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The Neverending Review Quest

A quest I started 3 years ago thanks to Although it didn't start off with this in mind I ended up spending more time on writing at least a few sentences on each game I finished. These are more like my thoughts on the game instead of a traditional review. Since one paragraph isn't quite enough to sell anyone on a game. I've posted some of these on Giant Bomb as Mini Reviews.

This now has every mini review I posted on dpadd. As you might be able to tell I play a lot of games. Plus I'm willing to play just about anything. I'm still going to keep posting reviews but I've switched over to doing longer reviews which means I will most likely take longer to post them compared to these short ones I've been doing every time I see the credits in a game.

After all this is also a way for me to keep tabs on every game I've beaten. Plus it's great to go back and see what I thought about the game when it is time for Game of the year discussions.

List items

  • Was fun in the beginning when the levels were more open and allowed cutting/rocketing just about everything. Near the end it went for a more puzzle like approach which was still good but not as fun as just going nuts the first few levels. Still this game is worth it just to slice and dice a bunch of things for a few hours. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • A ok third person adventure/puzzle game. Like I said before the find the item you need and use it this way pretty much got annoying the more I had to do it. The story was interesting yet kinda underwhelming by the end. I could see a better game come out of this if they decide to make another one but until then I give this a 2.0/5.0 Stars.

  • I play RTS games for the single player and that is what this review is of. The varied missions throughout the campaign were a highlight even if it would have been nice to build a base to blow up another one at some point. Of course the space truckers were certainly a highlight throughout it but the story really seemed to build up to the expansion pack although ending it here can work since I'm not sure if I'll ever get to the next one. 3.0/5.0 Stars.

  • Without the nostalgia of all the older portable Castlevania's getting in the way this was a surprisingly fun game. A simple and easy to master combat lead me to enjoy my 9 hour playthrough of this game. The story while being pretty obvious was about on par with any of CV game. Which is why I give this a 3.0/5.0 Stars.

  • Gotta give props to Next Level games for making a Nintendo game that feels like one. Although it does look like they don't have to many types of ghosts they manage to mix it up a bit more by using the environment against you. The charm of the game keeps going till the end and the bosses you face are mostly fun. The only real downfall is that vacuuming the ghosts up might get a bit boring by the end once you learned all the tricks even though I still found it to be enjoyable. Even the mutiplayer can be fun with 4 Luigi's running around a haunted tower. In the end I give this a 4.0/5.0 Stars.

  • Other than making the city open world and the combat being a bit better it doesn't really do much else to mix it up a bit. The city really just gives them a bigger playground to hide even more random collectibles all over which is fine if you really like collecting a ton of items. Still the simplified Batman:AC combat is interesting and the silly story was a highlight. I give this a 2.0/5.0 Stars.

  • t has quite a few good points like the fairly obvious puzzles that don't take a wizard to figure them out. The combat although rather Resident Evilish was still solid although running was the better option 99% of the time. If you have trouble with early polygonal graphics it's best to stay away since this won't win any it looks awesome awards. The story was also rather simple since it was the standard horror trope. Still I give this a 3.0/5.0 Stars.

  • Burning through the first few AITD games. The second one refined the gameplay so it would have more of a action/ you don't have to look at a menu to do something feel to it so that was a improvement but not enough to bump it up a star. Everything else was about on par with the original so I still give this a 3.0/5.0 Stars.

  • It's to bad the game that really shows how good a Wii remote+ works had to be one of the final ones. The gameplay has to be a highlight since this is just as good or better than some of the older Zelda titles. The more you get into the game the more you have to actually have to judge the swing of the sword or it will punish any mistakes. The story is standard for a Zelda game but it is told well. Except for the dungeons the game really only has 4 different environments so although they are detailed that isn't much variety. They do mix it up when you come back so that helps some. That is why I give this a 4.0/5.0 Stars.

  • Can't say this really scared me in any way other than a few jump scare moments. But it did have me on edge for most of the game till near the end. Which I think is more effective than any omg moments although having the feeling of being almost afraid certainly made the unexpected moments a bit better. All you really do in this game is run around the wilderness trying to figure out why Kate went missing. While doing this Slenderman might pop up to ruin your day. Fairly simple but mostly effective which is why I give this a 3.0/5.0 Stars.

  • They put a lot of work into making this and it shows. The art style is a obvious highlight and I doubt you see many games where you play as a Luchador. Combat wise it isn't that varied but near the end you can make quite a few interesting combos with the powers you unlock by exploring the world. The only thing I can think of that's bad is that it's not that hard of a game although you can unlock hard mode after beating it for more of a challenge. Otherwise this was a near perfect game for me so I give it a 5.0/5.0 Stars.

