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The Community Spotlight 2023.01.07

This is the year. The year that all the games come out. Maybe.

Welcome to a jam-packed edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight brought to you by the wonderful year of 2023! Your host, as usual, is @zombiepie! After a short break to give everyone plenty of time to enjoy the holidays and the 2022 GOTY staff lists on the site, I'm glad to help usher you into a new year with plenty of community-created goodies.

This edition of the Spotlight is genuinely packed to the gills. So, I'm not going to waste your time this week. All I ask is that to hundreds or thousands of you that read or use this feature, please consider checking out at least one or two of the community-made lists or blogs on the site and tell the author "thank you" or "good job." Let's try to start 2023 on as positive a note as possible.


This week was a slow one for Giant Bomb and that's due to a handful of unforeseen circumstances. First, Dan caught COVID and his infection was an especially bad case with him needing to be off camera while recovering. The hope is that all of the normal programs will return during the week of 1/8/2023, which includes the return of Grubsy. Arcade Pit also needed to take a break last week due to unexpected issues.

If you are a part of the Giant Bomb Discord and are a premium member, find the comment from Bakalar about Fandom looking to conduct interviews by "Giant Bomb Superfans." Fandom wants YOU to tell them what you'd like to see on the site and why you still enjoy what's going on here.

Finally, as mentioned during UPF and as part of Jess' Twitter thread commemorating her first full year as a Giant Bomb employee, she's officially engaged with her partner. Feel free to wish the two of them the best in their adventures together.

Community GOTY 2022 Content

Community GOTY 2022 Lists

I'm likely biased, but Marino wins best formatting for a user-created GOTY list.
I'm likely biased, but Marino wins best formatting for a user-created GOTY list.

Community GOTY Blogs

Jeff Presents His Own Games of His Year 2022 (By: @jeffrud)

I'm always down for more retro game content on Giant Bomb.
I'm always down for more retro game content on Giant Bomb.

jeffrud finally got around to making a 2022 GOTY blog on Giant Bomb, but it doesn't just name his ten favorite games from the year. It also names a handful of superlatives and the worst game he played last year as well.

The 2022 Moosies Video Game Awards (By: @mooseymcman)

MooseyMcMan takes to Giant Bomb to hand out their 2022 Moosies Video Game Awards! Give it a read and see what their top ten was and which games took special commendations like "Best old game to play whilst listening to podcasts."

My Top Ten Games of 2022 (By: @gamer_152)

With another year behind us, Gamer_152 compiled a list of the top ten titles they played for the first time, arranged on a tasteful web page, and served with a garnish on top!

ZombiePie's End Of The Year 2022 Multimedia Extravaganza! (By: @zombiepie)

Also, feel free to still reach out to me if you need more time to make a GOTY blog or list.
Also, feel free to still reach out to me if you need more time to make a GOTY blog or list.

It's time for ZombiePie to host their annual "Multimedia Extravaganza" on Giant Bomb! See what won categories like "Best New Addition To A Fighting Game," "Most Disappointing," "Worst Thing I Saw All The Way Through!" and MORE!

StarvingGamers Games Worth Starving For (or Otherwise) in 2022 (By: @starvinggamer)

StarvingGamer hands out their 2022 superlatives and articulates their top ten games from the year! Give it a read by clicking the link and be amazed at sheer amount of words!

Preschooler's Choice: Lil' ALLTheDinos' Favorite Games in 2022 (By: @allthedinos)

ALLTheDinos played more than a few games with their preschooler and highlights which games they enjoyed the most playing with their child easing into the gaming hobby.

2022 Is Finally Another Good Year For GOTY! +

GOTY 2022 - Metal Edition (By: @daavpuke)

A very cool concept by daavpuke!
A very cool concept by daavpuke!

daavpuke tasked themself with making a very "scientific" and "objective" GOTY list of video games that came out in 2022. You can see how they did by clicking the link above. Also, mad respect to anyone who played Shin-Chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation – The Endless Seven-Day Journey. Likewise, daavpuke decided to have a hand at matching every 2022 GOTY nominee with a metal track or single!

Top 10 Favorite Games of 2022 (By: @unclejam23)

MooseyMcMan with the best awards categories once again.
MooseyMcMan with the best awards categories once again.

UncleJam23 finally got around to publishing their 2022 GOTY blog and there are some real gems worth reading about. Give it a read and don't forget to consider making your own blog on the site.

