The Community Spotlight - 08/03/2012

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! Well then we have a bit to go over this week so let's get to it. First off Jeff's birthday was this week, August 1st to be exact. On top of that Jeff wants you to help design a new Cover Image for the Giant Bomb Facebook Page. If you wanted to know the name of the "Year of the Bow/Bo" song that Vinny and Drew have been using and was prominently used during the Max Payne 3 TNT it's called "Pimp My Bass," and you can listen to the entire song over here. Finally Patrick has written up a missive about the general negativity directed towards himself on the site. Seriously everyone, have some decorum. Anyways 

Game Nights and Activities

  • Giant Bomb Persona 4 Arena PS3 Community Tournament - August 10th - Sign Up If You Plan on Playing the Game Here!
  • Giant Bomb Persona 4 Arena Xbox 360 Community Tournament - August 10th - Sign Up  If You Plan on Playing the Game Here!
  • Dwarf Fortress Succession Game - Join the Madness with Fellow Users Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis 

Well there really isn't that much to talk about this week other than Persona 4 Arena a game that predictably the Giant Bomb community is excited about. Beyond that heck out the recent good works from the Fire Emblem wiki editing community and the wiki page for The World Ends With You now that Neku has made a guest appearance in the new Kingdom Hearts game. 

Best of Blogs 

GB mod Marino has crunched the number and has created a data dump of the Giant Bomb Community for the month of July. Marino has also written up another blog about his memories with EverQuest, a game that he may or may not have played at some point. User thatpinguino has written a massive blog about how Kuja is one of the best Final Fantasy villains. GB user Valames has created the stuff of nightmares with fan art of the Giant Bomb staff as babies....Irvandus looks back at the time he's spent with World of Warcraft and wonders about its future while ahoodedfigure reflects on having played The Old Republic for around three months. GB user compares the Magic the Gatehring concepts of Timmy, John, and Spike to playing video games in general whereas Alaska_Gamer compares and contrasts Mad World to Anarchy Reigns. DolphinButter has whipped up a comprehensive guide to having a good Online experience with Persona 4 Arena. Video_Game_King keeps up with his tradition of writing multiple blog posts in a week. MisterBananaFoam has started a retrospective blog series about Donkey Kong 64 and metalsnakezero wraps up his retrospective of the Assassin's Creed franchise with Brotherhood. Sweep explains how The Walking Dead does moral choices better than most games wile MMMman discusses how modern game mechanics like achievements hurt games like Spec Ops: the Line. user Sunjammer continues to ponder on the DCS: Black Shark 2as Cincaid lists 5 improvements he wants to see in Dead Island Riptide as someone who enjoyed Dead Island. RecSpec, Apocralyptic, and c0l0nelp0c0rn1 all give you wonderful weekly updates on their gaming and finally oldjack327 discusses how he was finally able to have fun with Spelunky after dying all the time. 

Fantastic Forums 

Matthew has created a poll asking you to look back at 1991 and name what the first game you would play if it was that year right now. Aegon has created a repository for any and all unread or rejected emails you may have sent to the Bombcrew to read during the Bombcast.  

Lovable Lists 

Mento has created a list of old school adventure games that he has on his docket to play. Dopplegamer lists his Sega Saturn collection and Marcelloz has created a list of all the wiki pages on the site where he's the top editor. Finally Brodehouse has created a list of all of his gaming memories in his video game collection. 

User Reviews  

User Created Podcasts