Games I played in 2015

Another year, and another list of games I have played in it.

List items

  • WiiU/3DS, 2014: Played it at a friends house a bunch, and also made a level. My sister gave me her copy, so been playing it at home too.

  • 3DS, 2014: Got it for xmas, its a fun open world rpg.

    Completed: mastered the wizard class.

  • PC, 2014: Pick it up during the winter steam sale. It was fun, and better than the base game. They improved the AI, and the overall design (i think) of the game.

    Complete: The game.

  • PC, 2014: Got it as a gift for xmas. So far i am kind of enjoying it, but i am also noticing a lot of problems with it, not sure why it was so highly rated.

    Completed: Main Story

  • PC, 2012: A friend got me this game... due to my emote attacking abilities... anywho, the game is ok, it has some nice music, but it is very simple yet very difficult.

  • PC, 2013: Got it during a steam sale, and wow, this game was great. Unlike Shadow of Mordor, which i felt was overhyped, this game actually felt like it justified its hyped.

    Completed: the game.

  • PC, 2014: I replayed the ending to see one of the other endings to the game. I am also watching my friend play through the season, and after some thought, it does appear that they cut out content or just made a much shorter game this season. It seems to me that ep 1 and 2 were suppose to be just one episode.

    Completed: The ending again.

  • PC, 2014: It was free to play for a weekend on steam recently so i took it for a spin or 3. It was kind of fun, but overall it didn't feel that different from civ 5 or any other civ game. Which isn't a bad thing, just not interesting.

    Completed: The game 3 times, and the ending picture with vo production is disappointing, i wanted a mini cgi ending, or something flashy. Plus there wasn't a score system, which is odd.

  • PC, 2015: Been playing since the alpha, but not too much. Starting playing with some friends, and its funnier that way, but we aren't winning.

  • WiiU, 2013: Even though I have already played and completed this game at a friends, i spent some time playing though it again at home. So far, I am doing a 100% run of the game, and it is kind of easy solo-ish... well, easy compare to the chaos of 4 players.

  • WiiU, 2014: I like Dynasty warriors, and I like the legend of zelda series, so this game was going to get played eventually. So far, am enjoying it, but i am missing the free roaming aspect from dynasty warriors though.

  • WiiU, 2013: Figure since i had the time, and my weight was increasing, that i should do something, so i got the new-ish wii fit, and i have been using it to keep track of my weight. For the most part, it just a fancy scale that keeps records, but that is what i wanted/needed, so am happy.

  • PC, 20xx: Played it during a free weekend, and yeah, its a sandbox builder in space...

  • PC, 2013: Played it during a free weekend, and while i did like parts of it, it felt too familiar to other total war games, so i stop after about a dozen hour.

  • PC, 2014: A stealth game... not a stealth action game, or stealth combat game, no just a stealth game. I can see why that would upset a lot of people (who have become use to stealth games not really being about stealth), but so far, I am find this game to be a lot of fun, sneaking, stealing, and some times fighting (poorly). The only issue so far are the bugs... the loading in this game is horrible, and most intro cut scenes run at about 1 fps, for the first 30 seconds.

    Complete: The story... so yeah, the ending was very underwhelming, and i found myself being non-stealth a lot.

  • PC, 2010: An enjoyable top down puzzle shooter.

    Complete: The main story.

  • PC, 2007: An below average 3rd person shooter

    Complete: The story

  • PC, 2010: Pretty much the same as the previous one in the series, except with a shaking cam (which thankfully can be disabled). Got about an hour or two into it, and I don't want or feel the need to complete it.

  • PC, 2001: A RTS eco game... i think... not really sure, it was really buggy, so i stop trying to play it.

  • PC, 2010: So far, the duel screen ability in this game doesn't make sense, or at least, it doesn't work correctly (as i expect it too).

    Completed: The single player campaign. Had to cheat for one of the later missions with the engineers, since they have longer range than most units, and can capture them really quickly... it was annoying.