My Game of the Year 2022 (By: @bondfish)

bondfish finally got around to playing that last batch of 2022 releases they were hoping to get to and as a result, wrote up a GOTY blog but they still couldn't help themselves from including a handful of older video game releases.

Game Of The Year 2022 (By: @superharman)

Superharman was continually enthralled and overwhelmed by the amount of games that came out in 2022. As such, they wrote a MASSIVE blog detailing their highlights and lowlights from the year which you can read all about on the site.

The Games I Liked A Lot In 2022 (By: @shindig)

How much love does Trombone Champ ACTUALLY deserve? Read some of these blogs or lists to find out!
How much love does Trombone Champ ACTUALLY deserve? Read some of these blogs or lists to find out!

Shindig only felt comfortable including six games on their 2022 GOTY blog, but don't use that as an excuse to skip their blog. There are plenty of surprises and gems to read about if you decide to give their blog a chance.



The UUGPGC Is Taking A Week Off. How Did You Like It In 2022? What Can Be Better In 2023? +Game Rankings

Signalis Is The 1st Game Of The UUGPGC Year 2! Finish By 1/16/2023! Mark All Spoilers! (By: @bigsocrates)

You just love to see something start with a showstopper.
You just love to see something start with a showstopper.

The Community Game Pass Game Club is starting 2023 off with a SHOWSTOPPER by going with Signalis as the first game to kick-off the group's 2023 efforts! Share your non-spoiler thoughts and impressions over here! Additionally, the Community Game Pass Game Club encourages YOU to rank all of the games they played in 2022 and share advice on how the program can get more and better engagement.

Join The GB Album Club For Cycle 2! We Got A Theme This Time... (By: @unclejam23)

The Giant Bomb community Album Club is BACK and better than ever! In fact, this edition of the group has a theme that you can read all about by clicking the link above! If you want to join and send in suggestions, do it!


Grubb Photoshop #1 + Grubb Photoshop #2 + Mike As A Woman (By: @kone)

As many of you already know, Grubb ended up cutting his hair thanks to a bet he made that the Metroid Prime remaster would come out in 2022. To make matter worse, Kone decided to use his photoshop wizardry for evil and imagined what Grubb would look like if he had even less hair. He also decided to imagine Mike Minotti as a woman.

Fatality - Minotti Wins - Flawless Victory (By: @kone)

As if they hadn't humiliated Grubb enough, Kone also decided to have fun with Mike's butcher job with Grubb's hair with this work of photoshop goodness.

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Super Mario World Ryckert's Island (By: @jearum) (Commissioned By: @SmashNcrab )

Over on Twitter, SmashNcrab has been providing weekly updates on their Super Mario World ROM Hack where players tackle Dan themed levels and environments. This week they shared art they commissioned by jea_rum to grace the game's "cover."

No Caption Provided


Kone's Top 10 Tweets Of 2022 (According To Twitter Analytics) (By: @kone)

If anything, remember to give Kone thanks for all of the laughs in 2022!
If anything, remember to give Kone thanks for all of the laughs in 2022!

Kone made a LOT of Giant Bomb themed art in 2022, usually at the expense of Jeff Grubb and Mike. However, today they look back at the works that went viral the most and got social media buzzing!

Sonic Is A Heartless Monster [Ending Spoiler Discussion] (By: @dareitus)

Hey, do we have any Sonic the Hedgehog fans on the site? I ask because Giant bomb user Dareitus summarized the ending of Sonic Frontiers with their latest blog on the site, and I don't know what's real anymore. SPOILER WARNING!

What's the Greatest Video Game: Lost Odyssey (By: @imunbeatable80)

Hey, remember Lost Odyssey? Remember when Microsoft opened up its wallet for Sakaguchi on the 360? Does the game still hold up? That last question is at the heart of imunbeatable80's latest blog.

Oops All Tactics Games 2022 - Turn 2: Based on Battles From Actual History* (By: @arbitrarywater)

I still think about this puzzle in Lost Odyssey.
I still think about this puzzle in Lost Odyssey.

ArbitraryWater takes to the site to publish part two of their blog series highlighting why 2022 was one of the best years for the turn-based tactics strategy genre! This week they cover Expeditions: Rome and King Arthur: Knight's Tale!

