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Conquests 13: Year of Retro (Games I Beat in 2023)

Sooo, I set myself a goal yet again of beating more games last year than the year before and I failed miserably. I beat 4 less games last year than the year before that, which I thought was pretty bad.

I am finding that with having more access to way more games, and a decidedly shrinking amount of free time I am bouncing from game to game way more often.

I think this year I really want to try and clean up some great games that I started but did not finish such as Last of Us 2 or God of War.

I will quote my criteria from previous years.

As with every year I am counting games that I finish the story or campaign mode on, or whatever the equivalent may be. In some cases a game may not have a story mode, so I will count it if I finish every achievement or goal. In the case of some pinball machines (on Pinball Arcade) I will count them if I finish every standard and wizard goal. I will also count a game beat if I put a ton of time into it if it has no way of finishing it. If the game is primarily multiplayer I will count it if I have finished all the achievements/trophies or possibly if the game has challenges or such.

Previous Years Lists

List items

  • A pretty short little indie game that is supposed to invoke games such as Banjo Kazooie on N64. There is not a lot to it, and the challenge is basically non existent, but I still enjoyed my time with it.

  • I had Accounting+ on my Quest 2 for a while now thanks to a HumbleBundle a while back. For whatever reason I decided to randomly fire it up and finally see what it even was. I was not quite expecting what it ended up being. It was really short, and felt more like an experience most of the time rather than a game. The humor in the game was also a huge miss for me, with most of it just being annoying rather than funny.

  • This was the NES version on the Cowabunga Collection. It has been a long time since I played this version of the game as I usually play the arcade version. This was the version I knew the best as a kid though, since I had it on the NES and had access to it. I still have a lot of fun playing it, but playing the arcade version is definitely a better version.

  • Finished this one on the PlayStation 5 through the PlayStation Classics section of Plus. I had played this on the PSP a long time ago, but did not own the DLC tables, so it was interesting to finally be able to play them all. I ended up playing enough to get the platinum trophy, The tables are interesting and it was cool playing tables based on these games, but the actual pinball physics in this just aren't really that great.

  • I FINALLY played through this game. This game is super nostalgic to me, but it is really just from a demo that I had. I played that demo over and over and loved it. I only ended up owning the game myself years later, but didn't really get around to it. Well since they added trophies to it on the PlayStation 5 I decided to go for it. Well even after all of these years I still love it and had a blast finally getting to play all of it. Got the platinum on this one as well.

  • I was going to wait to pick this one up when it was on sale since I have already finished it in the past. Well that was back when it originally released on PS3, and I realized that there was a lot I didn't quite remember so I pulled the trigger on the remake. This remake was really great, a lot better than I had even anticipated. This one really is one of the better stories in a video game, and I think I liked it even more this time than I did the first time.

  • Finished this one on my new Evercade EXP handheld. I had never even heard of this arcade game before, but I actually had a ton of fun playing through it. It feels pretty similar to Bubble Bobble, but with a couple of twists on the game play.

  • Finished this one purely for Retro Achievements. This is one of those compilations that came out during the 8-bit era that tries to give players "value" by offering a bunch of games. The thing is though, these are almost always full of trash games, and this one is no different.

  • "Finished" this one on the Atari 2600 and Colecovision for Retro Achievements. It has been interesting to see how different these old ports of Donkey Kong are. I had played the Atari 2600 version way back when I was a little kid on my actual Atari, but I never had a Colecovision, so that one was new.

  • Another Retro Achievements finish. This game is so basic it is really not very fun. I have played other games meant for young children that were still at least somewhat fun, but this one is really not one of them.

  • Finished this one a number of years ago so I could work on the wiki page. Well, this time was for Retro Achievements. This is such a simple game obviously geared towards younger children. This one is more fun than the Elmo in Grouchland game I played previously though, with a lot more variety.

  • Yet another game for Retro Achievements. I hadn't played this on Atari 2600 since I was a kid. It is decent fun for a few minutes, but boy is it simple with not much to do.

  • This was the N64 version for Retro Achievements. I have been plowing through many Tetris games on multiple platforms for those achievements. This is one I never played before so I found it interesting that it had a story mode to play through.

  • The NeoGeo Pocket is a system that I actually really love. I picked one up back when they discontinued them in a pack with a bunch of game and fell in love with it. This is one that I had not played before, but decided to play it for some Retro Achievements. I got way more into this than I thought. I figured it would just be a worse version of Magical Drop, but this port is actually really good.

  • Played this for some of those sweet Retro Achievements. Of course this is a very basic game, since it was made for the pre-school demographic. It honestly wasn't as terrible as I would have assumed, but it was a quick completion that was ultimately pretty boring.

  • Another one that was solely for Retro Achievements. While there isn't much of a game here, it does have some mini games which I had to complete to get the RetroAchievements mastery. I can not imagine this was very good for its intended use as it is really clunky and slow, not to mention the size of the screen you have to read it on.

  • I'm counting this one as a win since I saw credits and was told I cleared the normal mode. I have been really enjoying playing many different versions of Tetris this year. I hadn't even heard of this version before playing it, but it really is one of the best versions I have played.

  • Dreamcast Version. I decided to go through the Dreamcast version of the game to master it for RetroAchievements. I had gone through this version of the game only one other time in the past. Other than the remake, this is probably the best version of the game, at least using a different controller than the original Dreamcast one.

  • Not much of a game. One of those throw away European exclusive PlayStation "games" that involve watching a terrible quality animated movie with a bunch of mini games and sliding picture puzzles. This game is notable however for the game that finally got me to learn how to complete those stupid sliding puzzles, which I now know are really not that hard at all.