  • PC, 2014: Got it from a bundle, and it was pretty good. It has puzzles, action, and some frights. Overall the main character was bland and forgettable, making him the worst part of the game. If they ever make a sequel to this, i would be interested.

    Completed: The game, got most of the collectables.

  • PC, 2014: Got it during a sale. The game was about 6 hours long and it was mostly enjoyable. Decent puzzles, and characters. But the ending was suppose to feel emotional, but it didn't work for me like Brothers or To the Moon. I guess the comical visuals and the fact that the characters escape death so many times really uncut the ending.

    complete: The game.

  • PC, 2012: Research, it is an ok puzzle game, and i kind of enjoyed the special puzzle mode (quest mode i think it is called).

  • PC, 2007: Research... yeah, well it is something.

  • PC, 2012: Research, kind of fun, but i spent most of my time cheating through it to see what was next.

    Complete: The single player game.

  • PC, 2014: Research.

  • PC, 2012: Had some more free time, so I played it more.

  • PC, 2015: I backed this game (but i didn't see my name in the credits... don't remember if you only got your name in the credits if you paid an amount or if it was for all backers... guess it was only if you paid enough, since mine wasn't there). So far am really enjoying the game, at first i thought I might have to re-roll my first character, a cipher, since i didn't understand how AoE and friendly fire worked, but now that i have a better understanding of them, the class is working for me. I still think the friendly AoE system is crappy, and it makes wizards, and other spell casters, rather useless, but whatever, am sure they'll change it eventually.

  • PC, 2013: I knew of this side scrolling adventure game beforehand, so when i saw it in a humble bundle, i got it. So far, the game is... well, i wouldn't say fun or rewarding, but it is compelling to me, for some personal unknown reason.

  • PC, 2013: Got it in a bundle, this puzzle action game offers some enjoyable moments, but has too much action for a puzzle game... well, the action isn't good enough for an action puzzle game.

  • PC, 2014: Got it in a bundle. This open world pirate rpg isn't fun, even with cheats.

  • 3DS, 2012: Got it from club nintendo, so far, it is alright... which is bad for a mario game, but great for other games (they have the bar pretty high up).

  • WiiU, 2014: Figure since i have a bunch of amiibos that i would see what they unlocked in the game. Played through a quick race, it was kind of fun.

  • WiiU, 2013: Got it on sale, mainly since i wanted it, and its been on my wishlist since dec, and no one got it for me...

    Completed: The main story. While I found the game to be alot of fun, the addition of 3 characters seemed wasted. For the most part, the two extra characters did nothing, 99% of the time. The game does have co-op, so if i had someone else to play with, am guessing it would be a blast to having more characters. Also, the boss fights were very annoying, mainly due to camera issues, and slow pikmin. But overall it was an enjoyable game.

  • 3DS, 2011: Got the new mii plaza games, So far they are fun.

  • PC, 2015: Got this game recently, and so far am enjoying the stealthy factor to it. Not a fan of the driving, and i haven't jumped into mp yet.

  • PC, 201X: Figure i would play it a bit again, got a friend who wants to play it together.

  • PC, 2015: Act finally came out, so am going to get to it, but first, i had to replay act 1.

    Completed: Act 2 and 3. Overall the ending didn't really end, which is very disappointing. The puzzles were complex to the point of making no logically sense, and the banter dried up.

  • 3ds, 2012: Got this a while ago, and i stop playing after my memory card wiped my data a year ago. Recently started playing again, and have gotten... ahhhh, spider on the wall.... where was I, oh, further.

    Completed: 88/100 main puzzles and all the extra puzzles.

  • PC, 2013: Finished up the last 2 operation (of the basic tree).

    Completed: All basic operations. Also, space and alien (but the alien one glitched out, so i didn't get the achievement)

  • PC, 2014: Got it from moth, thank you, and played it for a bit. It was a fun rogue-like with 4x elements. The game is thin in gameplay, but offers a lot of replayability.