HuCARTography: Year I Round Up (By: @jeffrud)

jeffrud wraps up the first year of their retrospective on the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 with a ranking of every single game they managed to play in 2022. If you want to read why many people still hold on to the console as a hidden treasure.

This Kind Of Extreme Visual Fidelity Is Why Marvel's Midnight Suns Had To Launch Gen 9/PC Only +

For The First Time I'm Starting To Worry That The Intellivision Amico Won't Dominate 2022 +

Gaming New Years Resolutions 2023 (By: @bigsocrates)

Is this the end, beautiful friend?
Is this the end, beautiful friend?

Marvel's Midnight Suns isn't exactly a "looker" so, bigsocrates asks why the game needs to be a PS5/XSX/PC only release. If you have any thoughts, feel free to join the conversation by clicking the first link above.

Additionally, bigsocrates has been covering the Intellivision Amico on Giant Bomb like clockwork. Today, they wonder if 2023 will be the year where they no longer cover the would-be console and its troubled manufacturer. Is this the end?

Finally, share their gaming "resolutions" for 2023. Read all about their video game-based hopes and plans for the year and don't forget to join them.

Go! Go! GOTY! 2022: PowerWash Simulator +

Go! Go! GOTY! 2022: Citizen Sleeper +

Indie Game of the Week 301: Psychonauts 2 (By: @mento)

Does Citizen Sleeper deserve the praise it is getting? Mento attempts to find out!
Does Citizen Sleeper deserve the praise it is getting? Mento attempts to find out!

In top form, Mento has TWO write-ups in their series looking at games that have come up during GOTY talks. This time, they assessed whether or not PowerWash Simulator and Citizen Sleeper are contenders or pretenders for their 2022 GOTY list. Finally, Mento stretches the very definition of what it means to be "indie" in the video game industry by tackling Psychonauts 2 on their latest "Indie Game of the Week" blog.

All Saturn Games in Order: November 1995 (Part 2) +

All Saturn Games in Order: November 1995 (Part 3) (By: @borgmaster)

Yes, it is now time for borgmaster to talk about Virtua Fighter 2.
Yes, it is now time for borgmaster to talk about Virtua Fighter 2.

It's time to look back at the Saturn on with a couple of blogs by borgmaster! The first blog looks at the HIGHLY STACKED slate of games that came out for the platform in November 1995. If you like FMV goodness, that one is for you! For the second blog,

The Quest For The Worst Adventure Game Puzzles - The Legend of Kyrandia - Book Three: Malcolm's Revenge [Part 1] (By: @zombiepie)

After a hiatus, ZombiePie returns to their quest of trying to find the "worst" adventure game puzzles in video game history and this week reviews some doozies in the first half of The Legend of Kyrandia: Malcolm's Revenge!

Hell’s “Kitchen” (By: @infantpipoc)

I love adventure games.
I love adventure games.

Who would you cast for the various roles in a Neon White anime if the got an anime adaptation? infantpipoc took up that very task and shares their fantasy casting for and Edgerunners-like show.

Discussion Threads

What Games Are You Looking Forward To In 2023? (By: @atheistpreacher)

What are your thoughts about this?
What are your thoughts about this?

What are your most anticipated 2023 game releases or updates? Is it a rerelease like Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable, a new mode like Freelancer mode in Hitman 3, or a new title like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty? Join the discussion and defend your pick on the site!

Your Favorite Games From 2003? (By: @gtxforza)

What are your favorite games from 2003? SSX 3, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne all came out that year, but can you think of other titles that made that a solid year for gaming?

Plans For 2023? (By: @pauljeremiah)

This is gross and I love it.
This is gross and I love it.

It's a bit of a cliché, but what are your 2023 gaming "resolutions?" Do you plan to tackle some older titles in your backlog? What about an upcoming release you absolutely need to play?

Sony Announces Project Leonardo, A New Customizable Controller (By: @rorie)

Sony recently announced Project Leonardo, a new customizable controller, and many are heralding it as another watershed moment for games accessibility. Share your thoughts with the rest of the community in the site's discussion thread about the topic.

Your Most Fun/Satisfying/Downright Nasty Marvel Snap Victory Screenshots (By: @splodge)

We have a new community thread for Marvel Snap on the Giant Bomb forums where users share their most satisfying victories or NASTY comebacks! I'll even share my personal favorite screencap a user posted in the thread to the right.

