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    Team Fortress Classic

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Apr 07, 1999

    Originally released as a free mod for the 1998 game Half-Life and based on the 1996-1998 Quake mod "Team Fortress", Team Fortress Classic is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter focused on ten character classes and objective-based gameplay.

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    Team Fortress Classic (also known as Team Fortress 1.5) is a multiplayer team-based first-person shooter developed and published digitally by Valve for the PC (via Steam) sometime in 2003. It was originally released as a free mod for the 1998 game Half-Life on April 7, 1999.

    Based on the 1996-1998 "Team Fortress" mod for Quake and led by two of the mod's original developers, Team Fortress Classic puts players in control of one of nine playable classes, each with their own unique traits and assortment of gear, as they aid their chosen color-coded team (red or blue) with objectives in map-specific scenarios (including the control and security of flags and territories).

    Along with Half-Life: Counter-Strike and Ricochet, Team Fortress Classic was created and updated to showcase the modding capabilities of Valve's GoldSrc engine and was developed in-tandem with the cancelled sequel Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms. On June 9, 2000, the mod received a major enhancement as Team Fortress 1.5, adding new UI and networking systems alongside three new maps and reworked character graphics. This version was also included in later Half-Life updates and the retail release of Half-Life: Counter-Strike.

    The mod was later re-released as a standalone digital game (reverting it back to the Team Fortress Classic name) for Valve's Steam platform in 2003. Along with some minor updates throughout the years, this version received Mac and Linux support on August 12, 2013. In 2007, the game received both a full-blown sequel and an unofficial port as a Source mod. Some of the game's character designs were later used in the official Team Fortress 2 comics.


    Standard weaponry used by multiple classes include the standard rapid-fire Nail Gun and shotguns in both single-barrel and double-barrel varieties. Most classes use a crowbar (a reference to Valve's 1998 game Half-Life) as their melee weapon, which is only used as a last resort due to their weak damage output.


    No Caption Provided
    • Base Health: 75 HP
    • Max Armor: 50% (Light)
    • Run Speed: 133% (Very Fast)
    • Weapons: Nail Gun, Single-Barrel Shotgun, Crowbar
    • Grenades: Caltrop Canisters (3), Concussion Grenades (3)
    • Special Skill Button: View Objective Status

    Despite having the lowest vitality and the weakest damage output, Scouts are vital for playing the objective due to their fast movement speed, their innate ability to track objective status, and their neutralizing grenades.

    While they have no unique weaponry (having two of the weakest weapons in the game's arsenal on top of standard melee) and no access to standard grenades, they have access to two special grenades: Caltrop Canisters (which allows them to drop multiple short-lived Caltrops behind them that damages and slows players who step on them) and Concussion Grenades (which instead of damaging players, knocks them back and disorients their aim). Concussion Grenades can also be used with a well-timed cook to propel them at a large distance (a technique known as "Conc Jumping").

    In addition, they can remove the disguises of enemy Spies and disarm the detpacks of enemy Demolitions Men by coming into contact, and can view objective status (such as whether or not a Flag is taken) at any time with their Special Skill.


    No Caption Provided
    • Base Health: 90 HP
    • Max Armor: 50% (Light)
    • Run Speed: 100% (Medium)
    • Unique Weapon: Sniper Rifle (w/ alternate full-auto mode)
    • Other Weapons: Nail Gun, Crowbar
    • Grenades: Hand Grenades (4)
    • Special Skill Button: Toggle Zoom (while standard Sniper Rifle is equipped)

    Focused on long-ranged marksmanship, Snipers can be deadly with their unique Sniper Rifle weapon, as they can take down most classes with a single well-placed headshot. However, their close-ranged capabilities are very limited and they can have a difficult time surviving close encounters. They also have no special grenades at their disposal.

    Their Sniper Rifle weapon has two firing modes: a powerful single-shot mode (for longer ranges) and a weaker fully-automatic mode (for shorter ranges). Both modes can be switched as different "weapons". In the standard single-shot mode, each shot must be "charged" beforehand by holding down the Fire button until a red laser sight appears (which can help with accuracy, but also gives away their aim to enemies). Longer-charged shots and headshots deal additional damage, allowing them to instantly kill most enemies at long range. In this mode, they also have the unique ability to use their Special Skill to toggle their weapon's scope for zooming into longer ranges.


