could do them all. Struggled the most with the fourth one but finally cleared it. The rest (including the Turbo Tunnel, surprisingly) were pretty simple. Guess I can prove I'm a "Child of the 90's" again.

    Completed All Battletoads (Arcade) Milestones: July 24

    Decided to go for all of these as well. Had already completed the first two almost a year ago but never tried to go for the rest. Not too bad besides that third one, that was the most difficult one for sure, where you have to defeat 15 rats in 45 seconds on ice. But hey, "Quartermaster" achievement!

    Completed All Jetpac Snapshots/Reached Player Rank of Enthusiast: July 24

    Some of those Snapshots were awful, and that's all I'll say about that.

  • Arcade Game Complete as Rash: July 24 (as Part of Rare Replay)

    I guess this was technically in the making for almost a year since I had an old save from last August that I started up once I booted Rare Replay up. Fun game, first time I had ever finished it in any capacity, did have an arcade way back when that had it and a friend and I played it when we were young, but I think the furthest we ever got to was the Snake boss.

  • Finished Jago's Story Mode: July 27

    Bought the Supreme Edition because I just couldn't wait for the Definitive Edition (I have low impulse control)

    Shadow Lords Mode Tried: October 1

    Attempted it until I lost my first three fighters (Jago, Fulgore and Kim Wu) and started over with my own assembled team instead of one set up by the game. Currently on Turn 3 with my own team, made it to Turn 9 the first time through. Seems really fun, will have to try it out some more over time.

    Finished Shadow Lords for the First Time (Normal Difficulty): Whoops, forgot to put that one in so I don't remember when I did it.

    Shadow Lords 50 Daily Log Rewards: November 19

    Got this, now I think I'll put the game down for a while.

  • Story Complete (w/ All Collectibles Collected): July 31 (Rare Replay)

    Originally started playing this when I first got a 360 from a friend back in... 2007 or so, but never made it too far (found the first family member and that's about it) Thanks to Rare Replay, I could play the game and actually finish it, though my old save has long been lost so I had to start over, which is fine since I couldn't remember what really happened up to that point after nearly ten years. It's a fine game, I think. Just enough left that Rare could make a sequel to it if they wanted.

  • Beat Arcade Mode on Easy as Sabrewulf (Rare Replay, Xbox One): August 7

    With some practice (and a few cheats... shhhhh) I did this as well as got most of the milestones I didn't have yet. Just need three more and I can put this game to rest on Rare Replay (the three I need are for Ultra Combos, currently at 0%, Master Combos [40%] and Supreme Victories [72%] which I can clean up very shortly) In my opinion, Killer Instinct 2013 is leagues better than this game as a whole. I have KI 1 and 2 Classic on Xbone as well so I'll see how they are soon.

    All Ten Rare Replay Milestones Complete: August 7

    Getting the Master Combo achievement was probably the hardest one out of the last three I needed. Once I knew Sabrewulf's Ultra and did it once to get the timing down that was easy enough. Now I can put this game to rest, this is the first of the Rare Replay games I've gained every Milestone on so far as well. The next closest is probably Battletoads Arcade, Conker's Bad Fur Day and Kameo, though I don't see myself getting the Kameo one though unless I can get good enough for some A Ranks and someone to play co-op with.

  • Started Capitalizing on AdVenture: August 17 (PS4)

    This feels... wrong somehow.

    100% Trophies Complete: September 21

    And the fact that I eventually resorted to cheating to get all of the trophies feels even worse.

  • Main Campaign Complete (Xbox One through Backwards Compatibility): Sept. 7

    Decided to pick up the whole franchise (Borderlands on 360, the Handsome Collection and Tales from the Borderlands on Xbox One) to play through it all again on completely fresh saves and to have it all on one console. This game is still fun, though I'm happy with some of the gameplay tweaks that came with future games. I'll likely play through the DLC (besides the Moxxi one) and move on without playing through the game a second time until sometime later.

    Zombie Island DLC Complete: Sept. 9

    Moxxi DLC Attempted: Sept. 9

    Zombie Island is still a pretty fun, but short little campaign with Dr. Zed... I mean Dr. Ned. The Moxxi DLC is hot garbage still though so... skip!

