Games I played in 2017

Another year, and another list of games I have played in it.

List items

  • PC, 2016: Been playing since it has come out, only have 1 toon at max. And not really leveling any alts. This exp is really full of busy work, so its very unfriendly to alts.

  • PC, 2015: Enjoy the concept of the game, but not really enjoying the game itself. Don't like the controls for the most part. Stopped playing at level 2-5, the boss was just too tough, and there aren't any check points, so i don't feel like going through the level over and over again.

  • PC, 2010: Finally went through the remaining scenarios to see if they offer a new experience. And for the most part they did not. The ones that did, weren't fun or balanced.

  • 3DS, 2016: Took me about month or so to complete. Overall a fun game, but the new 'island trail' system instead of gyms didn't work. Since they weren't that different. There were a few that didn't involve fighting, but about 80% of them did.

    Completed: The main game, didn't bother with the post game stuff for the most part. Caught a few of the special end game guys, but I don't feel the need to catch more.

  • 3DS, 2016: Just started the game, figure I could use a change of pace from tbs, rpgs, and the like.

    Completed: The main game, point attack, and team battle. It was fun, and like usual, the ending levels are 10x more difficult than any other part of the game.

  • 3DS, 2015: Start this game. Got it for x-mas.

    Completed: The game... and yeah... wrote a review for it (gave it 1 star). Was thinking of giving it two, but after reading what I wrote, i realized that I should go with a 1 star rating instead. The game... well... it just disappointing all around... its one of the few games, where i avoid all the 'extra' content due to the 'extra' content sucking.

  • PC, 2016: So far, this game is really fun, even though it is basic. Reminds me of the Wolfenstien game that came out a couple of years ago.

    Completed: The single player game. It was really fun, but the final boss was kind of confusing. I did beat it, but only through sheer overpowering it, and not by figuring out the 'right' way to deal with the boss.

  • PC, 2016: Still playing a random match here and there when they do special events, but overall, am done with this game.

  • PC, 2015: Been playing a little bit, in order to get a WoW mount. Got the mount, and stopped.

  • PC, 2016: Got this game from Moth, and so far its good, but yeah, so, so much text, that it gets tiring after a few hours.

    Completed: Finish the game, and got one of the endings (disfavored). Thought about cheesing the system to get the no allies one, but then i realize that the game changes so much each time (when you are going through it, and not just at the end) that i didn't want to do it. It isn't because i plan on play through for that ending (going for the rebel ending next), but i figure the ending wouldn't make sense, unless i played through to it.

  • Switch, 2017: Brother got a switch and this, and so far, its really fun.

    Complete: The main quests. It was really fun, and there is still a lot left to do.For the most part, i skipped side quests, well,the ones that didn't have a good reward. But they were overall nice.

  • 3ds, 2015: Finally got around to playing this game, and so far, its rather simple, gameplay, but complex, story, so its a bit off putting. Got to level 6 and then stopped playing. It was ok, but not worth my time.

  • 3DSE, 2016: Got it since it got good reviews, and because i like the 2d zelda one. So far its rather fun, but i don't like the controls so far.

    Complete: 305 puzzles, 56 books, so all the puzzles + 4 amiibo ones... took, so, so very long. It was fun, but at the end, i was burnt out.

  • PC, 2015: Got it with some left over amazon credit. The game was fun, but not as polish as the New Order (if am remembering the sub-title right for the last one). Stealth wasn't really there, though you could try it. And the game itself was about 5-6 hours long.

    Completed: The game.

  • PC, 2015: Finally started the game. Bought the GoTY like 6 months ago.

    Completed: The game. It was fun, but it was also just more of the same from the last one. And after BoTW, well, i expect more from my open world games... well, i guess this isn't open world game, but it tries to pretend to be, and cause of it, I kept mentally comparing it to BoTW, which brought my experience of it down. That, and there wasn't really anything 'new' to it.

  • PC, 2015: Got this on sale, a little time after getting tomb raider. Alex (from GB) thought highly of it, and it looked interesting, so i figure i would try it out.

    Completed: The game with DLC. It was kind of fun, but overall too stressful, and never really clicked with me. If it wasn't for my ability to cheat (unlimited power) I would have gave up on it after an hour. I just didn't like the constant countdown, or the inability to take out enemies (well, you could kill them, but it was greatly discourage via gameplay mechanics.

  • 3DS, 2017: Fun... but difficult as usual, even cheating like I do

    Completed: The game. Most of the spectre knights powers were kind of lame. I enjoy he basic attacks and movement, and rarely used anything else.

  • PC, 2016: Got it from the humble bundle monthly a while ago, so far its fun, but the new 'siege' gameplay is a major mistake.

