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    Giant Bomb Game of the Year Awards

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    Recognizing excellence (and messes) in games since 2008.

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    GOTY 2014
    GOTY 2014

    Since its inception in 2008, Giant Bomb has presented Game of the Year awards that celebrate not just the best in video games, but also some of the worst. And then there are some things that need to stop, please.

    Over the years, the panelists, format, and content have changed and evolved. All of the podcasts, videos, guest lists, community votes, and a full list of every award can be found on the individual pages for each year.


    Below here is a compilation of categories Giant Bomb has repeatedly used over the years to recognize the best and worst in games since 2008.

    Best Game

    The best game of the year as decided by the site's staff at the time.

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    Best Mission / Level / Moment / Sequence

    Best Multiplayer

    No Caption Provided

    Best Debut

    No Caption Provided

    Originally designed for best original IP, this award began including characters and studios in the discussion in 2023.

    Old Game of the Year

    No Caption Provided

    This award began as "2008's 2007 Game of the Year", but changed in 2013 to include even older games that had a significant impact on the site in that given year.

    Best Surprise

    Best Short-Time Game

    Best Co-Op

    Best Ending

    Best Classic Revival


    Best Graphics / Best-Looking

    No Caption Provided

    Original starting as simply Best Graphics, this award changed in 2010 to more loosely include artistic choices rather than simply technical graphical prowess.

    Best Styyyyyyyyyyle

    No Caption Provided

    The number of Ys can vary from year to year.


    Best Original Soundtrack / Best Music

    No Caption Provided

    Best Use of a Licensed Song


    Most Disappointing Game

    No Caption Provided

    Hottest Mess

    Worst Game

    No Caption Provided

    Worst Trend / Please Stop

    • 2023 - Confusing Menus
    • 2017 - Blind Boxes
    • 2016 - Shipping Unfinished Games on Disc
    • 2015 - Real Money Card Packs / One-Time Use Items
    • 2014 - Shipping Broke-Ass Games
    • 2013 - Games That Require Post-Launch Apologies
    • 2012 - DLC That Should Be in the Main Game
    • 2010 - Retailer Specific Pre-Order Bonuses

    Dumbest Motion-Controlled Moment

    Take a Break Award


    Best Party / Cast of Characters

    Best New Character

    No Caption Provided

    Character We'd Most Like to Party With


    Best Running Around

    Best Use of FMV

    Biggest News

    • 2013 - Xbox One DRM Reversal
    • 2012 - Double Fine's Kickstarter
    • 2011 - Supreme Court Defends Video Games

    Best Trend

    • 2013 - Expanded Rights for Digital Games
    • 2012 - Day One Digital Releases
    • 2011 - Higher Quality PC Ports for Console Games

    Soulja Boy Award for Games To Play If You Drink And Get Drunk or Smoke And Get High

    URL of the Year

    The Northies

    Celebrating the best use of Nolan North in a game.


    Best Horror Game

    As chosen by Patrick Klepek.

    Best Downloadable Game

    Dave Snider's Eastern Bloc Game of the Year


    Best PC Game

    Best PS3 Game

    Best Xbox 360 Game

    Best Wii Game

    Best DS Game

    Best PSP Game

    Best Multiplatform Game

    Staff Picks

    * - This staff member's #1 pick also ended up being the site's overall #1.

    Jeff Gerstmann

    No Caption Provided

    Ryan Davis

    Vinny Caravella

    No Caption Provided

    Brad Shoemaker

    No Caption Provided

    Dave Snider

    Drew Scanlon

    Alex Navarro

    No Caption Provided

    Patrick Klepek

    Dan Ryckert

    Jason Oestreicher

    Austin Walker

    Matt Rorie

    Abby Russell

    Ben Pack

    Jan Ochoa

    Jeff Bakalar

    Jess O'Brien

    Jeff Grubb

    Lucy James

    Tamoor Hussain

    Mike Minotti

    Community Picks

    No Caption Provided

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