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Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is an enhanced update to Tekken 5 and is the seventh game in the Tekken series. It was released in Japanese arcades in 2005 and North American arcades in February 2006, before being ported to the PlayStation Portable later that year. The game was also re-released as a downloadable game on the PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network online service in 2007, and a subsequent patch was released that adds an online component to the game. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection on the PS3 has been confirmed to have sold in excess of one million units.


Jinpachi Mishima
Jinpachi Mishima

After the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 ended Heihachi Mishima is leading Kazuya Mishima to Hon-Maru Temple to fight Jin Kazama , where Heihachi hopes that an epic battle will ensue ending with him being able to steal both Kazuya's and Jin's "devil genes." Said battle ends with Jin defeating both of them and flying away in devil form. The opening cinematic of Dark Resurrection begins with Kazuya and Heihachi regaining consciousness in the temple only to find that a crap load of Jack-4s are now descending on their location and they must fight. At first they fight together defeating many of the Jacks, but Heihachi, not as young as he used to be, begins to tire and Kazuya uses this opportunity to throw him into the Jacks before transforming into his devil form and flying away. Jacks-4s quickly begin to swarm Heihachi, piling on top of him and to Heihachi's horror they reveal they are about to self destruct. The explosion was thought to have killed Heihachi, but he's still kicking. The blast did manage to awaken Heihachi's dad Jinpachi Mishima, who was imprisoned underground by his son years ago when Heihachi overthrew him and took control of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Anyway soon after the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 is announced and all of the characters have their respective reasons to enter.


The fight mechanics are pulled off nicely and are mostly the same as you would expect. Each button is tied to a limb with square and triangle being your arms and X and O being your legs. Then the game lets you sets the L and R button to any combination of the four you would like. There are plenty of stages to choose from with a total of 35, there are also many gameplay modes. The roster for the game includes 34 playable characters including 32 returning ones and 2 new characters, Sergei Dragunov and Emily "Lili" Rochefort, plus a returning character, Armor King. Dark resurrection also features a character customization mechanic which will let you do anything from simply changing the colors of the characters costume to something crazy like putting Nina in a sexy nurse's outfit with a giant syringe on her back.


Story Battle: Allows you to pick a character and play through a series of nine battles which ends with the boss of the game Jinpachi Mishima. Each character has a prologue and upon completing story mode with a character, you are shown their ending CG movie.

Arcade Battle: A series of unlimited battles against CPU customized characters that you can use to raise the rank of your fighter and earn gold.

Network: Allows you to play against your friend on another PSP through a LAN connection.

Attack: Contains various modes including Time Attack (where the game records how quickly you complete story battle), Survival (where the game records the amount of people you can kill on one bar of health, although you do regain a small bit of health after each fight) and gold rush where are given thirty seconds to literally beat the gold out of your opponent.

Tekken Bowl: A mini game where you pick a character and go bowling as them. Each character handles differently, with mainly right handed characters, some left handed characters, each with varying degrees of power (the more powerful the character the more powerful bowler they will be)

Command Attack: The game tells you a set of increasingly difficult attack inputs that you must pull off.

Tekken Dojo: In Tekken Dojo you progress through multiple dojo's, competing in various different tournaments to increase your rank at that dojo. When you reach #1 at a dojo, you can then move onto the next dojo. There are seven dojos, "Earth Dojo", "Water Dojo", "Fire Dojo", "Wind Dojo", "Void Dojo" and finally "Heaven Dojo" and a bonus "Yurin Dojo", where you can battle ghost data received from other players.

Character Roster

Jin Kazama
Jin Kazama

Returning Characters

New Characters

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