    No Caption Provided
    • Base Health: 100 HP
    • Max Armor: 200% (Heavy)
    • Run Speed: 80% (Slow)
    • Unique Weapon: Rocket Launcher
    • Weapons: Double-Barrel Shotgun, Single-Barrel Shotgun, Crowbar
    • Grenades: Nail Grenades (2), Hand Grenades (4)
    • Special Skill Button: Reloads Current Weapon

    One of the most straightforward classes to use in the game, Soldiers excel in both offensive and defensive capabilities with their powerful Rocket Launcher (in combination with both Shotguns), their unique Nail Grenade (for pinning down groups of enemies), and their heavy armor (at the cost of slower movement speed).

    Their unique weapon, the Rocket Launcher, fires powerful rockets in a straight line (unaffected by gravity, unlike the Demolition Man's Grenade Launcher). However, they only hold four rockets at a time (requiring careful reloading or weapon swapping to be most effective). They can also use it to catapult themselves to great heights (at the cost of a chunk of their health and armor) by performing a "rocket jump" (an advanced technique where the player aims at the ground beneath them and fires while jumping).

    In addition to standard grenades, Soldiers also have access to a unique special grenade: Nail Grenades. When thrown, this grenade floats slightly above the ground and begins firing nails (similar to the Nail Gun) in all directions before exploding like a standard grenade. This can be used to panic groups of enemies.

    Demolitions Man

    No Caption Provided
    • Base Health: 90 HP
    • Max Armor: 120% (Medium)
    • Run Speed: 93% (Medium)
    • Unique Weapon: Grenade Launcher (w/ alternate Pipebomb mode)
    • Other Weapons: Single-Barrel Shotgun, Crowbar
    • Grenades: MIRV Grenades (2), Hand Grenades (4)
    • Special Skill Button: Detonate Active Pipebombs

    Known shorthand as "Demoman", Demolitions Men are experts in clearing rooms of enemies using a variety of indirect explosives (including a dual-purpose Grenade Launcher, a cluster grenade, and a timed explosive charge). While not as long-ranged or durable as the Soldier (and have a weak backup arsenal), the Demolitions Men can also aid their team in certain maps by blowing down obstructions using their unique "Detpack" ability.

    Their unique weapon, the Grenade Launcher, has two firing modes: one that fires impact grenades (which can also explode after a few seconds) and one that fires remotely-detonated pipebombs (which can also explode after either a few minutes elapses or the player has too many active pipebombs at once). All pipebombs are remotely detonated using the class's Special Skill button (even when the weapon is not equipped). Pipebombs can also be used to propel themselves by "grenade jumping".

    In addition to standard grenades, they have access to special MIRV Grenades, which leave a cluster of additional grenades when they detonate, and a special "Detpack" ability. Detpacks are special explosives which takes a bit of time to deploy (and leaves the player vulnerable) and explode after a 5, 20, or 50 second duration (which is determined by the player). They are deployed either through the Command Menu or with a shortcut key (which uses the 5-second duration and must be held down to fully deploy). Once they explode, Detpacks obliterate everything and everyone in a large radius and can unlock special pathways on certain maps. Detpacks can be disarmed by enemy Scouts by coming into contact with them.

    Combat Medic

    No Caption Provided
    • Base Health: 90 HP
    • Max Armor: 100% (Medium)
    • Run Speed: 107% (Fast)
    • Unique Weapons: Large Nail Gun, Medikit
    • Other Weapons: Double-Barrel Shotgun, Single-Barrel Shotgun
    • Grenades: Concussion Grenades (3), Hand Grenades (4)
    • Special Skill Button: Switch to Medikit

    Known shorthand as "Medic". In addition to being a solid close-ranged fighter (due to their powered Nail Gun and Shotgun, the former being unique to them), Combat Medics have access to the Medikit: a melee replacement that heal, cure, and empower teammates while infecting enemies. They automatically heal themselves slowly over time and also have access to Concussion Grenades, allowing them to disorient and escape encounters similar to Scouts (while also giving them the ability to "Conc Jump").