    Secret Armory DLC Main Campaign Complete: Sept. 10

    Finished the main campaign and most of the side quests, decided to go to Robot Revolution instead and made it past the first two missions so far. Kind of burnt out on OG Borderlands at the moment though, so I think I'll be taking a break from it for a while now.

    Claptrap's Robolution DLC Campaign Complete: October 22

    There's just something about this DLC, man. First time I played it on PS3 I never finished it. Second time on PC I did, and I actually enjoyed it. This time I had to take over a month off of it and come back to it, and even then I barely touched the side quests and mainly stuck with story missions. Its fine, but for some reason it seems to be every other time that I don't have a good time with it.

    This likely concludes my playthrough of Borderlands for the year. Might jump back into it next year because I'm a crazy person.

  • Played Some Multiplayer: Sept. 16

    Fun little game, the next few entries are games I played at a friends house through local multiplayer.

  • Multiplayer Started: Sept. 16

    This was also pretty fun. We got about a third or so through it apparently.

  • Easiest Mode Complete (Co-op): Sept. 16

    Really simple little shoot 'em up that I really liked as a kid, though it doesn't hold up nearly as well now. Still pretty fun though!

  • Versus Mode Played: Sept 16

    Pretty fun all around.

  • Versus Mode Played: Sept. 16

    Even more so.

  • Versus Mode Played: Sept. 16

    Pretty fun fighting game. Actually won a few matches in this one despite me being terrible at it since we first played it years ago.

  • Versus Mode Played: Sept 16

    Eh, didn't enjoy this one too much to be honest.

  • World 1 & 2 Complete: Sept 17

    Pretty fun, yet difficult platformer.

  • Versus Mode Played: Sept 17

    Still a blast!

  • Co-Op Complete (Bad Ending): Sept 17

    The story was weird to say the least. Gameplay is still good though!

  • Versus Mode Played: Sept 17

    Simple, but fun. My first fighting game, and back when I was about six or so I hated it. They've come a long way, but it's still fun to play the classics every now and then.

  • Co-Op Campaign Complete (Normal Difficulty, Master Chief Collection): Sept 17

    Quite possibly my favorite Halo campaign. Short and sweet, plus the music is pretty great!

  • Beginner Training Complete: Sept 26

    Arcade Mode Complete for the First Time: Sept 27

  • Campaign Complete: October 10 (PS4, Started on Hurt Me Plenty but brought it down to finish it a bit quicker)

    It was a whole lot of fun, that's for sure. I typically can't say that about most FPS games, they just don't hold me that often. This one was definitely an exception. Can't wait to see what comes next. Will likely be playing through Wolfenstein: The Old Blood next.

  • Story Complete: October 31

    Finished the story mode on Halloween. Compared to the first (which did some pretty fun little changes to some iconic moments in DBZ) this one left a lot to be desired. Basically every change boiled down to "this person shouldn't be here, get rid of them!" There was no real wonder as to what would happen next. I did like the History of Trunks section though. Gameplay is fine and there's a lot less frustration to the Random Number Generation parts of the game, which is definitely welcome.

    Bonus Story Complete: November 2

    Well I liked these a bit, and it seems like they may tie in to DLC that I may or may not buy further down the road (I never bought the DLC for the first game, though I kind of wish I had now)

    All Instructors Complete: November 2

    Another positive I have for this game is how instructors are done in comparison to the first game. Much less time consuming and RNG in order to find them since they're now in fixed spots and are always there after you do whatever requirements to unlock them as instructors (get to a certain point in the story/meet the right advancement level)

  • Episode 1 Complete (PS4): November 3

    Seems alright so far. My main gripe with the game is Michonne is an established character so I feel its a bit difficult to roleplay as her, because I'm not sure if I should play her as myself or as her. Other than that its pretty interesting so far. Seems I fell into the majority when it came to every major decision of this episode. I'll likely play through the last two episodes over the weekend. Might even play through Tales from the Borderlands again.

    Episode 2 Complete: November 4

    I'm liking this series now. Choices this time were fairly mixed this time, with one being around the 17% mark. Its nice that on occasion I'll go against the grain in these games. Might have to hold off on Episode 3 for a while though because I have business to take care of.

    Episode 3/Season Complete, 100% Trophy Completion (though it IS a Telltale game, so that really isn't saying much): November 3

    I think I appreciate the slightly shorter episode lengths of this series as well, there was a pretty quick pace to it all that I appreciated. There were a few jump scares that got me good too. Overall I think this game is much better than I thought it would be. Bring on Season 3 of The Walking Dead!

