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    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jun 13, 2007

    The third installment of the Ultimate Ninja series (Narutimate Ninja in Japan), Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 is for the Playstation 2.

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    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 is the third instalment in the Naruto Ultimate Ninja franshise, also known as Narutimate Ninja 3, released in Japan (December 2005), America (March 2008), Australia and New Zeland(September 2008) , and in Europe (September 2008).

    Picturing a total of 42 characters, a story mode respawning from the Story Arc 1 (till the Sasuke Retrieval Arc), an alternative quest and "free-roaming" mode called Ultimate Path, and a Versus Mode.

    Equipped with unique cel-shadding graphics (similar to the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2), many equipable and visually beautiful jutsus, massive summonings, minigames and many extras to unlock, it is regarded as a heffy fan-service game for the little eyellow-haired ninja's fans.

    The game presents its own soundtrack, different from the anime, and english and japanese voices (in the american, australian, and european versions).

    It is also included a role playing dimension to the game with many equipable items, and jutsus enhancing each player and character abilities.

    Game Modes

    The game features five main modes:

    * ULTIMATE CONTEST - an alternative single-player mode centered in a Battle Royal Contest between characters of the anime, depicting free-roaming in some of the most famous places of the anime, many ninja missions (classified from D to S and infinite ranks) and the option to hangout with various personages of the saga;

    * HERO'S HISTORY - a game mode centered in the happenings of the series from the beginning till the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, presenting numerous cut-scenes and many major battles;

    * VS. DUEL - a versus mode, for one or two players, equipped with various costumization's options;

    * IRUKA'S TRAINING - a training mode for one or two players;

    * THE BREAK ROOM - a mode filled with various mini-games.


    This game contains a lot of extras for fans, in the form of equipable jutsus and items, figurines, videos, musics, images, and main menu helper characters.

    While some are acquired during the game, some are bought in a in-game store called TANZAKU MARKET (included in the main menu) with credits given in the ULTIMATE CONTEST and VS DUEL modes.

    Most of them are then viewable in the mode called NARUTO'S HOUSE, that is actually a little trip to Naruto's own house.


    The game features a grand total of 42 characters taken from the anime, along with their own transformations.

    Also it features numerous battle temporary states that increased the characters abilities, like sharingan to sasuke and strategy mode do shikamaru.

    The characters included are:

    * Uzumaki Naruto

    * Uchiha Sasuke

    * Haruno Sakura

    * Hatake Kakashi

    * Rock Lee

    * Hyuga Neji

    * Ten-Ten

    * Maito Gai

    * Nara Shikamaru

    * Yamanaka Ino

    * Akimichi Chouji

    * Sarutobi Asuma

    * Hyuga Hinata

    * Inuzuka Kiba

    * Aburame Shino

    * Yuhi Kurenai

    * Mitarashi Anko

    * Shizune

    * Tsunade

    * Jiraiya

    * Orochimaru

    * First Hokage

    * Second Hokage

    * Third Hokage

    * The Yellow Flash

    * Konohamaru

    * Hyuga Hanabi

    * Anbu Kakashi

    * The Green Beast

    * Yakushi Kabuto

    * Tayuya

    * Sakon

    * Kidoumaru

    * Kimimaro

    * Jiroubo

    * Haku

    * Momochi Zabuza

    * Gaara

    * Kankurou

    * Temari

    * Uchiha Itachi

    * Hoshigaki Kisame

    The transformations included:

    * Naruto One Tailed-Kyuubi

    * Cursed Seal Stage 2 Sasuke

    * Cursed Seal Stage 2 Tayuya

    * Cursed Seal Stage 2 Sakon

    * Cursed Seal Stage 2 Kidoumaru

    * Cursed Seal Stage 2 Jiroubo

    * Cursed Seal Stage 2 Kimimaru

    * Butterfly Choji

    * Half-transformed Gaara

    * Drunken Lee (a.k.a. Loopy Lee)

    * Cursed Seal Stage 1 Anko


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