  • Another one I played to get some RetroAchievements. There isn't much to say about it as it is just the same as the TV show of the same name. Of course I had to look up a bunch of the answers, especially this being the UK edition.

  • Game Boy version. I had played through this a few times in the past, but it got updated with new achievements on RetroAchievements so I played through it again. I really do enjoy playing through this one from time to time, even though it is a pretty easy game. It is almost like a comfort food game for me to just blast through it every now and then.

  • I end up playing through this arcade game every few years or so. I really enjoy this one a lot and would still love to see some kind of modern re-release of this as we did with other great arcade beat' em up games. This is also the only game I can claim I played with a U.S. Senator, so there's that.

  • A fun little point and click find the hidden objects type of game. The games in this series are just a relaxing game to play while not wanting to dive in to something that will require all of my attention.

  • A neat little RPG homebrew game on the Game Boy. I liked my time with this short experience, and it has some pretty great graphics for a Game Boy game.

  • Game Boy version. This is a quick little version of Gunman Clive that I think could have been a pretty good full game.

  • This homebrew horror themed Game Boy adventure game was really interesting. I had not played a game in this style on the Game Boy before, and the almost point and click style of it actually worked really well on the Game Boy.

  • This one was another quick homebrew for the Game Boy Color. It is a really neat small horror game with a pretty creepy atmosphere and interesting story.

  • Game Boy Color version.

  • Man, this game really came out of nowhere for me. I hadn't even heard of this game pre-release. I had to be home sick from work and decided to try this game because of Game Pass. I absolutely fell in love with Ravenlok. Between the story, the visual style, and the overall gameplay this game really knocked it out of the park. I ended up cleaning up the achievements after just playing it for the story. I would really suggest anyone who has Game Pass to download this one and give it a try, it is not too terribly long and can be beaten in an afternoon.

  • Played this one randomly when seeing it pop up on Game Pass. I knew literally nothing about it before hand, and was surprised it was a very Limbo style game. I really like the interesting way the story was told, and it was pretty much the right length to keep me interested until the end.

  • Beat this one for Retroachievements. This sure was...interesting.

  • This one is a homebrew game for the NES. It is basically a Pac-Man style maze game, but it is pretty high quality. The game is very short though with only 5 levels to complete.

  • NES Version

  • PS5 release of the original PlayStation version.

  • Xbox Series X remaster.

  • PSP version. I actually liked this way more than I thought I would, especially not really being a big fan of Michael Jackson music. I ended up playing through the game basically three times, every song on every difficulty. Had to get that Retro Achievements mastery.

  • Game Boy version. Played this for Retro Achievements and that is the only reason to play this stinker. It is absolutely terrible, as most Game Boy 1 on 1 fighters are.

  • I have been on a HUGE Tetris kick this year. I had never known there was a sequel to Tetris Plus, so I was pretty excited to play it. This is a really fun twist on Tetris and a really well made game. This would be awesome to have a re-release on modern systems so more people could play it. Of course Tetris licensing seems to always be messy for older titles, so I doubt it ever will.

  • On top of playing a ton of Tetris this year, I have also dumped a significant amount of hours in to different Dr. Mario games. I do actually feel like I have been getting better at these games, but at the higher speeds with the high starting viruses I still get flustered sometimes.

  • N64 Version. by far the worst version of this game out there. The first immediate hurdle is immediately having to go in and configure the controls, because the N64 controller is kind of a nightmare for games not initially designed for it. It also only has small clips of the songs, and they sound pretty low quality on top of it. Probably won't be going back to this one anytime soon.

  • Game Boy version and Master System version. Mastered both of these for Retro Achievements. I had always seen these in magazines and at stores and stuff while younger, but never played them before. For what are basically edutainment games, they were actually kind of fun for some quick masteries, but they are really basic.

  • PlayStation version. Never did play this one before, and boy oh boy is it not good. It doesn't feel anywhere near as good as 1 or 2, looks worse, and the devs of this version changed the layout of the changes for the worse. The new stuff feels super cluttered and has no flow to it, which is counter to what the Tony Hawk series usually goes for. The PS2 version of this is one of my favorite games of all time and this version is very forgettable cheap feeling garbage.

  • I have now played this games on Xbox, PlayStation, and now Steam on PC. This was certainly the year of Tony Hawk for me since I have played through so many versions. This is really the ultimate version of Tony Hawk that is hands down one of the best remakes ever. You can tell how much love and care went in to this, it really is a shame what happened to the developers.

  • Original PlayStation version. Not much to say, it is a basic trivia game based on the TV show that follows the format exactly.

  • Original PlayStation version. This is pretty much the same as Second Edition.

  • WOW. I really enjoyed this even more than I thought I would. I have yet to play Atari 50, so this was my first exposure to this interactive documentary style thing. I was completely sucked in to the history and what Jordan Mechner had to say about his life journey with this game. I really enjoyed being able to play through each iteration of the game as they were developed. I will absolutely play new entries in this series.

  • NeoGeo CD version.

  • Arcade version for RetroAchievements.

  • Arcade version for RetroAchievements.

  • Arcade version for RetroAchievements.

  • Arcade version. I had never really played this one as a kid other than on the NES. I was quite surprised at how terrible the arcade version is. It is so slow and the enemies take FAR too many hits to defeat. I will be glad to never play that again.

  • Nintendo 64 homebrew version.

  • SNES version