    Along with their Large Nail Gun (which deals more damage than the standard Nail Gun at the cost of additional ammo), the Combat Medic's special weapon is their Medikit. While it doesn't do direct damage, it serves two purposes:

    • When directly applied to teammates, it fully heals them and cures all of their ailments (including infection, concussion, hallucination, and fire). On fully-healed teammates, it gives additional health in the form of adrenaline (which slowly depletes back to that player's maximum over time), with more adrenaline applied on additional applications.
    • When directly applied to enemies, it infects them with a lethal virus that slowly drains their health until they are cured by another Combat Medic. As the ailment is airborne, any player that touches them also become infected.

    Heavy Weapons Guy

    No Caption Provided
    • Base Health: 100 HP
    • Max Armor: 300% (Heavy)
    • Run Speed: 76% (Very Slow)
    • Unique Weapon: Assault Cannon
    • Other Weapons: Double-Barrel Shotgun, Single-Barrel Shotgun, Crowbar
    • Grenades: MIRV Grenades (2), Hand Grenades (4)
    • Special Skill Button: Switch to Assault Cannon

    Known shorthand as "HW Guy". Despite being the slowest class in the game, Heavy Weapons Guys are extremely armored (with the highest armor count in the game), are minimally affected by knockback, and carry one of the strongest close-ranged weapons in the game: a portable gatling gun known as the Assault Cannon.

    In addition to both Shotguns, Heavy Weapons Guys have access to the Assault Cannon: a powerful portable gatling gun that, while not needing to be reloaded, must be spun up (by holding down the Fire button) prior to firing and must be cooled down afterwards. They also have access to room-clearing MIRV Grenades, which leave a cluster of additional grenades when they detonate.

    While they can hold doorways and cut through weaker classes with ease, their slow movement speed can hinder their durability, making them good pairs with Medics (for healing) and Engineers (for dispensing ammo and armor).


    No Caption Provided
    • Base Health: 100 HP
    • Max Armor: 150% (Medium)
    • Run Speed: 100% (Medium)
    • Unique Weapons: Flame-Thrower, Incendiary Cannon
    • Other Weapons: Single-Barrel Shotgun, Crowbar
    • Grenades: Napalm Grenades (4), Hand Grenades (4)
    • Special Skill Button: Switch to Flame-Thrower

    As they don't have a lot of direct damage options, Pyros focus instead on disorienting and panicking enemies by setting them on fire using a variety of tools (including a close-ranged flamethrower, a long-ranged incendiary missile launcher, and a special grenade that can quickly be used for area denial). They also wear flame-proof armor, nullifying fire damage.

    Their main close-range weapon is the Flame-Thrower, which fires in a continuous stream and does not need to be reloaded. While not as lethal as other close-ranged weapons, it lights enemies on fire (dealing additional damage over time until they are extinguished through healing or water). For longer ranges, they can use the Incendiary Cannon to light enemies from afar. The Incendiary Cannon functions similar to the Soldier's Rocket Launcher, but deal less damage, have a larger blast radius, does not need to be reloaded, and can light enemies on fire (even through walls).

    In addition to standard grenades, Pyros possess special Napalm Grenades as a quick and easy tool for area denial. After detonation, they leave ground fire that ignite those passing by.


    No Caption Provided
    • Base Health: 90 HP
    • Max Armor: 100% (Medium)
    • Run Speed: 100% (Medium)
    • Unique Weapons: Tranquilizer Pistol, Knife
    • Other Weapons: Nail Gun, Double-Barrel Shotgun
    • Grenades: Hallucination Grenades (4), Hand Grenades (4)
    • Special Skill Button: Activate Spy Command Menu

    As the game's stealth class, Spies focus on infiltrating enemy lines and assassinating, hindering, or scouting targets using a variety of unique techniques. They can disguise as other players (friend or foe), feign death, tranquilize enemies, and instantly kill with a well-placed backstab. Due to their weak survivability in standard encounters (despite having access to a powered Shotgun), they are considered difficult to use.

    Along with their melee replacement (the Knife), their unique weapon is the Tranquilizer Pistol. While the Pistol deals minimal damage with a very slow rate-of-fire, one successful hit temporarily halves the target's movement speed and turning speed. This leaves them more vulnerable to combat while making them a prime target for the Spy's Knife (as a stab to the back instantly kills them, regardless of class, health, and armor). They also have access to Hallucination Grenades, which causes enemies close to its detonation to continuously take damage and receive random knockback and hallucination effects (such as seeing and hearing gunshots that are not really there).