  • Still really fun even though I remembered most of the tricks from the first time I played through it was still really enjoyable. Still plenty of deaths but like usual it was my fault. A very punishing game but it gets better the more you learn about your enemies. 5.0/5.0 Stars

  • With solid gameplay and a awesome soundtrack this is still one of the best indie games of all time. The story is also told well via narration throughout the many adventures you might have. Last but not least the fighting has a good flow to it. Mainly requiring precise timing with the many different weapons you can obtain. 5.0/5.0 Stars

  • A very good first act that feels a lot like Dragon Quest only leads to a so so game in the following acts. The story is standard fair except they try to be funny yet other than a few smiles nothing really made me laugh. Which is bad when the only gameplay they have is the old turn based style which works but it can get kinda meh after a bit since most of the game isn't really challenging. Which is why I give it a 2.0/5.0 Stars.

  • A exciting adventure that'll keep you busy till the very end. (sorta forgot to say something about playing this. Oh well.) The gameplay is very mixed between shooting and climbing around areas. This doesn't do much to change the standard for these kinds of games and without a fairly well told story it could have been a fairly bland game. Still the story is a highlight since we get to see the new Lara turn into a survivor by the end. Plus if you like epic set piece moments this has a few good ones. Which is why I give it a 3.0/5.0 Stars.

  • One of the few games that can be enjoyed purely by the story it tells. Since the gameplay and the graphics are sub par yet the charm it has easily makes it more enjoyable than normal. Hard not to love the ever odd FBI agent York and his case to solve the strange red seed murders. Since this is a DC they added a few new things but they don't really add anything mind blowing. You will also notice it has a unstable frame rate and it pauses at random times too. Still that doesn't somehow take away from making this game a 3.0/5.0 Stars.

  • The humor may not always hit the right notes but Blood Dragon can be fun most of the way through. The open world island can add quite of bit of time onto the small campaign. Just don't expect to get more than about 6 hours unless you like to replay the story again. Actually I guess the humor was the only bad point and that is kind relative per person. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • After a really slow start it starts to get interesting near the end. A adventure game relies on puzzles and the story. The puzzles in this game are okay although one was slightly more annoying than needed. Next up the story is about global warming and time travel. Once the stakes are raised it turns out to be a good little story. Which is why I give it a 3.0/5.0 Stars.

  • Playing through Super Metroid is always a fun time. Still not good enough to beat it under 3 hours though heh. Collecting different items to unlock a new area always seems to be the perfect mechanic. If you somehow haven't played this I still think it holds up no matter when you play it. Which is why I give it a 5.0/5.0 Stars.

  • Although it has a highly amusing mystery some of the gameplay doesn't hold up at all. Having to face a few random instant fail moments when the game doesn't give you a second chance was pretty annoying. Also the quiz at the end of each chapter is only really there to add a bit more time onto a fairly short game. Otherwise the story is very compelling if you can get past the flaws this game has. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • Although the graphics make it look like a anime 100% more than any other game they don't manage to get the feel right for the story. They barely even mention what happens during the game except for 3 big moments that shine above the rest but that doesn't make up for the rest. Gameplay is fairly fun with combat being very smash bro's like except for the few mini games between fights which aren't very good at all. Which is why I give this a 2 out of 5. No where to go but up from here hopefully. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • The basic gameplay of a Kirby game still holds up 20 years later. I'm not 100% certain but I believe this was when they added in the enemy skill mechanic. Since the original GB game didn't have that. It varies the different skills you can use to compete a level so it doesn't get old fast. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • I played though this when my friend brought it over. Anyway it seemed like a well put together fighting game that was easy to figure out yet hard to master. Story wise it is told very well just like MK but it can get a bit to focused on one character at certain times. Star labs seems to extend the single player content with a ton of challenges if the fairly short story isn't enough. Online mutiplayer seems to have gotten pretty intense but I've never been a very good fighting game player. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • Shoot things while Duke shouts off one liners and collect keys to unlock doors. . Shooting random monsters in Doom or this seems to work a lot better than most of the generic FPS games put out today. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • A compelling mystery yet the amount of puzzles before the end might be a tad to much. The mysterious masked gentleman shall keep your interest though most of the puzzles yet near the end I just kinda wanted to see the end instead of another puzzle. Still most of the puzzles are unique enough that it'll take quite a bit of thinking unless your really good at figuring them out. Solid puzzles and a nice story line means I'll give this a 3.0/5.0 Stars.