  • Episode 1 Complete (Xbox One): November 6

    I have the entire Borderlands series on Xbox One (and one for 360 through Backwards Compatibility) and after Michonne I'm in the mood for more Telltale games, and I want some more Borderlands in my life after the first game. Still really fun and possibly my favorite game in Telltale's repertoire. It looks really nice, mixing both Telltale's graphic style with Borderlands' art style. The licensed music selection is killer too. Starting Episode 2 and might stop there for today.

    Episode 2 Complete: November 6

    Did it. One other thing I really like about the previews for the next episodes are the fact that they can occasionally give bits of details that were not in the main game, and get a glimpse at some cut content that didn't make it in future episodes.

    Episode 3 Complete: July 6

    I think I'll be trying to get all of these done real soon. I'm on a roll here now. Really fun series and isn't as dour as The Walking Dead can be most of the time. Its funny and the moments when it can be serious is really great too.

    Episode 4 Complete: November 6

    An excellent episode all around. There's some pretty great drama and comedy. Its a close call between this episode and the last one as being my favorite, though I may give it to Episode 5. I'll probably try to get through it really quick I hope.

    Episode 5 Complete/100% Achievement Completion: November 6

    I love this series, both regular Borderlands and Tales. I really love the characters in TftB a lot and I really hope this isn't the last we see of them, either in another Tales season or the mainline Borderlands series.

  • Episode Luffy Complete: November 26

    Episode Whitebeard Clear (Have Not Completed All EX Chapters): November 27

    Episode Whitebeard Complete: November 27

    Once I found the "trick" for the EX Chapters, they became a breeze.

    Episode: Akainu Complete: November 27

    Episode: Ace Cleared (Still One EX Chapter to Complete): December 3

    Took a while to get back to this after playing through all the available Batman: The Telltale Series episodes and I started up a Skyrim SE Playthrough, so this got put back on the back burner for a bit. Since the credits are rolling now, I guess I've cleared all the Story Mode stuff, there's just one EX Chapter to do and I'll have completed all four Episodes. Trying to decide if I want the DLC characters/costumes or not.

    All Chapters Complete: December 3

    Once one person said in the EX Chapter I was stuck on said to just use Heavy Guard Breaks, I beat it without much difficulty afterwards. Guess I'll just grind out the Wanted Posters and go from there.

  • Episode 1 Complete: November 27

    I like it so far, though everything with the action seems faster than usual for a Telltale game. There's still a few humorous glitches found throughout. I might play through it all again sometime with the streaming options. When it came to major choices, I seemed to stick with the majority on three, with one dissenting choice being close to 50/50 and one being closer to 30/70, with me being on the lesser side.

    Episode 2 Complete: November 27

    Game hit an error once, though I imagine that was due to my PS4 and not the game itself. Things are beginning to heat up I would say. I like the fact that you play as Bruce as much as you do, its interesting to get out from under the cowl a bit every once in a while. Choices were more in line with what the majority of others thought, besides about two choices again. Guess I'll start Episode 3 now and finish it up later tonight after some other business is taken care of.

    Episode 3 Complete: November 27

    Can't compare my stats as of this writing because I was 'offline" when I finished it. Some good reveals here and an interesting cliffhanger that I will have to wait until tomorrow to see about. Shame I don't really hear much about this series except for when a new episode comes out, but at the same time its been much easier for me to keep my eyes away from potential spoilers.

    Episode 3 Edit: Got my choices to come up after going back to the main menu, was in the majority on all but one choice.

    Episode 4 Complete: November 28

    Not too big on this episode myself as the others, though the beginning was really nice. Choices this time were pretty close to 50/50 for most, one choice I made was closer to 30 and the other was high 40s.

    Episode 5 Complete: December 14

    I had some technical issues with this episode, both in the graphical and semi-game breaking sides. Game locked up twice and kicked me back to the PSN menu, which also seems to have affected my stats when it comes to major choices, as they refuse to show me them. Might replay this episode once more a little later if there's a patch and see if that helps. I'm looking forward to a potential second season though.

