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In the end of the last World Fighting Tournament, it was Kage-Maru who came out on top. Soon after the end of the Tournament he fought a new model of Dural. Kage-Maru then found an item to save his mother Tsuki-Kage. However, Tsuki-Kage's condition had gotten worse, she was transforming into Dural more when the item was used. She ultimately turned into Dural. Judgement 6 (J6) had got their hands on the newly finished Dural. Now they started to research ways to make her stronger. But Tsuki-Kage had remained incomplete for too long and her powers were weak.
J6 started looking for prospects to be the next, complete, Dural model. They decided upon Sarah Bryant. Plans were made to acquire her, and the Fourth World Fighting Tournament was organized.
With so many hidden agendas and suspicious machinations going on, the Tournament was now ready to begin.

Returning Fighters:

Akira Yuki
Pai Chan
Lau Chan
Wolf Hawkfield
Jeffry McWild
Sarah Bryant
Jacky Bryant
Shun Di
Lion Rafale
Aoi Umenokouji

New Characters:

Lei Fei
Vanessa Lewis

Game Features:

Game Modes:

Arcade, your basic fight to fight mode, where, you will ultimately face Dural.
Versus, your two-player mode. Select characters and choose a stage. Then beat eachother up.
Kumite, your survival mode. Join the tournament and fight a neverending chain of fighters.
Training, complete different objectives and learn the moves of the game.
Give your opponent a beating!!

CPU Training:

Save a replay and coach your own CPU fighter how to fight. Or you can spar with him and tell him what is good or bad.

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