  • A fairly unique setting with some solid top down lock on shooting gameplay to keep it fun all the way through. The main flaw is that it is arcade length so don't expect much more than 2 hours at most. If you want to know more about the back story the game has quite a few challenges that unlock it. Other than be a really good lock on/giant laser shooter it also has a risk reward mechanic every time you shoot. Are you willing to use up all your ammo to take a bunch of health off or save some in case you get hit? With your shield being linked to your ammo it can be quite dangerous to use all of it. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • Older FPS games rely on the guns being fun to use. You would think a game with a nuke as a weapon would be pretty good at that but blowing myself up happens way to much. Plus the rest of them are just kinda meh. Even the humor isn't that great since none of the lines really work very well. It does have a fairly good level design since I never got lost to many times. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • A great first impression yet near the end they ran out of ideas near the end. The variety of the environments didn't keep up but the guns were very fun to use although a few were kinda useless. The story was a fairly simple revenge story that works. Not much else to say other than it's a solid old school FPS. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • When it's possible to have just about everything before the first year is up it kinda takes the fun out of it. The great pace of the orginal HM and HM64 is not here at all. It also seems to be missing some key features. Like exploring the surrounding area and relationships. Focusing mainly on farming might have worked if I wasn't able to finish everything before night shows up like in the early game for a longer amount of time. Might just have to check out my copy of HM GB3 to see if they improved anything. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • The most basic of gameplay makes this better than most. In a game where you play as a bunch of blocks the narration really adds a lot of flavor to it. Not every block is created equal since they all have their little quirks that'll be needed to figure out how to get to the exit in each area. I literately started this game and finished it in the same session. So it is quite short but still worth playing. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • A fairly challenging arcade like shooter that'll test your skills. Not much I can really say about it other than the way everything moves is a little odd looking but other than that it's a fun little game.Certainly worth a look at if you want to play something like Metal Slug. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • So I bought a few Sega Saturn games the other day... Every time I headed to my arcade I almost always played this. The let's beat up a ton of guys genre has always been one the most simple yet a very addictive genre of games. This is one of the reasons I still enjoy games like this today. Anyway a ton of guys/girls stand between you and beating up a bad guy that has captured the presidents daughter. It's that simple and I think it still holds up in some ways. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • A well told story told without saying a word and a reasonable amount of interesting puzzles. It was also kinda nice whenever I got stuck for long enough I just used what was pretty much in in game faq. Some of the item use was a bit weird but otherwise a very solid adventure game worth playing. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • One of the first games I got via Plus a while ago. Never did play all the way through it even though it has been on my hard drive the entire time. A fairly standard TPS all the way till the very last hour. At the very end you get crazy water controlling powers which are pretty fun to use against your enemies. Even with that I'm not really sure it was worth playing through which is why I give it a 2.0/5.0 Stars.

  • Animal Crossing still works in all the right ways. A fairly simple game about starting a new life in a small town and trying to pay off your ever increasing debt to Tom Nook. To do this you can fish, catch bugs and find the magical rock that drops money in every AC game. Which is fairly addicting in some weird way. Designing your unique house is also a element although at this point I just throw whatever I can find into mine atm. One of the new features is being a Mayor which lets you place buildings that your townspeople want and a few unique buildings that can be built after fulfilling the requirement. In the end it's a fairly well put together package at could be played all year long or if your a magical time traveler it might be possible to see some of the more interesting events now... 5.0/5.0 Stars

