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A fight between two of the game's new characters
A fight between two of the game's new characters

The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact features some of the biggest changes to SNK's annual fighting game franchise. This is the first King of Fighters game to be presented in full polygonal 3D with players having the ability to use inward and outward side steps/rolls to move beyond the 2D plane. Maximum Impact also drops the 3-on-3 team format for its story mode, instead keeping battles to 1-on-1 (3-on-3 battles are still available in all non-story modes). Maximum Impact was followed by a sequel in 2006 but, other than these two games, all other spin-offs and main series King of Fighters games have been 2D.

Alternate costumes and new character designs for Maximum Impact (as well as its sequel) were created by Japanese artist Falcoon.



Athena Asamiya

Kyo Kusanagi

Clark Still


Mai Shiranui

Terry Bogard



Iori Yagami

Yuri Sakazaki

Ralf Jones

Ryo Sakazaki


Rock Howard


Chae Lim

Alba Meira

Soiree Meira

Mignon Beart

Lien Neville


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