    Completed: A short campaign (20+ hours) with the Undead. It was a fun ride, but am done. Tried the Dwarves, which were ok, and skilled the Humans and Orc completely. While I had a fun time overall, the game is still more of the same, when it comes to Total War games. There are a few new things, but short of a total shake up on how the game controls, I think am done with the series for years to come.

    On my undead campaign, I took out the Human's main faction, Empire, and the Warriors of Chaos. I had fun writing my own lore in my head for my undead kingdom, as it took over the central valley and expanded north to crush Chaos. A, La, the bad guys, who are better than the horrible guys, so the drawves, orcs, western human kingdoms, elves, and beastmen left them alone.

  • 3ds, 2017: Got it for my bday... so, so many collectibles.

  • PC, 2016: Start it. So far stealth is pretty hard.

    Completed: The main game. It was fun, but didn't feel new. Just more with some minor changes.

  • PC, 2016: Got it in a humble monthly and so far it is kind of fun. Been playing at work.

    Complete: The game on easy. I can't seem to figure out how to do the vampire stuff right, or even how to do normal. So am sticking with easy for the time being, until that gets too boring, in which case, i'll stop.

    Found a few guides, did a lot of the stuff on normal. It was fun, for a bit.

  • 3DS, 2017: Played the demo, kind of fun, but lite on content.

  • PC, 2015: A fun game, but it is also lite, and it doesn't explain what is going on, which is annoying.

    Done: Got to day 35 and call it quits. The enemies keep getting stronger, and the game runs out of player content rather quickly. So it cross the line of work needed / fun, so i stop and uninstalled. Pretty much, as time goes on, you do 'worst' and lose progress, regardless of what you do.

  • PC, 2014: Playing through it again, since the trailer for the next one has me hyped for the series.

    Completed: The game, again. Not much differences beetween the characters that you save.

  • PC, 2016: Tried playing this, but i couldn't figure out how to buy stuff, and well.. i don't feel the need to learn. This game needed to draw me in, but instead push me away with its tutorials (which i did read through a bit), and poor design.

  • PC, 2015: DLC time. Going to skip replaying the game.

    Completed: Both DLCs, Heart of Stone, while short, had the better story. Blood and Wine had a better environment, but the story was weaker. Both were good, and were a nice witcher experience, and i really enjoy how they handle the ending to Blood and Wine, as oppose to the normal main campaign.

  • PC, 2015: Been playing it a while, and while i find it interesting and fun (at the start), i have hit the wall with content around level 20. At this point, it has cross the line of time needed vs pay off (fun).

    Completed: Did the first 20 levels by myself, used a guide after that a lot, not on all the remaining, but most of them. They just went past the fun / time needed. Currently wrapping up the achievements.

  • PC, 2015: A 2d adventure game that has an interesting system where you hunt down a character and can attack any character.

    Completed: The game, fun, but kind of dull. The quest system gets dull quickly, and the actual gameplay is bad. The mechanics for hunting the big bad is cool, but that's about it.

  • PC, 2015: Played it for a few days. And well, the game varies from Stressful and tedious, which made it a crappy game. Gave it a thumbs down on steam, and people seem to be upset about that, as usual. Not sure why people rate reviews for games that they already own... well, i assume its them, cause i don't know why people would pick my review out of the other thousands that are currently there (if they don't already own the game)

  • PC, 2015: Starting playing this at work, and well... that might be a bad idea, the levels seem like they are all super long.

    Started this at home.

  • PC, 20XX: An action platformer where the player is a square, and they jump around a level to avoid hazzards and such. It has mp, i believe, and a simplicisitic art style. Overall it was alright, but am not in the mood for an action / reflex game, so i stop after the first world. The boss was interesting, but the game wasn't rewarding enough.

  • PC, 2016?: The New Land add on.... thingy. It like the first one, but with a few more bells and such. Going to try this at home, maybe. After some thought, i figure i'll skip this one, while the new stuff might be fun to see once, it isn't worth the effort of playing this game.

  • PC, 2016: Just started, and so far it rather fun. It does seem like they cut parts out of the single player, but that isn't a problem so far.

    Update: Completed the single player, tried some mp. The SP was good, great gameplay, average story. The MP was decent, but not a lot of people on it.

  • PC, 2016: Tried it for a bit, and while the puzzle seem simple at first, the game gets complex quickly. This wouldn't be so bad if it had a better reset mechanic, like re-do x amount of turns, but it doesn't. You either restart the whole level, or quit... so i quit. Don't got time for a puzzle game that waste my time.

  • PC, 2016: Fun game, but wow, i don't know much about building bridges... finish the first world, but i used faqs for the last few levels, so i stopped. There no point playing a puzzle game, where i just follow faqs. It was fair, but too difficult for me. Unlike Tumblestone i felt this one respected the user and their time, but it just didn't prove enough info on why things were failing.

  • PC, 2014: Started this FPS rogue like thingy. Got to the final boss, died, uninstalled the game. Don't got time for a rogue like that waste my time (you have to go through 5 floors to get to the final boss, and when you die, you restart on 1).