  • If you like precise platforming and a cool soundtrack this game is worth playing. Finding all the secrets could add quite a bit of replay ability to this title. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • A fairly short game but it still manages to have really solid gameplay. Seeing what Raiden was up to might not be everyone's cup of tea yet it still hits all the crazy points you want to see in a metal gear game with a ton of over the top moments as well. It may seem simple at first but figuring out of timing on counters while also mashing out attacks takes quite a bit of time to get used to. Once you figure it out thought you'll be a real bad ass cyborg ninja. Being able to slice everything to pieces is also cool till the very end. If your up for some more MG storytelling and DMC like combat this game is for you. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • So my memories might not live up to how it plays now. Still most likely the best and only stealth game on the Game Boy yet it has a few flaws. Mostly in the annoying puzzles department with the conveyor belt puzzle using boxes. Took a bit to much trial and error to figure it out. The screen is also a bit to small to figure out where all the enemies are so running into them happens more than it should. Other than that the stealth works perfectly and the bosses are suitably challenging. Certainly worth a look at if your a metal gear fan. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • A cute little adventure game that has a few interesting puzzles to figure out. Seems to be a episodic series since this was the first one. They did a good job with the story since I had a smile on my face quite a few times. It may not be very challenging but if you have a few hours to solve some puzzles then this game might just be worth getting. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • After starting this about a month ago I finally finished it the other day. A fairly simple RTS that doesn't hold my interest for very long. You only control 4 units with one being a re-spawn truck. Most of the rest are different types of zombies with a few special elite units that have different powers depending on which way you hit the dpad. In the end it mainly just comes down to sending all your units to beat up a lower number of enemies to win. It may be possible to counter certain units but the game never punished me for just throwing whatever I had at the enemy so I'm not quite sure if that's the case. Which is why this isn't worth getting unless you already have it via psplus. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • Maybe it's because I've played a few better than normal anime game that this one really seems uninspired. Like the first Naruto game they barely even try to retell the story and most of it is mainly via a wall of text. Combat is similar to Dynasty warriors yet it's just to slow sometimes. It also has a mission mode but after beating about 10 and the story mode I didn't really feel like playing it anymore right now. If you really like bleach this game might be worthwhile but otherwise it's not worth picking up. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • f your up for doing a bunch of tricks while boosting down a dangerous track this game might be for you. Don't expect anything more than some really good gameplay since the story is nothing more than a few fake movie trailers of you competing the different levels. But it does have good platforming and you never fail unless it's your fault although it can get quite difficult near the end. Worth looking at if you want a game like this. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • A solid game if you are a fan of the series. Not quite sure if coming into this before playing any of the other 3 would work or not. Liking this game only works if you can look beyond the horribly dated graphics to see that the gameplay is what makes this game really good. It may seem simple at first with a standard light/heavy attack system but learning how to parry/counter moves takes quite a bit of skill. If your up for a half serious story with good gameplay this game might just be for you. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • A great game in the past yet it doesn't hold up as well now. The amount of loading this game has is a bit to much. If you have to load the pause menu then someone didn't do their job. (could just be the ps1 version since I don't have a pc copy) Combat is a bit basic melee wise since it's just hit one button. You do have a wide variety of magic/items although near the end I started to use the shield magic since it made Kain nearly invincible. The over the top VO is certainly a highlight and the tragic story of Kain was a good story. If you actually played this game when it first came out I would expect you would enjoy this game but if you didn't it might not be worth looking at. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • good mix of puzzles and platforming with a so so combat mechanic. They managed to mix up the puzzles by using all of the different skills that Raziel learns by defeating bosses. Platforming isn't always precise like it should be since it can be only played with a dpad. Combat really is just hitting one button a bunch of times and once you get a force push power you barely even fight up close. Finally Raziel's story is interesting although they clearly held quite a bit back for the next game since it ends with a to be continued screen. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • A improvement on the orginal game in most aspects. The story of all these games has been really good and well told. With all the twists and turns you'll never know what might happen. Gameplay has been improved a bit since it feels a bit tighter and has a few extra moves. Unfortunately they took out the exploration since this game is totally linear unlike the original. Every puzzle in the game is unique using the different soul reaver forms you find so you'll never get tired of them although combat can get boring after a while since I skipped a few fights near the end. Still a overall better game than the original one and worth playing if you like action/adventure games. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • Kinda weird how I didn't like either of the blood omen games. The really pointless side story they were telling in this game didn't really reveal much of anything. It also didn't have much variety with puzzles other than the interesting boss fights since just like Soul Reaver they really loved block puzzles. Some of the different skills you get by beating a boss do mix it up a bit although it mostly comes down to possessing a guy to flip a switch or a really long jump. Other than a few special attacks that you build up by blocking combat is the same as the rest of the series. In the end I'm mostly bummed how many times this game crashes on a new pc but that just comes with playing a older game sometimes. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • They managed to end on a good note even if they sorta left it open for more A faster pace overall made it more enjoyable to play through. Seeing both sides seems to hit all the right points since Kain was mostly combat focused while playing as Raziel you'll find a lot of puzzles. Just the right mix of what I liked about some of these games made this a worthy conclusion. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • I'm most likely not playing the best part of this game but I've haven't really enjoyed a BF game online since BF 1942. Both the campaign and coop are just barely serviceable. They do what most military FPS do and at this point it's barely worth playing through something like that anymore. If you still like the classic BF mutiplayer it is most likely still worth checking out but don't expect the campaign to be any good. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • Another great 2D action game with a nice art style. The story does a good job of telling a interesting tale even if it starts out with amnesia. It also has a few interesting combat mechanics like a well placed counter or a few magic attack combos. Being able to explore after a while to find hidden items was what I enjoyed the most near the end since I have a hard time not looking for everything in certain games. Worth a look at if you even slightly like a game like this. 5.0/5.0 Stars