    Complted: twice.

  • PC, 2013: Got it as a gift from some co-workers/friends.

    Completed: Both games. The second one was so much better than the first.

  • 3DS, 2011: I never did finish this one, so am trying to do so now.

    Complete: The game, there are still a ton of puzzles left. The story's ending was duuuuuuuuumb... it had its moments, but overall it with the stupid dumb ending where everyone is good and does non-human stuff to be good.

  • PC, 2014: Got it as a bday gift, and the game was pretty good. It played a lot like far cry 3, but that is a good thing overall. The story was rather weak, but the gameplay was a lot of fun.

    Completed: The story and a bunch of side stuff, i think i ended with about 58% done or so... maybe 60, i didn't check at the end.

    Also the DLC valley of the yetis.

  • PC, 2012: Got it when it was on sale for about 17 cents. I thought it was a metroidvania game with some puzzles, but it turn out to be a twitch based platformer with some 2d side scrolling shooter elements.

  • PC, 2013: Tried playing through this again at work, but my machine was too weak (mac) so i stopped.

  • WiiU, 2009/20014: Got the first one with the second one. The game plays a lot like DMC, or any other action fighter game, except for those that copy arkham, with its combos and move sets.

    Completed: The game. It was really fun, even though, there were moments of frustration, not knowing where to go or how to progress, and the story overall made little sense... but then again that kind of worked for it.

  • PC, 2015: Got it during the steam summer sale. So far it is pretty fun. I am using the admin stuff now and then to speed things along, which i know 'ruins' the game, but i found doing it normally to be too slow. I am also enjoying having a ship as my main base, although am thinking of finding a good planet and setting it as my home world.

  • PC, 2014: Got it during the steam summer sale. So far it is pretty good. It isn't as good as season 1 of the walking dead, but it is better than season 2.

    Completed: The season. It was pretty good, and i enjoyed how it played out.

  • PC, 2013: I forget how i heard about this game, but it was on my wishlist, and on sale during the steam summer sale, so i got it. It plays like a td verus map, where you build out your towers to kills spawners. So far, i have only gotten a few missions in, and only at work, no idea if the game is good yet.

  • 3DS, 2012: Replaying this game since i don't have anything new to play on my 3ds.

  • WiiU, 2015: Got it as a gift, and so far it is a decent puzzle game. Although, i hate... HATE the motion controls in this game, and how i can't turn them off.

  • PC, 2015: Pre-order it and played through the 3 mission prologue.

  • PC, 2014: Got it on sale, and yeah, its another assassin creed game that is pretty much the same as black flag (4th one). There are now some new enemy types, but nothing really new or interesting. The game overall is still fun, but if you missed it, that is fine.

    Complete: The game. I didn't think that it would end the way it did, i thought they would try to pull a switch near the ending and have the guy go back to the assassins, but nope, he stay a templar, which is interesting in itself, if they choose to continue down that line and make a different kind of game.

  • PC, 2014?: Figure i would play through act 5 again while i try to get my wizard to 70. I figure that they might add some cross promo thing for heroes (like they did with WoW and Hearthstone) so i actually want to have a guy at max level just in case.

    Complete: Season 4 stuff.

  • PC, 2015: Got it since my friends play it, and so far it is pretty fun.

    Completed: All 5 ep, it was pretty good. It was predictable, but good. I know some people were upset with the ending, and i thought that the one i choose was too short and didn't show enough, but overall, am good with how i ended things, even though, i choose the 'incorrect' ending. (a la the one that assume no one would pick, so they made it super short and didn't put a lot of effort into it, while the other one was 7 times as long with vo and effects).

  • PC, 2015: Got this as a gift, thank you, and it was... well... It had its moments, but overall, as a game, it was bad. Too many of the puzzles were reflect based, and not in a good way. Instead they usually used trial and error, so i found myself dying a lot, just trying to figure out where to go, or when to jump.