  • Sun Main Campaign Complete: December 13

    Technically finished this about a week ago, but accidentally caused a post-League Pokemon to faint and I didn't want to risk possibly losing said Pokemon, so I quit and didn't touch Sun again until now. Been playing Moon on and off since though to pass the time. I really like this game a lot.

    All Ultra Beasts Caught: December 16

    That was... surprisingly easy. Only one really gave me some issues. I'm not going to complain though after going through the Guardians and trying to capture them.

    Necrozma Caught: December 17

    More difficult than the UBs, but not as hard as the Guardians. For some reason I decided to not use my Master Ball on this Pokemon and went the old "Paralyze, Weaken, Ultra Ball" route. What made this a bit simpler was the fact that it only really seemed to use a move that would fail after the first time (Stealth Rock) or raise its defense. Rarely would it outright attack when it wasn't paralyzed and couldn't move. Now I guess I might put Sun to rest and move over to Moon some more.

  • Dawnguard Campaign Complete: December 15 (Xbox One)

    Bought that Special Edition to mess with mods, though I haven't used any of those just yet since it blocks out achievements. Once I feel I've had my fill with the game I'll try those out. First time I've done this DLC despite having it on the 360 version years ago. I liked it well enough. Not sure what I'll do next, probably go through a few more side quests and try to get through the main campaign to completion before doing the Dragonborn DLC.

  • Campaign Complete w/ All Collectibles Collected (Easy Difficulty, PS4): December 18

    After the Telltale series, I'm in a Batman mood and now that the three Rocksteady-developed games are available on Next Gen systems, sounded like a good time to pick them all up. Went with Easy difficulty to get through it all a bit faster and I'll admit I used a guide to get all of the collectibles after a certain point. First time I've done that with Asylum. I really like this game a bunch. Now on to City.

  • Campaign Complete (Easy, PS4) December 22

    I like a lot of the things they've added on from Asylum to this. There's enough new stuff and a bigger world that it becomes a lot more fun to explore around when compared to Asylum. Likely won't be doing all of the side content this time around (specifically the Riddler stuff since there's so much of it) but I might come back to this from time to time. Still need to do the Harley's Revenge DLC before I move on to Arkham Knight.

    Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC Complete: December 26

    I remembered why I never finished this DLC way back when I first owned this game, it can be a bit frustrating at times. Sad that I stopped when I did because I was almost finished with it the first time. Story-wise, it could have been a bit more interesting, but its interesting to see Batman a bit depressed after the events of the main game. On to Arkham Knight I suppose.

  • Episode 1 Complete: Christmas Day (PS4)

    Let's get the technical stuff out of the way, besides a couple audio glitches and one graphical one (all VERY minor,) I didn't really have any issues with this episode, let's hope it can stay that way throughout. I like Javier, he seems like a pretty cool guy. Clem's definitely not quite how I imagined she might be, but I can understand why. Though it had the length of an entire episode, it definitely felt like story-wise, it ended about half to a quarter of the way through one, which is probably why they released the second episode the same day and made it a two-parter. Starting the second episode later tonight once I get some shut eye.

    Episode 2 Complete: Christmas Day

    Had one major technical hitch, game froze up during a choice but simply going to the PS4 home menu and going back into the game fixed it. Story was much more intense I felt this time around and I like how it ended. Definitely makes the wait for the next episode a bit harder. I'm also surprised they decided to get rid of previews for the next episode since that's been a staple for the series, but I like it because it keeps me in suspense as to what happens next. Guess I won't know until next year.

  • Kingsglaive and Brotherhood Watched: Christmas Day

    Bought both Kingsglaive and the digital deluxe version of FFXV on PSN over the weekend. Have yet to start XV, but I did watch Kingsglaive and Brotherhood during some downtime. I liked both, and I probably liked Kingsglaive more than most. Actually did this before TWD, but forgot to put it on here beforehand. Oh well. Now I have some backstory for XV before I start it.

  • A Matter of Family Complete: December 31

    I didn't like this, honestly. Not because of the story or length, but because I didn't have the upgrades that I'm used to having, made it a bit of a pain to get through. Didn't go through getting all of the collectibles either. Guess I'll do the Harley one next.

    Harley Quinn Story Pack DLC Complete: December 31

    This was much more fun but pretty short. I liked the general aesthetic of Harley's Psychosis Mode, gave it an almost horror-like vibe. The dialogue between her and Penguin was pretty great too.