  • It's been a while since I started playing this but I finally finished it. They went with a higher focus on telling the story arcs in a better way than just having a bunch of generic matches. It also improves on making the matches flow a bit better since it's a faster pace. Still has a really simple fighting system although it's still fun to play. Even if you don't know what Naruto is I think some would still like this game in a Asura's Wrath kinda way. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • If you up for some funny stupid pixel bomb related craziness then this game is for you. Seems like a perfect game to play for a few minutes a day. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • Not much I can really say on this one since it just seems like a solid fighting game. Once I see the credits I rate the game up to that point even if I continue to play it after that. Been using this journal to keep track of everything I beat after all. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • This may be a fairly unique game at least it how it plays but the story is standard for the genre. I feel like they focused on making each boss battle require a different tactic to beat. Since every other enemy in the game just runs into Adol. It may sound simple but it can still be a challenging game even if it's mainly the enemies dealing a lot of damage. Seems to be another game that doesn't hold up with age although it has a few good moments. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • It's worth playing just so you have enough credits to beat Die Hard Arcade. It's kinda hard to rate a old arcade game like this. All you really do is launch depth charges to try to blow up submarines. If I ever had a chance to play a real machine it seems likely I would throw a few quarters at it. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • After quite a few years I finally beat this game with a little help. (extra lives) The way this game uses objectives is fairly unique for a game of this era. At least I don't remember many games with multiple missions per level on the GEN. Plus blowing up tanks and other foes in a helicopter is still really fun. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • A good start yet the more that it goes on the more it seems to be almost impossible to not get blown up a lot. Unlike Desert Strike the enemies in this game seem to fire at a faster pace which leads to quite a bit of damage you can't dodge like in DS. Bases that take way to much damage do actually return later on as well. But they do add in a few new vehicles to pilot that lends a little variety to the combat. Other than that it's pretty similar to DS so it's still alright but not perfect. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • Every issues I had with the last game was fixed in this one. Although I wonder if that's just because it slows down randomly every now and then which kinda makes the helicopter move sluggishly. Once again it has a good variety of vehicles to pilot and even a few on foot missions. Most of those side vehicles work just fine but the on foot missions are annoying thanks to a low ammo count. Still a solid game that improves on most of the mechanics. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • Another ps plus game that I've been playing a little bit at a time. I'm not sure why but this game really feels like a ipad game even though it's on psn. It does a top down zeldaish gameplay okay but it just didn't do anything interesting. With small levels and simple boss fights this game is just boring most of the time. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • Earthbound may just be another standard RPG with the usual save the world tropes but the unique setting is what makes this game great. At the time this came out you just didn't expect a rpg to be in the modern day plus the music is really good. Even if the story the the standard save the world story it is told very well with quite a few twists and turns in the plot. Combat even has a few cool little additions like being able to save a character that was hit with a mortal blow by healing them before the hp counter hits zero. If you like JRPGs and haven't played this yet it's certainly worth checking out if you can. 5.0/5.0 Stars

  • Unlike my first impression this game is actually pretty good. The cute story cut scenes were delight especially the ending. One of the main things that seem kinda off is that the difficulty level seems to vary more than it should. Going from something really easy to a crazy pixel perfect platforming level is certainly odd. Still it's a fun game that's certainly worth checking out. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • They went right back to the old stand by of making things a bit to difficult. When it's almost impossible to dodge something it just makes the game kinda annoying more than fun. One of the good things is that the FMV is certainly pretty funny even if they are acting serious. Otherwise this is like every other strike game except it's possible to change you helicopter gun layout which can provide some help depending on the situation. It may not be the best Strike game but it does a few things right so you might want to check it out. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • I bought this about a year or so ago thinking it was another game that I had vague memory's of playing in a local KB Toys. Turns out it's actually a action/platformer with quite a few really bad camera angles. If I could actually see what I'm trying to jump at then this game might have been okay. It does have somehting that you don't see often in this age of game. Regenerative health via shooting enemies. Plus the more powerful our hero gets the quicker the laser gun shoots. It's at least satisfying to shoot everything since it explodes. Pretty much the theme of this game is explosions. Dying via bad placed jumps made what could have been a neat little game into something really annoying more than fun. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • They could learn a few things from older arcade games with a top down view. It's better to keep going without having to stop every 5 seconds to kill about 50 guys. Having a quick pace was what made these kinds of games fun and they actually do it kinda well with the lightgunish levels they have. They were kinda fun but otherwise this was mainly a really boring game. 1.0/5.0 Stars

  • A kinda interesting TPS that came out near the end of the ps1. The way the lock on shooting works doesn't seem to work very well when actually trying to shoot some enemies. The FPS view actually seems to work better than what you have to use most of the time. The rest just seems really bland even by PS1 standards since nothing really stands out about it. With bland voice acting and a bland storyline this game isn't really worth seeing. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • A solid platformer that has just the right mix of difficulty. The only time it is a bit annoying is near the end when they expect a near perfect set of moves or you die. Everything in the game moves at a good pace and you never die because of the game since it will always be bad timing. If your looking for a tight platformer with a reasonable difficulty this game might be for you. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • A solid recreation of the original game yet it has one major flaw. That flaw is that the cane jump doesn't always feel like it it corresponds to the button push. It also requires the player to push down before hitting the square button which isn't how it works in the NES game. Certainly a odd thing for Wayforward to miss but otherwise this game is still quite fun. The game is pretty much like watching a few lost episodes of the tv show which I really liked. If that one flaw wasn't around this game would be a lot better but still it's worth playing if you remember the NES game.