    Completed: The game. Overall, the things i would recommend about this game, are not parts of the actual gameplay (visual, and music are great, but the game itself is bad).

  • PC, 2014: Got it during a sale, heard a lot of weird things about it, and yup... this game is odd. It also rather shallow, and after an hour with it, i think am done.

  • 3ds, 2015: Got it on my 3ds, so that i would have something new to play on my 3ds. And after i completed the first level normally, i decided i would just cheat my way through it.

    Completed: The game, cheating, but still completed. Fun game, even with cheats.

  • 3ds, 2015: A fun puzzle game where you are a box... boy of some kind.

  • WiiU, 2014: Got it for my bday, and so far it is pretty good. Not as good as i thought it would be, from all the hype, but still good.

    Completed: The main game. It was a fun time, but didn't really feel different from the first one. I still enjoy the costume aspect way too much.

  • PC, 2014: Got it for free from the humble bundle store. Played about 4 levels, didn't like the reflex puzzles nature of the game.

  • WiiU, 2015: Played at a friends, it was fun, had to throw the first match in order to keep people playing, but that is part of the way things work.

  • PC, 2014: Got it during a steam sale during summer. Heard good things about it.

    Completed: The game. It was a fun puzzle game, but had buggy controls (they didn't always respond) and a few confusing puzzles due to hidden items on screen.

  • PS4, 2015: Played it at a friends house. Went through the first 2 chapters, and yup, am glad i disable motion controls, so many simple tasks are motion interactions (open a gate, push a switch, etc...)

  • PC, 2015: Got it with a video card, and yeah, its a really fun game. There are a few things about it that i don't like, but overall it is great.

    Complete: The main game, and a majority of side ops.

  • PC, 2011, Remastered edition: Played a few levels, and it was a quick/fun puzzle game. I plan to go back for a little bit, but i doubt i'll beat the game, since its a reflex puzzle game.

  • PC, 2015: I was bored at work, and my co-workers like clicker games, so i figure i would give it a try... yeah, its.. well, a clicker, so it isn't a game per say.

  • PC, 201X: Yeah... its a point and click adventure game that was trying to be funny and charming, but played horribly and was dull.

  • PC, 2014: Played a few levels, meh... have no interest in playing more.

  • PC, 2014: A neat runner where you go backwards (right to left).

    Complete: The main game, it was fun, and quick (less than an hour).

  • PC, 2015: This was a pure multiplayer game that seems basic... played it for about 20 minutes, and i have no interest in playing it any more.

  • PC, 2015: A fps where you are on a wheel and have to pick up your ammo (dodge ball-ish)

  • PC, 2013: You either dive or kick

    Completed: The story mode for Dive... or was it kick...

  • PC, 2012: A point and click adventure game, similar to the ones from the 90s... played about 10 minutes of it, and decide that i didn't want to play any more of it, or any of the other ones in the series that i had.

  • PS4, 2015: Its more rock band... meh.

  • WiiU, 2015: Enjoyed making games and having friends play it, but i don't want to get the game for myself, seem like a time sink.

  • PC, 2012: Started playing it recently, and this game is kind of fun. Its like a poor man's x-com. It similar to the old x-com (not the new remakes).

    Completed: A fun game overall, it has its charm, but it also has a lot to improve on. It kind of gets why the old x-com were 'great' at their time, but it doesn't understand that the old x-com games are not longer great. There have been numerous improvements to design since then, yeah, i know people like odd things, but those odd things aren't good in my opinion, and that all i care about when am choosing what game to play.

    Completed: The game, got through it with only losing 1 guy at the end to a zerg swarm of death.

  • 3ds, 2015: Got it with a new 3ds, been playing it a bit here and there. It is very shallow, but quick and makes a good traveling game... which makes me wonder if they'll port it to smart phones.

  • PC, 2013: Got it from the humble bundle, and whelp, i kind of have a soft spot for mediocre games.