    In addition to their weaponry, Spies have to main abilities to infiltrate enemy bases:

    • They can disguise as an enemy or friendly class of their choosing (using the Command Menu). Once disguised (after a few seconds), all other players see that Spy as their chosen team and class. This requires additional wit and consideration, as enemies might be able to detect the disguise (through the Spy's behavior or their team composition) and clueless teammates might not be able to detect the disguise (with potential for "friendly fire" incidents). While firing a weapon, using the knife, or picking up a Flag removes the disguise automatically, disguised Spies can safely throw grenades (making them optimal against Sentry Guns). Enemy Spies and Scouts can also remove the disguise automatically by coming into contact.
    • They can feign death (using either the Command Menu or through shortcut keys), only for them to get back up later. This allows them to bypass enemies (who would often mistake them for dead) and to hide from enemies (which, combined with in-game chat, makes them great for scouting enemy placements). Enemies might be able to detect the feint (especially if the player has feigned in the same spot for too long). Two modes of feigning can be used: normal and silent (with the latter suppressing the death scream). Additional wit and consideration must be used for each mode, as each of them can add suspicion based on what's going on nearby.


    No Caption Provided
    • Base Health: 80 HP
    • Max Armor: 50% (Medium)
    • Run Speed: 100% (Medium)
    • Unique Weapons: Railgun, Wrench
    • Other Weapon: Double-Barrel Shotgun
    • Grenades: EMP Grenades (4), Hand Grenades (4)
    • Special Skill Button: Activate Engineer Command Menu

    While not much of a direct combatant (carrying a powered Shotgun and a slow-firing supercharged Nail Gun) and having low vitality, the Engineer is responsible for constructing and maintaining a group of special gadgets using the Command Menu and an alternate ammo source (known as Metal):

    • A stationary automated turret (known as the Sentry Gun) that turns and fires at all enemies in front of them (with the exception of disguised Spies) with its single-barrel machine gun. Costs 130 Metal. Engineers can use the Command Menu to rotate their range of detection (by either a full 180 degrees, or 45 degrees to its left). Engineers can also upgrade them by hitting them with their Wrench (transferring their remaining Metal). Each Sentry Gun can be upgraded twice (both requiring the 130 Metal each), the first replacing the weapon with a more powerful gatling gun and the second replacing the weapon with dual gatling guns and a missile launcher on top. Both upgrades also improve their resilience to enemy weapons.
    • A portable resupply locker (known as the Dispenser) that provides ammo to nearby players. Costs 100 Metal. The game also alerts Engineers when their Dispenser is being used by enemy players, providing a rudimentary security system.
    • Two Teleporter nodes (a Teleporter Entrance and a Teleporter Exit) that quickly bring teammates from one area to the other (before recharging). Added in the Steam re-release. Costs 125 Metal each.

    Each of these gadgets can be repaired using the Engineers' melee replacement: their trusty Wrench. When nearby, Engineer can use the Command Tool to safely dismantle each gadget to refund some Metal.

    Also aiding their encampments are their special EMP Grenades, which detonate all ammo packs, active Pipebombs and Detpacks, and players with ammunition (with greater explosions for more ammunition). In addition, Engineers can use the Command Tool to detonate gadgets, dealing damage to nearby enemies (with a fully-stocked Dispenser becoming a lethal booby trap).


    No Caption Provided
    • Base Health: 50 HP
    • Max Armor: N/A
    • Run Speed: 100% (Medium)
    • Weapons: Crowbar
    • Grenades: N/A
    • Special Skill Button: N/A

    A unique class restricted to the "Hunted" team in the map Hunted (although they can be used in custom maps), Civilians are generally helpless due to their minimal durability (with very low health and no armor) and damage output (with only having access to basic melee, which is reskinned into an umbrella).

    Game Types & Official Maps

    The base game includes 8 maps, 4 of which are standard Capture the Flag maps and 4 of which are map-specific scenarios. 7 additional maps were added post-release, bringing the total official map count to 15. The game is also known for its numerous community maps.

    Capture The Flag

    Standard capture the flag, where teams must push to take control of the enemy's Flag (and bring it back to their Capture Point to score) while defending their own Flag. Dropped Flags can either be taken by an enemy player or secured back at base, either by a friendly player touching it or by having it automatically reset after 60 seconds. Teams score 10 points per Flag capture.