  • Sheesh Capcom knew how to make great NES games based on cartoons. Lucky I was just the right age to buy just about all of them. The new game does certainly look better but this still looks good even after all this time. The new game also has more patterns to most bosses but the old game still requires good timing even if it's a bit easier. This is certainly one of the many NES games that still hold up to this day. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • So I decided to pull out a random game from my N64 storage tub and this is what I got. A first person forced scrolling shooter that doesn't look that great. The one uinque thing this game has is that it's possible to dodge shots using the c buttons. Which is really vital during most of the boss encounters since without dodging the right way the boss will easily blow up your ship. So it comes down to learning the different moves the bosses can do and then dodge the right way. The rest of the game is just shoot everything with a vague plot about aliens on mars. Using a controller for a game that seems like it would be perfect for a light gun isn't that good. It was at least semi fun to play through even though the final boss is still really annoying. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • B tier N64 games go! This one is a cool little platformer made by sunsoft. You have the standard platformer skills of jumping and high jumping. The twist in this game is that you have a tongue that lets you latch on to poles and enemies. They manage to have a new obstacle for you to overcome in each of the 7 stages which adds quite a bit of variety to each stage. If you haven't heard of this game before it's worth a look at if you have a N64 lying around. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • I played this game quite a bit in the past yet it doesn't live up to my memories very well. The amount of fail state objectives gets kinda annoying after a while when it's almost impossible to avoid detection sometimes. The worst case of that at one point if you run through a door without shooting a guard that is right beside of Ethan then you automatically fail. The rest of the game plays okay with auto shoot lock on and aiming with the analog stick works fine. I never watched the movie so I'm not sure if they cover most of it or not but it certainly seems like it. It's better than most movie tie in's but that isn't saying much. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • This may just be a cheap game that looks pretty bad even for a ps1 game yet it's still fun to play. As I already said it has a interesting premise and it's super silly. The main issue with the combat is that lock on doesn't stay locked on if you get hit which can make the camera angles pretty bad sometimes. It plays like a simpler version of DMC so it's still fun to play today. I also like how they have QTE's but it's called a all button event instead. Yes you do have to hit all of the buttons really fast which is pretty silly and I wonder if to much of this will break my controller after a while. Seems like a worthwhile game to check out if you don't mind how PS1 games look like today. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • A interesting take on a visual novel that has a neat little twist at one point. This game is pretty much about discovering what happened on the ship and about the two different Ai's that are still around. Like a really good book this game kept me glued to the screen till the end. That seems like the best thing I could say about a game like this. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • Playing this after I just finished the first one feels like the perfect way to see the story. If I had actually played Analog when it first came out at this point I would have most likely forgotten some of the story by now. This semi sequel is all about *Mute so it's a good thing I went down that path first and learning about what really happened on the ship is interesting. Having to actually wait a day between learning more about the story is certainly a unique element that moves the story along on it's on pace. If you liked the first game then this one is also worth checking out. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • Still one of my favorite Megaman offshoot games. Seems to hold up fairly well other than maybe the VO but that's thanks to them having to lower quality of the sound to fit it on a cart. They managed to keep the spirit of the original megaman games with a little bit of anime mixed in. It plays like a TPS now but it still fun to play. A ok port of a good mega man game but the ps1 version is slightly better. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • Since PSN was giving this away by preordering the remake I went ahead and decided to play through it. This is one of the platformers I missed during the SNES/GEN era. Still I can tell that this is a solid platformer that still holds up quite well. Everything controls well and each stage has something new that will require you to mix up your tactics a bit. If you need another great platformer to play through this this is worth checking out. Should be interesting to see if the remake will live up to the original. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • Like Jetpack Joyride you can pretty much play through this game without ever even buying anything extra. This game is pretty much a breakout clone with some variety in the different power ups you can get although half of them seem kinda useless. If you even have a vita you really have no reason to not at least check this out since it is free. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • I've played through this faster than most since I had time for it. It just seems like another MMO in a almost endless list of games like WoW. Doesn't really do anything different and the story is the standard save the world FF story. Still I liked seeing the storyline to the end but I have no interest in a bunch of raids. Still if your looking for a new MMO to play you could do worse than this. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • One of the things they did right with this game is having a good cast of character with unique ideals. After all if you don't like the hero's plight then half of the game is pointless. It also has a good combat system that requires you to do certain combos just to bring out the big attacks. The combat never got old since you could switch between characters that have different abilities. If your looking for a action/RPG then this one is easily worth picking up. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • Although some have had issues with the controls in this game I never noticed any lag on ps3. Unlike the ducktales remake this one has very little story other than the intro and the ending. Which is nice if you want to play through a game without worrying about a ton of story text. The platforming also feels perfect and you'll never feel like the game caused you to die. Although if your looking for a challenge you won't find one here since it's a lot easier than the old game. It also has some replay value with a few sets of collectibles which gives you a reason to replay a few stages. In the end it's a worthy remake that mixes in a few new touches that expand on a great classic genesis game. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • I don't know if this is the best TC game ever but in my opinion it is. Unlike the first game they actually give you a chance to dodge a bullet. That doesn't mean it still can't be a little unfair like most arcade games but that didn't stop me from playing through this at least 10 times. With a silly action movie plot and a few mini games/challenges to play this is one of the few really good lightgun games. 5.0/5.0 Stars

  • The final TC game I own since I never got a Guncon 3. The things they added to this one didn't really make it better at all. Adding in a machine gun, shotgun and grenade launcher only let them make enemies have a life bar which I don't think works very well. Taking everyone out with just a pistol also seems more badass than a set of weapons. Still it's a pretty fun game and it has a few good moments. Also the V.S.S.E. should really know by now that Wild Dog is explosion proof.