What Is A Mindblowing Game That You Like That General Opinion On Is... Ok On? (By: @topcyclist)

Has a video game ever BLOWN YOUR MIND and when you checked the critical reception, found out it didn't do so well? Or, what are some diamonds in the rough that have AMAZING individual scenes hiding inside them?

Other Than Plastic Peripheral Music Games Is There Any Genre That Can Be Said To Currently Be "Dead?" (By: @bigsocrates)

Other than plastic peripheral-based music games, what are other video game genres you consider "dead" or in a down period? Are there any of you that miss boxing games or arena shooters?

What Games Did You Try To Get Into (Or Back Into) In 2022 But Couldn't? Will You Try Again? (By: @bigsocrates)

Here's a discussion thread I think everyone can relate to! What are some games you tried to get into or re-visit, but seemingly couldn't due to new games or lack of interest? Share your 2022 Video Game "White Whales!"

Looking For Games/Areas With Strong In-World Ambient Audio (By: @dreadnation)

This game being twenty makes me feel old as dirt.
This game being twenty makes me feel old as dirt.

We have a fun thread on the forums sharing our favorite games and places in games where we enjoy parking characters and just vibing to the music or atmosphere. Any games come to mind?

So What Was Your Christmas Gaming 2022 Like? (By: @bigsocrates)

Did you do any gaming during the Winter holidays? Did you get any games or game-related gifts during Christmas? If you said "yes" to either of those questions, feel free to join the community discussion about it!

Sports Story Discussion Thread (By: @himsteveo)

It definitely came out at an awkward time, but who's checked out Sports Story? Have you experienced the bugs and glitches others are saying break the game? Why is it a big contender for biggest disappointment awards?

Three Episode Rule/1 Hour Rule About Playing Games Or Seeing A TV Series Is Flawed (By: @topcyclist)

This was my first thought when I saw the thread about ambient music.
This was my first thought when I saw the thread about ambient music.

Here's a thread for everyone that loves streaming TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+. Do any of you ACTUALLY follow the "Three Episode Rule?" Have you ever actually dropped a series after a slow start or do you see them to the end?

STALKER 2 Gets A Trailer (By: @rorie)

It kind of got lost in the mix last week, but S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl got a new trailer. Doesn't anyone else think it is a miracle a Ukrainian developer is able to get out a video game these days?


Indie Game of the Week: The Third Hundred (By: @mento)

Here's to you, Hideo Kojima.
Here's to you, Hideo Kojima.

Mento's "Indie Game of the Week" blog series has officially reached episode 300 on the site! To mark that occasion, they made this list that acts as a directory of sorts to the third hundred of what they have written about on the site.

My Top 100 Games Of All Time v2 (By: @psykhophear)

Maintaining a top 100 list is a daunting task, but Giant Bomb user psykhophear decided to not only return to theirs, but also made a concerted effort to update it and add games they think now deserve a spot on it.

May It Remain History (By: @infantpipoc)

Some all-time BANGERS on this list!
Some all-time BANGERS on this list!

2023 marks the 25th anniversary of Metal Gear Solid and infantpipoc decided to rank all of the games in the series they have played from best to worst and provides all of the games on their list with a new "tagline."

Characters I Used To Hate, But Don't Anymore (By: @captainofthestars)

captainofthestars has been replaying games and re-reading comics they enjoyed when they were younger and noticed characters they once hated aren't as bad as they remember.

My Favorite Game Soundtracks To Listen To While Not Playing Games (By: @shami_sansi)

Shami_Sansi has noticed with age, they have been listening to video game music outside of gaming more often and whipped up a list annotating the games and individual tracks they enjoy listening to the most.

User Reviews

Is this the most authentic Platinum experience?
Is this the most authentic Platinum experience?
  • @yyninja recently revisited Sable to see if the launch-window bugs that soured them on the game were fixed and they were shocked to find that not be the case.
  • @yyninja's Vanquish review relays why they think the game's free-flowing action and combat still hold up and still stands as one of the most unapologetically on-brand titles to come from PlatinumGames!

Wiki Of The Week

Sunglasses at Night

Are your a rad enough dude to wear sunglasses at night?
Are your a rad enough dude to wear sunglasses at night?

Many thanks to user @jeshibu for creating this page and adding over a dozen or so more examples. If you have no idea what this concept page is all about, it is dedicated to video games that allow your player character to wear sunglasses at night, usually without consequence. If you can think of more examples, feel free to add them to the page!