    • 2 Fortresses (2fort)
    • Badlands (badlands)
    • Crossover (crossover2)
    • Mideast (casbah) - Added on October 25, 2000.
    • The Well (well)


    • Avanti (avanti, Invade and Defend) - Added on October 25, 2000. Teams take turns as Attackers and Defenders, as the Attacking team must capture four Command Points in succession (by escorting a Flag carrier to them) while the Defending team tries to prevent them from doing so. Once all four Points are captured, the round resets with swapped teams. The Attacking team scores 10 points for capturing a Point, while the Defending team scores 2 points every 30 seconds.
    • Canalzone 2 (cz2, Territorial Control) - Teams must bring a Flag from their Control Center to one of five Command Points to take control of that Point. Three players per team can carry a Flag, which halves their movement speed. Dropped Flags return immediately. Teams score 1 point per Point controlled every 30 seconds. Capturing all five Points resets all of them and gives that team 25 points.
    • Dustbowl (dustbowl, Invade and Defend) - Added on June 9, 2000. Blue team (as the Attackers) must secure three Command Points in succession (by escorting a Flag carrier to them) while the Red team (as the Defenders) tries to prevent them from doing so before the game timer expires. After a Point is captured, the round resets and all spawns are moved up to the next Point. Once all three Points are captured, the game ends. The Attacking team scores 30 points for capturing the first two Points and 50 points for capturing the final Point, while the Defending team scores 5 points every minute.
    • Epicenter (epicenter, Reverse CTF) - Added on June 9, 2000. Teams must bring their Flag from their Cage (which is available after a short countdown) to their APC close to the enemy's base. Dropped Flags return after 30 seconds. Teams score 10 points for securing their Flag.
    • Hunted (hunted, Assassination / Escort) - Played with three teams: the Hunted (a lone blue player limited to the Civilian class), the Bodyguards (red players limited to the Soldier, Medic, and HWGuy classes), and the Assassins (yellow players limited to the Sniper class). The Hunted player must navigate the map to reach the Truck while avoiding being killed by the Assassins. Being defenseless, the Hunted is aided by the Bodyguards. The Hunted and Bodyguards teams score 50 points each for having the Hunted reach the Truck. The Assassins score 25 points for killing the Hunted.
    • Push (push, Football) - Teams must grab a neutral Ball from the center of the playfield and bring it to the enemy team's Goal to win the round. Dropped Balls do not reset, and securing the Ball resets the round. Spy and Engineer classes disabled. Teams score 10 points for securing the Ball.
    • Ravelin (ravelin, Capture The Flag Variant) - Added on January 16, 2003. Teams must bring their Flag to the enemy's Command Center to score. An enemy Power Generator can be destroyed using a Demolition Man's Detpack explosion, giving additional access to the Command Center, and can be repaired using an Engineer's Wrench. Teams score 10 points for securing their Flag.
    • The Rock (rock2, Capture The Flag Variant) - Teams must steal a Keycard from the Warden's Office on one side of the enemy's base and bring it to the Gas Chamber on the other side of the enemy's base to flip a switch and release deadly nerve gas throughout the entire map (which is only survivable either underwater or with a special Protective Suit pickup). Teams score 15 points for each Keycard secured.
    • War (flagrun, Control The Flags) - Added on October 25, 2000. Teams must fight to secure all four Flags in their Capture Point to win the round. Each team starts with a single Flag secured, and two Neutral Flags are available after a short countdown. Unlike other CTF modes, securing a Flag has it remain at their Capture Point for enemies to steal. Dropped Flags can not be automatically returned, requiring the team to either return it manually or having it automatically reset as a Neutral Flag. Capturing all four Flags resets the round. Teams score 10 points for securing a neutral or enemy Flag.
    • Warpath (warpath, Sequential Territorial Control) - Added on June 9, 2000. Teams must capture all five Command/Capture Points sequentially to win the round. Each Team starts with one Point secured and must capture their next Point by having a player stand on it uncontested (which cannot be recaptured for 15 sceonds). A tunnel under the third Point can be opened using a Demolition Man's Detpack explosion and can be sealed using another one. Teams score 30 points for capturing all five Points.

    System Requirements

    Minimum: 500 mhz processor, 96mb ram, 16mb video card, Windows 2000/XP, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

    Recommended 800 mhz processor, 128mb ram, 32mb video card, Windows 2000/XP, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection


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