  • This GTA side story doesn't hold up very well. The story the try to tell about Toni and how he keeps his idiot boss in power seems really random. I guess he just does everything he can because of loyalty but that motivation doesn't seem worth it on some of the missions you do. Anyway it still plays like a GTA game and it's fun to mess around like always. Lock on targeting seems to be pretty bad sometimes and that can lead to quite a few annoying mission failures. Although for some of the missions you've gotta hope that your enemy has bad aim or it's almost a instant fail on most missions. In the end this game just feels boring with a bunch of hard missions that aren't much fun if 3-5 restarts are needed. I kinda want to see if GTA 3 holds up any better than this although I don't have any time to replay it right now. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • This series of games pretty much comes down to being the Warioware of lightgun games. It also happens to be the final guncon game I own for now. It does what it wants to do very well with quite a few unique challenges in each mini game. If your up for a wacky game and happen to have a guncon laying around then this might just be worth checking out. (At least if you have a SDTV still around since the Guncon1/2 won't work on a HDTV) 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • Sometimes it's hard to find the right mix of difficulty for a platformer. With this one it seems they made it easier although really they just give more of a warning than the original game. Could have been a good thing too since I remember getting pretty mad at some of the final levels in origins hehe.

    It still has the great art style of origins and everything still feels great control wise as well. The new touch screen levels work really well with the Wii U although the ai you have while playing solo can be a idiot sometimes. Ubisoft also added daily/weekly challeges that let you complete with other players. They seem like a nice little diversion but I'm already starting to see the same ones again. For some reason they also remixed most of Orgins too which seems to add about another 8 hours or so to the game if you like to 100% it. If you even slightly like platformers you should really check out this game. 5.0/5.0 Stars

  • Although they try to recreate a on rails shooter this one just doesn't really do it very well. It just doesn't keep the fast pace that the other arcade rail shooters I've been playing lately and that just isn't very fun. Since I don't have a Move I also played it only with a controller which doesn't feel that great. They also barely even tried with the story since it is all just recap except for the final few stages. Not really worth checking out unless you have a Move controller. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • Review of Minerva's Den DLC:

    Even though this dlc was highly regarded I never really took the time to play through it till now. BS2 made the combat feel a lot better and this dlc obviously continues that trend except you'll gain your powers at a much faster rate since this dlc is about 4 hours. The story is quite simple but it still manages to leave a impact after finishing it since it is told very well. If you somehow have BS2 and haven't played this yet then it is certainly worth checking out. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • A good game that has a few flaws although part of it might just be the system. Most of the game is spent just exploring around trying to stop Risky from creating a destructive steam powered machine. To do this you must use Shantae's magical hair to whip all of the enemies. They also have dance magic which lets Shantae transform into different animals which can lead to finding hidden items. The pixel art in the game is also some of the best you'll see on the GBC.

    It may be varied but some of the enemy placement early on seems a bit annoying. They can pretty much spawn right on top of you. It also seems like the limitations of the GBC screen can lead to not seeing a spike pit or a bottomless one till you actually fall into it. Even with those flaws this game is still worth checking out. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • The charm of the first game seems to be lacking in the sequel. The best thing about the first game is that it was crazy and this one is still quite bizarre yet they missed the point in making the boss battles fun. Most of the fights seem like they aren't really much more than fighting the normal enemies. The story motivation for Travis this time is just revenge which doesn't really seem that interesting most of the time. Still the combat can still be fun in some parts depending on the boss. It's also fun to see what crazy thing they do next when they manage to do it right. They even vary the gameplay a little bit by letting you play other characters at a few points. In the end it's merely a okay game that might be worth checking out if you like No More Heroes. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • Usually I like to have a first impression of the game before the review (unless it's short) but this game didn't have a good one at all. If they just left it the same it would just be another fairly bad game but they added in a horrible camcorder like viewpoint. The last thing I need in a rail shooter is a camera that doesn't want to stand still. Making things harder to shoot doesn't make a game very fun when the entire game is about shooting things.

    It doesn't always shake or move around but in the places it does it just makes the game annoying. The game still has gun switching but the pistol seemed like it was the most effective gun in most situations. Story wise it's a recap of RE2/RE:CV with a prequel to RE4 thrown in as the new story arc. It didn't add anything other than learning a little bit about Krasuer. In the end this game isn't worth playing at all. 1.0/5.0 Stars

  • The new collection tab is really useful for reminding me about games I forgot to rate after finishing them. Hotline Miami is pretty much one of the best puzzle games around. Figuring out how to blast your way through all the different stages is really addictive. Sure you'll most likely die a bunch before getting to the end but it's so fast paced that you won't mind retrying a 10 or so times if needed. Worth checking out if you haven't already played this before. 5.0/5.0 Stars