  • PC, 2016: Took about 3 hours to complete this game, and it was a good time all the way through.... well the under water stuff was a bit iffy, but it didn't over stay its welcome.

    Complete: The game. Missed a ton of the achievement stuff, so i just youtube it, don't feel like going back and getting it myself.

  • PC, 2016: A text base / walking sim where you deal with an AI.

    Complete: The game. It was ok, short, and didn't really do anything.

  • PC, 2014: Played it a bit, figure i would see what it was... and it was a tbs that didn't always work (not sure if it was buggy or just poor UI/UX).

  • PC, 2017: Started it, and so far, it is alright.

  • PC, 2016: A puzzle base platform grabber

    Completed: The game. I cheese the last 3 levels a bit, the last one a lot. By using the wall climbing trick, but i did the first 2/3 of the game fairly. It was fun, but grew stale. The whole hard to control puzzle platformer loses it charm quickly. It is just annoying when you know what you want to do, but can't get the character to do it, cause the controls are bad (on purpose).

  • PC, 2014: Got it from a friend... not sure if i'll beat it or not. I like the FMV, but i dislike the actual game... so am guessing i won't.

  • PC, 2014: Played a bit, to get the WoW mount. Won this time, so i guess the match making was better then last time (i got wreck the last time i played, and i don't mean i just lost, i mean i got destroyed by decks that were far beyond my default basic set)

  • PC, 2013 or 2014: Started playing it, found it kind of fun, found that i could debug it, started that, and having a lot more fun with it.

    Completed: The game. Did a lot of debugging, which is way i completed the game. The game itself was ok, but there wasn't enough to it.

  • PC, 2015: A walking simulator

    Complete: The game... it was a lot of talking with a little pay off at the end. If the game was much shorter, it might have worked, but I ended up getting bored with it rather quickly, and skipping to the end.

  • NSW, 2017: Bought it based off liking the previous one, and reviews.

    Completed: The game, 100%, but not the bonus area. Overall, a very fun game. Really enjoyed it.

  • PC, 2017: Got it in a bundle. A ok tbs game

    Completed: The game. Got the ending where I teamed up with the space sheriffs. Overall the game drags after the mid point. But it was still fun.

  • PC, 2016: Started, and so far, it is fun, but has a huge learning curve. Also, never going to ally with an AI that has a different mentally then my empire.

    Completed: Two games, cheated a lot, to speed things along. Played around with all 3 main end game crisis, those were fun.

  • PC, 2015: A tbs/card base rogue like that's ok so far, but seems hallow. Got to the second major area and stopped. The game loses it charmed after the 3 or 4 dungeon.

  • PC, 2015: A ship adventure game... it was ok, but dull. Played for less then an hour and then stopped.

  • PC, 2016: A rogue like text adv with tbs combat. Played for a bit, like the idea... but the game's random dice rolls put me off. Didn't complete a single adventure in this game.

  • PC, 2016: A semi-mech based top down shooter. Kind of fun, but... not sure if i'll stick with it.... and i did not. Got like 20 mission into, and got to the part where difficult vs fun scales tipped over.

  • PC, 2015: A open world game, where you split your time between being in a car, and on foot. So far, it is average, nothing special. Though, it has area control stuff, so i might stick with it until the end.

    Completed: The game. It was ok, but the pacing was off. Didn't get the v8 until like 90% of the way through the story. The story went where i thought it would, and stuff dried up.

  • PC, 2015: Did log into the 'free' version for my loot... tried 2 co-op missions, and then stopped. It was ok, but not good enough for me to go back to.

  • PC, 2017: Figure I would give it a try... and 2 minutes later, uninstalled. The game mechanics didn't make sense, and i don't have time to waste on crap like this trying to figure it out. And I don't mean the high end concepts of the game didn't make sense, i mean, the basics. Like what the player is suppose to do and such. Read though the tutorials, but found them misleading (i.e. you don't have to move a spot on your turn if you click yourself... tried that, and it didn't work, so that level of not making sense / misleading info).

  • PC, 2015?: Started on the PC. Has it moments, but overall... it isn't fun or fun enough.

    Completed: The game. Got better weapons, which made things a bit better, but still overall, felt hallow.

  • PC, 2015: Interesting idea, but frustrating gameplay.

    Completed: The game, and a few extra things. Overall interesting, but I have had my fill.

  • PC, 2016: Played it at a friends place. Took turns. Overall, better then Season 2, but not as good as 1 by far.

    Completed: The game, Kate lived, but lost Gabe and David... and am ok with that.

  • PC, 2015: Started playing this recently

  • PC, 2017: So far, its another battlefront

    Completed: The main sp. Some MP.

  • Switch, 2017: Just started today, so far, its fun, but still getting use to the controls.