My Video Game Hall of Fame

As much as I like lists, they're hard. It's real easy to straight up omit a game because of the forgetting. It's an affliction, and I suffer from it. "Alright my list is finally ready... Oh crap! I forgot that game?" It just happens. Also, new games are always coming along and messing with the order of things, and perhaps I play old games I missed that are really good and need a spot. It just gets hectic. So I started a Hall of Fame. I updated it once a month with 3 games for the first year, and now I do 3 games every quarter. It seems like a good system. The only condition is a game must be at least 10 years old when I induct it. It keeps me playing the old as well as the new, and you don't have to worry about me prematurely declaring a game that came out last week one of the greats. When a game is inducted doesn't mean I think it's better or worse than another game. The order is determined by induction period and the alphabet. So there's the basic outline of what's up. Here's my Hall of Fame.

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