    Completed: The single player story. The game was bland, and repetitive, but for some reason i stuck with it, and saw the single player all the way through. I did skip most of the side quests by cheating, so that played a big part in why i was willing to put up with this game. Overall, i did enjoy parts of it, but i probably should have spent my time elsewhere.

  • PC, 2014: Got it from the capcom bundle, and yeah... it was a decent 2d action adventure game, however, it was also rather dull, story and pacing wise. Spent about 2 hours with it, and decided that i was done with it.

  • PC, 2013: Got it in a bundle, and played through the first few levels. It played like an old school beat them up, and well... that is dull, so i stopped playing it around level 3.

  • PC, 2015: Am a big starcraft fan, so i pre-order this game at the first chance i could.

    Completed: The single player, and some co-op missions. Overall the sp meta game seems a lot easier than previous ones, which is ok, and the story is the usually blizzard stuff, ancient space aliens, corruption, and uniting different factions to fight off a great evil. It was still enjoyable, even though it wasn't original. The ending was light, but it didn't leave a feeling of being cheated. Still playing a lot of co-op for some reason.

  • PC, 2016: Playing in the stress test beta. Its fun, but feels unbalance, and the team size is really small.

  • PC, 2013: Got it on sale, and so far it is pretty fun, but shallow gameplay wise.

    Complete: The game. Fun overall, but lacks a lot of depth and a lot of random losing of units.

  • WiiU, 2014: Played it at a friend's again.

  • PC, 2014: Played it again to get some steam cards, tried to get the last 2 achievements, but nope, too hard.

  • PC, 2013: A duel stick shooter, kind of fun, but very light on content, so put about 10 minutes into it and i was good.

  • PC, 2015: Its kind of fun, but the lack of single player, and unbalance teams makes it hard to enjoy.

  • PC, 2012: The game was rather fun, until it stop working. And i don't mean the game ran into a bug and crashed. I mean, i stop generating people and was under constant raider attack. So yeah, it was fun for a bit, but it isn't finished or design well.

  • PC, 2014: The newest total annihilation game... so mass build the basic bots, and run at your enemies until you zerg them.

    Complete: The single player campaign (if you can call it that) once.

  • PC, 2014-2015: Another telltale adventure game, but done by their A team, so lots of production value, good jokes, great style, etc...

    Complete: The game. It was really good, but also too nice and fluffy for my liking. I would rather they kept a lot of the sad stuff in and skipped the happy ending that they went with.

  • PC, 2015: Got it during a humble bundle sale. Played for a few hours (got 75 years in) and well... this game isn't good. It is slow and shallow.

  • PC, 2006: Got it from a humble bundle, and well, it is buggy to the point where i couldn't play it for long.

  • PC, 2013: Got it during a humble bundle, make a bundle sale, and well... its poker. So yeah. Played a few rounds, didn't do well. Cheated, won a few times, and then moved on.

    Completed: I guess i did, its poker, so if you play through one game, i guess that is it.

  • PC, 1997: It was free on steam, so i got it. And yup... its an old platformer puzzle game with crappy check points and controls. Spent like 10 minutes with it, before moving on.

  • PC, 2011: Yeah, finally a fun double fine game. I was getting worried after i didn't like the last few ones.

    Complete: The main story mode. It was a fun FPS TD game, except, like most recent FPS TD games, it focus in on multiplayer, so the later levels are all design for numerous players, which is annoying, since no one is playing this game any more.

  • ANDR, 2013: A 2d shooter mixed with a music game.

    Complete: The game... i think, its really short, like 20 minutes or so, and its only 3 levels. Overall it was kind of fun, but too chaotic most of the time to the point where i don't know what the hell was going on.

  • PC, 2013: A puzzle game where you shift between bodies to make platforms... or that all i saw in the 30 minutes i played of it. It an interesting gimmick, but it isn't fun to play though.

  • PC, 2008: Crap wouldn't run on my machine... so yeah... not happy about that.