January Vita lineup and upcoming titles

New month, new year, and I'm back with a rundown of upcoming and recently announced games for the PlayStation Vita. As usual, it is focused on the North American market, with Europe and Japan exclusive titles in their own sections below.

As with last year there are no retail releases this month, though Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is a full retail coming out download only. Else, no confirmed releases, but classic adventure game revival Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse, space combat sim Starlight Inception, indie platformer Dustforce, and Backgammon Blitz are all targeting January releases. As always there's likely to be more PSN releases announced during the month, and I'll add them to this post as they happen.

December proved a decent month for new game announcements in North America, with Tecmo Koei once again sticking by the Vita by bringing over Dynasty Warriors 8: Complete Edition (which includes the Xtreme Legends expansion) as well as several indies like platformer Teslagrad, the Spider-Man 2 inspired swing-a-thon Energy Hook, J-horror inspired Kodoku, and AR game AfterZoom.

As usual though, Japan got a lot more, with both big new entires recognizable franchises like Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, Super Robot Wars Z 3, a new Legend of Heroes game in the Trails series, as well as new properties like Compile Heart's RPG Moero Chronicle and a game based on Gainax's new anime Magica Wars. Beyond that there were several new visual novels announced, while Gust confirmed that they are continuing to port the Atelier games to the Vita with Atelier Ayesha Plus.

And we're back on track for another month. Next month promises to be a lot more packed, with over the top murder mystery adventure Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and action game Toukiden: The Age of Demons. If XSEED's PlayStation Blog teases were anything to go by, there might also be news of localization of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus and maybe even Akiba's Trip 2 too.

See you in February!



Early 2014?



Rest of the year

Retail releases



  • Zero Escape 3 - Development has started, but patforms have yet to be annouced
  • Sly Cooper HD Collection - ESRB rating
  • Still Time - Minimalist indie puzzle platformer
  • New Ys game


(Titles out in Europe with no American release announced.)


(Incomplete list of Japanese titles that have yet to be announced for western release)


Retail (released)

Download (released)

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Posted by awesomeusername

Besides Danganronpa & FFX/X-2, I don't think there's anything I want for Vita for the next few months. Aside from indie games.

Posted by HistoryInRust

Energy Hook looks great. Really hadn't put that on my personal radar until now.

Thanks again for this!

Posted by RonGalaxy

Binding of Isaac is a Zelda clone... With rogue like elements.

Also, that re-release cannot come sooner. My vita will become a binding of isaac machine.

Edited by SunBroZak

I hope it's not long until we get an American/Europe version of Disgaea 4 for the vita. It's been too long since I last played a Disgaea game, and I ain't paying for all that dlc.

Also, yeah, the new Binding of Isaac game will take over my vita. I cannot wait for that game.

Posted by IamTerics

I bet Dustforce would play pretty well on a handheld. My main problem with the game was that it felt like a collection of levels without any clear way to go about them but its a fine platformer. Other maybe Toukiden, not a huge amount of interesting retail games. The indie/downloadable stuff is looking pretty good though.

Posted by Atwa

Danganronpa has me hyped, want to see what the fuzz is about.

Toukiden however is one of the games I have looked forward to most on my Vita.

Posted by awesomeusername
Posted by BlackLagoon
Posted by ervonymous

@blacklagoon: That's the last game I expected to get localized. All that Hearthstone and Senran Kagura money.

Posted by ManMadeGod

At this rate I can't see the Vita making it to 2015. I've also been pretty bummed about The Wolf Among Us not coming out at the same time as the ios version. I have been holding off on other versions............

Posted by spraynardtatum

olliolli comes out tomorrow. Yesssssssss

Edited by gerrid
Posted by GooieGreen

@blacklagoon: Sometimes the universe is just. Sometimes. This is one case where we are given a gift from the gods.

All Hail Monpiece!