  • Well this game pretty much did what it set out to do but it doesn't really have any lasting appeal. All of the Nintendo themed attractions are fun to play through once but afterwards most don't really hold up . They did make all of the mini games unique and they were at least fun to play. At this point some of the new bundles might be worth getting over this one but it's not the worst pack in game ever at least. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • Since I never really played any of the wide variety of DS/Wii 2D Mario games this one was pretty good. I liked playing through another traditional Mario game after not playing one in quite a while. Sure it doesn't really try to do anything new except for a few hats but this formula still works. If you've played some of the more recent Mario games I could see why this one might not be worth checking out but it still holds up if you don't have 2D Mario fatigue. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • I may have not found it scary in the traditional sense but they certainly knew how to set a creepy tone throughout the entire game. But that isn't even the best part since that actually goes to the gameplay. Using the camera to fight ghosts sounds simple enough but it requires perfect timing if you want to master it. They also don't make it easy on you since it's not like every ghost just stands around waiting for you to take their picture.

    The story itself is told very well via visions and a ton of books you find scattered around the abandoned village. One of the few things I didn't like was when they make you backtrack to a few places near the end. Also they don't have that many types of ghosts to fight so once you know their pattern it's pretty easy to beat them. Still this is a game that's worth checking out if you missed it when first came out.

    (The PSN version seems to crash randomly even after they patched it apparently. Although it only happened to me during the credits.) 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • I may not be a platinum level restaurant yet but I think I've pretty much have seen all of the content the game has at the moment. This game comes down to whether you like to perfect a day of cooking like it was a Rock Band song. It's really fun to get that perfect day since it requires fast and accurate execution of every different key you have to hit. This game is kinda like a typing game in some ways since it requires you to know the right key to press for certain foods.

    One of the main cons I could see some having with this game is that once you know how to make the perfect 5 star food without making a mistake it can get pretty easy. Although depending on what you have on the menu it can be quite hard to keep up sometimes. It is kinda repetitive as well even though that hasn't stopped me from playing it way to much.

    This game is a really unique kind of game that we don't get very often and it's certainly worth buying if it sounds interesting. (At least on PC. Not quite sure if I would like it as much on a tablet. 4.0/5.0 Stars

  • I've meant to play through this a few times but somehow not understanding the timing always put me off. Today I just decided to keep trying till I figured it out. In the end it seems like it just requires perfect rhythm/timing. If your even slightly off on your timing you'll fail a stage really quickly. The really silly story is the best part and the songs are alright. I would say it's worth checking out PaRappa more than this game. But if you play that and want more then this might be worth checking out. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • A interesting little adventure/visual novel horror game that might be a little annoying in some areas. One of the best things in this game is the audio work which I noted in my last journal entry. The characters are also likable and you do want to try to get them out of the mess they are in even if that might not be possible. I feel like they relied a bit to much on shock value in some scenes when the creepy audio work effected me more than the visuals. The one thing that was really annoying is that you can hit a bad end. Which would then require you to replay the chapter if you don't have a save before your wrong choice. In the end it's a fairly unique game that might be worth checking out if what I wrote about it sounds interesting to you. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • This game is only slightly fun if you like the kind of humor they are aiming for. Since it only made me smile a few times I'm not really sure I found it that funny. Since the jokes about the dlc aren't that funny I was kinda hoping the gameplay would be slightly good but it's pretty basic. With no combat other than jumping and using your sword open new areas it was really boring. It feels like he pretty much put all of his bets into trying to make this really funny since otherwise it wouldn't be that great of a game. Still if you think a game called DLC Quest would be funny then it might be worth checking out. 2.0/5.0 Stars

  • It's certainly been a while since I've actually rented a game but with so many coming out I decided to rent this one instead of buying it. Since I like Quantic Dream games it's not to surprising that I enjoyed playing through this one. At all the right moments I was either happy or sad when you see what is going on in the story. Which seems like the best kind of praise I could give a game that is trying to be a movie.The random nature of seeing her life at random moments did kind of make me confused at first but the more you play it at least starts to make sense.

    I think the way the gameplay works is fine but I can certainly see why not everyone would like playing a game like this. The illusion of choice also comes up while playing this game and I couldn't really tell if my actions effected anything till the end. In the end I would say if you like Indigo Prophecy then I would think you would like playing this game. The only reason I don't say Heavy Rain is that it is a entirely different story type without all the of the paranormal parts. 3.0/5.0 Stars

  • This game makes me feel like I'm the worst at action platformer games with the amount of times I died getting to the final boss. (96 times) Still that is the entire point and like Dark Souls it's really easy to get into the rhythm of figuring out how to beat each boss. Even if you figure out the trick it's still possible to fail without knowing the correct timing. Plus the mechanic of leveling up your bloodline gives you more than enough reason to keep going since the better you do the better you can level up.

    On of the main cons in this game is that that it really doesn't have that much variety of enemies. It only has about 10-15 different types of enemies with the only variation being that they have bigger types of the same enemy type. Plus it's easy to start noticing the same room showing up again in a different castle. Still it manages to do what they were aiming for and that is to make a fun game that is really easy to keep trying to beat even if every death sends you back to the start. 4.0/5.0 Stars